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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

I do few loads at a time everyday. My oldest puts away hers after I fold. She helps with hand & smaller towels. I do dipes every 2 to 3 days usually.


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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

Same as many others - do one or two loads every day, fold them at the end of the day if they aren't done yet. Putting away is a whole other can of worms - usually the only time available for this is when the kids are in their rooms sleeping, and then I don't want to wake them up putting clothes away! But folding things into piles by wearer helps, much faster to put away when there is a chance to.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

my oldest started doing his own laundry, YES!, at about 11--at the same time, my 2nd was 5 I started having him separate his clothes and put them in his drawers. now the 3rd(a 5 yo girl) started separating, folding, and putting away hers and her baby brother's clothes. They have laundry baskets in their rooms, so I don't need to sort who's clothes are who's. I'm not picky about their clothes being totally wrinkle free, so this has been working awesome for us! She is quite proud of herself, and separates down to socks, underwear, play shirts and shorts, and nicer shirts and skirts.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

Originally Posted by mommagruber View Post
I have 5 children - 13,12,9,8,2 - each have their own "day" for Everything!!!!
Monday is ods for example - he helps with meals, gets first servings, says grace, his laundry is done, etc. I do all of the washing and hanging on line (we don't have a dryer) and folding, the kid's each put their own laundry away. So, each week day I am doing one child's laundry, I also do their bed clothes on their day every other week, and I also try to do a load of towels and a load of mine and hubby's laundry each day. Saturday is "mine and dh's" day - any left over laundry from the week gets done and our bed clothes every Saturday. Then, I do none on Sunday. This works really well for us. We seem to stay pretty caught up. We don't do the "family closet" - everyone has their own closet and dresser. I do have to check on two kids closets weekly to make sure that they are keeping it neat. :0)
I love the "day" idea! I have 5 kids as well so this works perfectly. I'm going to give it a try.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

I do about 3 loads a day. My washer and dryer are in a closet in the kitchen with the doors removed. ODD (10) folds and puts away her own laundry and puts it in the washer for me. DSs (5&3) will put their clothes in the washer and put them away after I fold it.

We have sort of a ranch with 2 bedrooms downstairs. The girls have all of their clothes in their room. The boys who sleep upstairs have only their PJs in their room and the rest are in 2 dressers in my room. I don't fold PJs, they just get thrown into a drawer. The girls have separate hampers, the boys share, but they have a 2nd one in their room. DH and I have our clothes sorted in our closet and bathroom- darks, lights, whites, handwashables, underwear, and exercise clothes.

Each of the laundry baskets gets washed once a week. The diapers are washed twice a week as are the exercise clothes. I have a basket in the hall for towels, sheets, etc. I only do cloth in the kitchen, so I have a basket under the laundry room sink for bibs, napkins, and towels.

Everything usually gets folded as it comes out of the dryer (we hung dry a little bit this summer with it so hot I didn't want the dryer going all day). Ocassionally, there is a pile up like right now where there are 3 baskets waiting to be folded, that happens when most of a load gets folded and there are a few odds and ends that get put into a basket, and then more, and more.

Our washer has a delay cycle, so I usually program a load to run in the middle of the night and switch it in the morning. Each child has 7-10 days of clothing, with extra underwear.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

I was overwhlemed when we had our second. So much so that I had to stop CDing because I couldn't keep up. Then my first two got bigger and started wearing less clothes throughout the day. Now we have three kids, one in cloth, and my laundry gets done mostly on time. Except that our dryer is broken and we haven't gotten it fixed beause its summer and we have a clothesline. All was fine untill it rained all last I have a mountain.
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I love the idea of keeping a laundry basket in each of the kids room for their laundry. I'm switching the way I do our girls laundry after reading about all these great methods. Our DD's 15 and 7 currently just pile everything up on their floors until I discover it or tell them to clean their rooms. It would be so much easier to put them in charge of getting their clothes downstairs in a timely fashion. No more sorting for me either, because they are both old enough to fold and put away individual loads.

I am also VERY picky about washing due to having my washer over loaded and my clothes ruined by my laundry "helpers" so I do ALL of the washing and line drying myself. I despise putting clothes away especially if my kids are plenty old enough to do it.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

We have a laundry room, praise God. I gutted part of our home last year to create it and its my very favoritest part of the house. The small corner closet houses 3 tall, narrow hampers (lights, darks and non-dryables). Next to them is a small stainless rolling shelf cart. Above them is a bar for hanging clothes and diapers to dry and a hanging bag for dirty woolies (we wear lots of wool socks and sweaters too so all wool goes in the bag). Shelving above that for storage. I roll out the cart, fold and put it the assigned location (everyone has a space on the shelving cart). I roll the cart back to the bedrooms each evening at bedtime. DH, me, and DS1 put away our own. DS2's gets put away by daddy and DS1 and I do DS3's. We have a household cleaning and chore schedule here, and Thursdays are the assigned laundry day for woolies, and lights and darks that don't get dried. Dog bedding, diapers, rags and towels are all on that day also. I do a load of regular lights or darks as the hampers fill, generally every other day or so. Bedding gets changed and washed when that room is cleaned. We don't amass dirty or clean laundry here. Its washed when the load is full, dried immediately, folded immediately and put away. We do laundry during the day primarily so the children are involved in loading the washer, switching the wets to the drier and folding. DS2 does napkins, bibs, unpaper towels, unkleenex tissues and he's 4. DS1 does all underwear, socks, towels and PJs. I fold the rest. If it isn't all folded and put away at bedtime, which is rare, DS will help and we load it on the shelving cart for morning put away.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

I live in a very small, very poorly set up home. Our washing machine is in the kitchen and our dryer is in the bathroom.

Laundry gets done every day. Mixed loads, whatever isn't WHITE gets washed together every day (towels, jeans, shirts, etc). Whites go in the only space I have for a basket and they get washed as needed.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

Washing, washing, washing
My oldest 3 wash their own clothes and I do everyone elses. All the kids fold and put away. We also line dry in the summer and fall, dryer in the winter and line dry in the basement all the cloth diapers (we have a pellet stove in our basement, which really helps to dry things).
What really helps me with clothes is not buying an abundance of outfits, because we homeschool they dont really need much. And I always make sure to purge every couple of months.
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