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Re: natural birth

I had 2 epis and a homebirth. Planning a homebirth this pregnancy. My first epi experience was horrid. The second was great. I just wanted to be able to have peace and be home afterwards. They let me go home after 24 hrs. so that was nice.
My homebirth was good, not great because I would've done some things differently. I didn't get in water like I ultimately planned(I had read it could slow labor but it would've been worth it and I stayed in the bathroom the majority of the time because I didnt want to wake the kids(line up a sitter). The pain was intense during transition. That wouldve been the time I asked for an epi, lol! But I know if I had labored in water it would've been somewhat better. We took The Bradley method birthing classes. They were great because it really showed DH how to get involved and be confident in assisting in relaxation techniques and positive encouragement.
After my homebirth I sat in the bathroom waiting to birth the placenta. After that I cleaned up quickly and carried DD to bed. I loved it!! My mom took my other 2 kids for the day and night so DH and I got to lay in bed oohing and ahhing at DD. I did tear a little, didn't get stitches and healed perfectly.
Doing a homebirth in water this time


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Re: natural birth

Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
I've had two natural births.
The pain is intense but you have to remember that its only temporary. A Doula can help with massage and ways to cope with the pain.

There are no cons to natural birth in my book. There are plenty with a epi.
You need a cath
You cant move
You cant push on instinct
A coworker of mine got bels palsy (sp?) from her epi
Can slow labor
There are more but you need to do what you feel comfortable with.

You could not decide and see what happens in the moment. If you are handling the pain well go for it. If you cant do it, get and epi. Good luck!

Amanda . Blaming my phone for typos and crap.
I agree with this 100%. I might as well have written it myself
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Wordbox, are you... Me? I could have written your second birth story except it was my first. We were fully prepared, i thought. Finally got DH completely on board with natural, convinced him to do a bradley class on sunday evenings during football season, we had a 24 hour playlist set up. Then my water broke. 16 hours later a doc decides "it didnt break all the way" and attacked me with what appeared to be a crochet hook. DH is scarred for life. At 18 hrs we realized it was going to be pit or csection.
Not gonna lie... It was intense. I literally was trapped in my body. Totally conscious, having little convos in my head, but couldnt speak. Couldnt bear fir DH to touch me so all the massage etc was out the window... Poor guy just sat there with me in silence for like 8 hours. I had like an hour debate with myself... Do i want to poop or push? Once we decided to start pushing i literally do mot remember any pain and was talking and joking, lol i guess that was quite the adrenaline rush!
Afterwards i was up and about very quickly and my physical recovery was SERIOUSLY quick. I think 2 things are really important to know-
1. You can't call the shots, you can only be informed and prepared. Mother nature can always throw you a curveball so its good to know whats going on, why, and what all of your options are
2. Thus is the most important i think, you need a birth partner who is 100 percent with you and can be your advocate. Whether its dh or doula. I would highly recommend "the birth partner" by jay bradley. At least thats what i think its called.
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Re: natural birth

I had an epi with both of my boys...neither one took all the way so I did feel the urge to push, etc, etc. It was "fine".

I am pregnant with #3 and am NOT getting an epi this time. Here is why...about 3 years ago, my great friend called me and my BFF to help her deliver her baby. DH was overseas so we said absolutely. Military hospital, she got the epi...about instantly, she was unable to breathe. We called the nurse in, they rushed us out of the room. We sat for 45 minutes scared out of our minds, watching a million people running in and out of her room. They finally came and got us to explain. The epidural went up instead of down and paralyzed my friends ability to breathe. She was intubated and heavily sedated for what felt like such a long time until they could reverse the epidural effect.

