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Question about yeast infections???

Ok this is totally TMI but I think I have a horrible yeast infection that of course hit at the exact time of month that DH and I should have been DTD to try to conceive (which we were planning to TTC this month). So anyway we DTD the day before I ovulated so I could in theory still get pregnant but probably not since we only DTD one time in the correct time frame.

So anyway back to my question how long does it usually take for a yeast infection to clear up so you aren't feeling the symptoms anymore. I bought a 3 day treatment and just did the first one this last night and I am not getting a ton of relief today so just wondered how long it typically takes. I think I let it go a couple of extra days before starting a treatment which seems to have made it much worse than any infections I have ever had in the past.

Thanks mamas for any info you can give me.

ETA: Dh and I are 100% monogamous so I have no doubt that it is anything else beyond just a yeast infection and all the symptoms are classic just way worse this time.


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Re: Question about yeast infections???

try eating some regular yogart plain. That could help also get a outer cream for itch if that is what is irritating you! I am not sure of any other natural remedies but I had lots of those when i was pregnant with DS i thought I was gonna die! are you wearing cotton panties? that helps you breathe down there more. Oh and try looser clothes!
I hope you feel better by tonight at least.

ETA make sure you and your DH are washing your hands more then ever too and not to share any towels too because you could pass this to your babies.

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Re: Question about yeast infections???

with the 3 day treatment if its not to bad it should be better right after the 3 days is up
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Re: Question about yeast infections???

We only DTD once within a week on either side of my Oing, LOL. It was the day OF ovulation, but STILL! You still have hope, LOL. The yeast infection isn't nice to sperm, but I hope your DH's surivived!
Uh... I think sometimes it took mine almost a week to get better, though. I hope yours gets better soon!
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Re: Question about yeast infections???

I only had yi when I was preggo, and those monistat things never worked for me at all. Not sure if it was because I was preggo or what. Some people suggested some other natural remedies that might work better in another thread...such as TTO on a tampon or sea sponge. Plain yogurt, both eaten and slathered on the area. Even inserting a whole garlic clove. If you don't get quick relief, you could try one of those.
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