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How's CDing working for you?

So Evangeline has been in CD's since she was born. She is now almost 3 weeks old and weighs 9lbs 5.5ozs. She has been soaking through her NB diapers. During the day(awake time) I change her every 1-2 hours or whenever she poops(which is ALOT!) She takes 2-3 hour long naps and sleeps 3-4 hours at night. For those longer stretches I put her in a Sunbaby pocket with a microfiber insert and a thirsties hemp insert. She usually soaks through those.
What are you using? What works/doesn't work for you?


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We are still in newborn diapers. I love the way grovia NB fit him. And little joeys fit well. We also have a little bopper that fits great. I am NOT loving BGxs at all his legs are to skinny for them, also don't dig the HH minis. He has not pooped in 6 days ( yes I have taken him to the doc) so I cannot tell you how well they hold the poop. But as soon as he explodes I will let you know,
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Re: How's CDing working for you?

Grant is 4 weeks tomorrow. I loved trifolding orange edge PFs with Thirsties covers for the first 3 weeks. I almost never had any poop on the covers, so it worked perfectly. Now his poops are humongous, and trifolding isn't really cutting it. I've been snappi-ing yellow edges, but they're a bit bulky for my taste. I really like my small Megaroos and neat folded flats. KL0s are great for poop, but not too absorbant. I also like Softbums with a regular bamboo pod. I have been struggling with nighttime diapering. I don't like to change in the middle of the night unless he poops (which he hasn't been!), and it's tough to find enough absorbancy. Right now he is in a yellow edged PF with a preemie doubler and small OBV wipe doubler, all under a small Lanacare soaker. His butt is huge!!! He doesn't seem to mind, though
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Re: How's CDing working for you?

Kayla is soaking everything as well. I have her in sunbaby pockets during the day with no problem. I put her in Flips with a stay dry at night. It looks huge because the rise is big but no leaks. She is 2 weeks and 3 days and 8lbs 9 oz.
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Re: How's CDing working for you?

Maia started in cloth on the ride home from the hospital so she was 3 days old with her first cloth - a BG NB AIO. We were doing well until last week when rash issues started. We're now back in cloth today and hoping for the best. We've been using prefolds with thirsties duo wrap covers during the day and now use a fleece liner to try to keep her skin drier. Also religiously using CJ's butter to protect her skin. At night, we use the BG small AIOs. I think she is officially too big for the NB ones (only have the 2 I got free from the cottonbabies store event I went to). Since we had to do sposies for a few days to tackle the rash, tried out the whole foods disposables which worked well. Also used up the grovia disposable inserts and the g-diaper disposable inserts. The grovias were a tad easier to use only because the whole velcro in back thing on the g's are a little more challenging for me. I'm tempted to move onto the pockets since they are all stay dry which may be better for her sensitive skin but kind of want to get more use out of the thirsties covers and prefolds. We will get to use the covers again when we travel to Hawaii since I'm shipping flats to Hawaii for our visits there and will take the covers with us.

Oh and despite the rash issues, I'm glad we chose cloth because this kid will not sit in a diaper as soon as any bit of poop or pee gets in there. Any bit! She's like her cousin who did the same thing as a newbie. Payton was in sposies the whole time but a small dot of poop in her diaper and she would throw a fit for the first 2 months of her life. My brother said she became more tolerant as she got older. If we had chosen sposies, we would have needed diapers in bulk just for the first week alone!
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Re: How's CDing working for you?

DD is 3 weeks 2 days old, she was a small baby though she's growing fast (born at 6 lb 3 oz, 18.5 inches), so many of the diapers we have didn't / don't fit her well yet. Thus we are using disposables as back up when our CD's are in the wash. Here's what we have:

PF's - the GMD are too bulky on her still, the Imagine PF's fit great. I trifold in a cover, I've tries snappies but I suck at it.
Covers - The ones that fit best are the Bummis Super Brite. Blueberry coveralls are fitting nicely now. The Thirsties and Thirsties Duo are a bit big on her still.
Lil' Joey's AIO - They fit her from the start, I love them, but for the las 2 days she's been soaking through them even if changing her every 1.5-2 hours.
Tot Bots Tini Fits - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these diapers. They fit her well from the start and I can see them lasting much longer than the Lil' Joeys, both in size and absorbency, plus I can add an extra insert. I'm definitely ordering more of these. They are also the trimmest of the bunch.
BG XS AIO - BG's are the brand that best fit DS, however DD has slimmer thighs so they tend to leak from the leg openings. I expect that as she packs on the baby fat they'll fit her better.
Blueberry Mini Deluxe pockets - They are starting to fit her nicely, I really like them, they never leak.
Swaddlebees Simplex newborn - They're HUGE, they have the biggest leg openings and leak all over the place, so we're not using them yet.

In general I think even though snaps last longer and better than aplix, for a newborn aplix is the better option as it allows me to get a better fit on DD.
With DS we started CDing at 4 months, so this is our first time CDing a newborn.

ETA. I forgot about the KL0's, we haven't tried them because they still look HUGE for DD.
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