Scariest time in MY LIFE. And I swore then, I would never get one again. I had heard the warning before but seeing it happen, seeing my friend not be able to breathe is forever etched in my memory. And given that both epis I DID have didn't even really numb me, I am going to pass this time. I am definitely scared of the pain but I KNOW I can do it.
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Re: natural birth

Let me preface by saying that 1: I know NOTHING as my only birth was a c/s 2: I am due in Nov and plan on a non medicated VBAC. I have found a few resources that have helped me gain book knowledge to help prepare for this event. I read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and was AMAZED by the empowerment I felt from READING it (cover to cover...LOL I couldn't put it down!!!). I am not afraid of the pain that can come with child birth, never have been...I also haven't felt it yet! I am hiring a Doula and DP is reading Husband Coached Childbirth, I will either do Bradley classes or Hypnobirthing classes...I am still researching which one fits me best. I also read Homebirth in a Hospital and it is very useful as well. I cannot use a birthing center due to proximity to my home (too far) and just a little to unnerving for me in case of an emergency c/s. ALL that said...I still have no clue how this will 'go down' and just plan on 'crossing bridges' as I come to them...I wish you the best of luck and hope your birth goes as you want it to.
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Re: natural birth

I won't add a lot. I had a natural birth at a birth center with my son and am planning on a homebirth for this next one. I won't lie - my son's birth was long & sometimes painful, but I preferred having the control over how I handled what my body was throwing at me with the ability to move and do what I wanted than the idea of an epidural.

I also highly suggest the you look into having a doula at your birth. I wish I had one at DS's birth, and now being one, know what a help that support can be. It doesn't lock you in to a natural birth, but it's nice to have someone there who's been through it and can help you work through the contractions and comfort you. She is there to help you and your husband have the natural birth, but not to take over your husband's role. Also, she won't take your voice. If you decide to have the epidural, that's your decision and your doula should support it. It's really just a great investment.

Also, I would look into taking a childbirth ed class that is focused on natural birth. We did Bradley, but I've heard great things about Hypnobabies as well. Those classes (not the ones at the hospital) really teach you how to work with your body to handle the pain and discomfort. There are so many out there to choose from if you do a little research.

Ultimately the decision is yours. There's nothing wrong with going in with the intension of delivering naturally and then changing your mind. I had a friend who delivered her sone naturally, but then ended up choosing an epi for her second -- it's what your comfortable with. Whatever you do, make sure your comfortable in your choice. Don't just go for the natural birth because you feel that you "should" do it. Be committed to the process (even if it turns out differently). The key to a successful natural birth is going into it prepared, confident, supported, and relaxed. If you second guess it, it won't happen. Good luck!
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Two natural births in a hospital. But--- You should do what makes you happy. Period. Honestly when people asked me about natural birth (or epidural) while preggo, both times my response was always "we'll see". I had short labors. I labored at home for awhile before getting to the hospital. With #1 I checked in at 6cm, with #2 I checked in at 5 and half cm dilated. No definite start to either labor due to plenty of strong "braxton hicks" with both...but I was in the hospital 2hrs with the first and a lil over an hr with the second before I met each child. I remember looking at the clock with number two and thinking WHAT THE FRRUCK!

17hr labor? I cant say I wouldve gone all natural. Im kind of wimpy.

But as far as the benefits:
No catheter (people laugh when I tell them this but the ladies in my family are notorious for crappy plumbing and I did worry about infection)
Mobility (the entire labor with the exception of their 20mins of monitoring--I believe very beneficial for bringing baby down and shortening the labor but totally debatable bc one could also argue that the epi helps u relax and that helps speed labor. The internet research I did suggested that epi could actually slow labor...i do not know)
No headache, chills, fever, back pain, etc. related to an epi

The only person I have ever known in real life who said a negative thing about an epidural is a friend of mine who is a nurse, she says she still gets pain (or twinges?) in her back in the spot where the epi was. I have no idea if this is a legitimate issue but she did go epi free with her second. One thing that did "seal it" for me was this article:
This is obviously not the "norm" and isnt meant to scare you. It gave me mental motivation for a natural birth the second time around...but again, there are no trophies. You should have the birth you want.

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My 1st 2 were inductions w epis at hosp and my last 2 were natural waterbirths at birth center. I far prefer the natural! I would look into hypnobirthing. I did a little with my last.
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