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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

I would nurse at the closest seat near where my baby wanted to nurse. Most stores around here do not have chairs so I'd sit on the floor, or in a display. I never wore nursing shirts. Nobody ever questioned me but here it's illegal to do that.


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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

I'm with all you other mamas, I nurse anywhere. When dd is hungry we just stop and nurse. I have yet to try walking and NIP, we do that at home allthe time, but I always have too much stuff with me when we are out. I think it might be too much to juggle, KWIM? Ocassionally, we get dirty looks when NIP, but it is usually from older women. Afterall, we live in a very conservative mid-western town...I am proud to nurse so I never let that stop me!

I wish I could say that I see other mamas doing it around town, but I never have. Perhaps, the pp was right, maybe mamas are just so good at it that I never notice.
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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

Originally Posted by aschrimp
He pops on and off and on and off and eventually I end up with him trying out my go-go-gadget-extend-a-boob

If I was one of those people with normal sized boobs and a baby that just nursed until he was done and quietly fell asleep, I'd nurse anywhere, but my son seems to take great pleasure in pushing up my shirt so my entire (42DD) breast is exposed on the occasions when I'm nursing around family and friends and trying to be semi-discreet. And he tries out the go-go gadget boob a lot as he pops on and off and on and off and on and off. Also, due to the size and shape of my breasts I have to support them when I nurse, so I need to use one hand throughout - i.e. the babywearing and nursing is pretty much out.

All that said - I prefer nursing in my car, by far the number one choice when I'm out. I'll take anywhere if that's terribly inconvenient and use a cover-up, but with the one hand supporting thing, positioning is pretty important and can be very rough on my back, so I try not to, if I can help it. Nursing on the lawn while listening the outdoor symphony performance on July 4th just about crippled me. We've nursed in lots of restaurants though (I agree - get a chair!) and a few random benches out and about and Picture People - even after they suggested I nurse my son in their bathroom - which I just ignored and sat on a stool near the back of the store.. Usually, when I'm at the mall, I hit a dressing room. DS doesn't like the cover-up, but since he likes the world to see me while he's checking out the world, I feel it necessary.

Just because boobs are made for nursing doesn't mean people can't feel uncomfortable showing theirs off - vaginas were made for birthing and urethras for peeing, but we do those behind closed doors with only certain people welcome to attend. I'm very pro NIP, but I think a dollop of discretion will make most of us more comfortable while we're nursing and help our cause in the long run. That isn't aimed at anyone except the people who are apologizing for being uncomfortable NIPing. You do what you're comfortable with - because baby will be more comfortable and you'll both be happier.

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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

my favorite place to NIP is....

where ever my guy is hungry I have nursed him walking through walmart LOL
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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

Uh, any place I can find to sit when the baby is hungry

I really only NIP when the baby is tiny....once they get bigger most of the time I just time outtings right that they wont be hungry while we are out. I dont have any issues with NIP....but, I just prefer to have a full baby when we go out...LOL
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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

I like to nurse in the van!! LOL Not because I don't want to NIP, but it's a 12 passenger and the backseat folds down into a bed. SO comfy and all other dc contained!
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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

I haven't read all the responses yet, so maybe someone else has said this, but I feel most comfortable NIP at the park while my older DS plays, because there are other mommies there and I know a fair amount of them (maybe the majority) breastfeed. I have seen other mommies nursing there, sitting on the grass.

However...I have nursed at McDonald's. THAT'S pretty public. I used my sling. It's one of those great big ones with the ring and "tail", and it covers us fairly well.
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Re: Where do you like to NIP?

i will anywhere, i dont really have a fave lol

i always have him in some type of carrier though except a couple times, or if were ina restaurant, then hes iin a chair or booth, and just sits in my lap to eat a few mins, but normally hes got food there, or steals someone elses lol

and i also always have on a nursing shirt (rare anymore, unless its spaghetti strapped and i only have one wth sleeves but its awful when were out cause its a lift the outside to expose nursing panel kind, and its hard to lift it as well as imo being more noticeable having the front half of my shirt jammed up to my chest anyway )or a regular spaghetti strapped shirt, so im a self service buffet all the time
and i wear a 36dd but its totally not really super noticeable in general, normally (imo) they look like a b or so, lol (at least in my head, im constantly argued wit about that..) and ive never noticed anyone else nip before, but i was chased down in target and told not to do "that" walking around the store...
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