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Roman is here! (a week later..lol)

Figured it's time I get around to writing this seeing as he is a week old already.

Well, Tuesday the 31st I went to bed around 1:20 in the morning with some contractions. Not too painful, like normal period cramps. I didn't time them or anything, just went to sleep thinking they were probably just Braxton hicks. I kept going in and out of sleep when they hit and decided around 3:30 a.m, I should start timing them. they were coming every 5-6 minutes and lasting about a minute but sometimes they would come every 7 or 8 so I wasn't considering them very "regular" and didn't want to jump the gun getting to the hospital. I called to figure out when I should come in (at every 2-3 minutes or 5 minutes or what...) and after explaining my history (previous csection and attempting vbac, etc) they suggested I come in at least just to get checked. So off I went and finally got checked in around 4:30 that morning. I drove myself there because we didn't want to deal with waking the kids for a possible false alarm but the hospital is less than 5 miles away and my contractions still were not super painful, I could breathe through them and talk as if I were trying to walk briskly and hold a conversation at the same time. Got checked in at 4:30 and was still only a 2. I was a 2 a week before. Well, to be admitted I had to get to a 3 so my nurse said she would try to stretch me to a 3 because I was already "stretchy" and she wanted to get me admitted seeing as I was 5 days "late" anyways. So she stretched me to a 3 and admitted me. By this time I was asking for an epidural because my contractions were getting quite stronger and causing me to shiver every time I got one. This was all somewhere between 4:30 and 6:30...shift change was at 6:30 and my new nurses were the ones who helped me through the epidural. I think it was closer to 7 or so before the anesthesiologist made it in my room and contractions were picking up very quickly. They didn't last long but were super painful. I was also only at a 4 at this time. I was crying through them by now and getting an epidural and going through a contraction at the same time sucks!

Finally the epi was in and I was starting to get comfy. I couldn't feel much of anything but I could still wiggle my toes and sort of feel my legs (which was awesome compared to the complete loss of feeling with my other epi on my first kid). They also hooked me up to pitocin after the epi was in to "help" push things along. It didn't do much but put baby into distress. Around 9:40 (I think) they came in to turn off pit because baby's heart rate was not good. So they turned off pit and added internal monitors which also meant breaking my water. I was also checked at this time and told I was at a 6 and baby was still high (-2 I think) and that it would probably be a few hours since they turned off pit. Well, after they broke my water I started having contractions I could feel through the epi. I wasn't feeling them in my uterus though, it was right down in my vagina area. I told her it felt like I needed to poop and that it was painful down there. She said she would check me because she went quick after her waters were broke so maybe I was doing the same. Well, she checked me and sure enough I was already a 10! Within 20 minutes I went from a 6 to a 10 and from a -2 to babies head being right there.. They told me not to push and breathe through contractions while they set up the room. So I start freaking out and call my sister (who was the photographer) and telling her to get here now because I'm ready to push. Then I text my husband and tell him the same thing because he was headed the other direction to take our kids to my grandmas. Lol. My sister showed up and oddly my other sister did as well. Apparently HIPPA doesn't count if the doctor is telling your sister who was scheduled for a PAP that her sister is in labor. Lol. (I know HIPPA is a big thing, but it isn't a big deal to me. I mean it was only my sister...) so they come walking in and hubby is still nowhere to be found. I start pushing and then hear the dreaded words "stop pushing, we have to wait for the doctor." so during this time hubs finally shows up and doc shows up and doc was being all funny like "well, I'm waiting." I said back something like "yeah, I was too...." we laugh and I start pushing and out pops baby in a few pushes. (of course I was already pushing him down before doc arrived so I just had to stop short of crowning to wait for doc).

Out comes his head and doc grabs it and spins it around exorcist style I hear...I felt baby twist inside my body and they just leave him there to start suctioning...I was like "can we get this baby out all the way now?!?" lol. So I push him out and doc literally tosses him onto my chest and my little sister says "it's a girl right?" and doc said "congratulations, your daughter has balls!" lol. Then he is like "well, see ya later." and he left. Anyways, it was a crazy birth for sure. A great experience though. We finally decided on Roman Carter for the name (roman because I like it, carter to honor my hubbies great grandfather who was a WWI Choctaw code talker) and he was born at 10:51 a.m. (so labor was about 10 hours from first contraction to final push) and was 8lb 3.4oz and 21in. My biggest baby yet! We are home and doing great except I have raw nipples. Ugh. Latch has been checked and is good for the most part although I have to relatch sometimes. Just from keeping the nips under a pad has kept them moist..so lots of hanging in the breeze for now. Lol.

I can't wait to see how his little life unfolds now!

Oh and some sad news....a baby who was born the same day at the same hospital died. I did not know tht until today and do not know if he was stillborn or passed away afterward or what, but it has made me so sad to know that. I cannot imagine what the family must be going through right now.
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