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Originally Posted by carriek38
I would say "Oh, that's so cute!" then silently judge her for being unoriginal

No, you don't have any "rights" to a's weird that she's using your DD's middle name, but there's not much you can do about it.
this is great!


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Unless you invented the name, were the first to use it, and had it copyrighted, no you don't have any rights to it lol. Your daughter isn't the first or last Lulu middle name. I would actually find it a bit flattering. She loves the name you chose enough to make it her top pick for middle name.

I can see why it would/could be bothersome, but be realistic. How many people do you know that even go by their middle name? I don't know half of my friends middle names, much less call them by it.

Work through the bother, and find your peace with it it's okay to feel any way you end up feeling, just remember it wasn't intentionally to peeve you

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My sons are Zachariah David and Malachi James. My sister had a baby and named him James David. I was like"how original" for a few seconds but then decided who cares, at least she didn't take a name I wouldn't be able to use in the future. David is our dads name and James is her boyfriends name (who she wasn't even with when our son was born. ) I think we both had equal rights to those names and who cares!
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Re: S/O name stealing...

if it was her first name, I'd be a bit miffed. It's her middle name, it's not a big deal to me. But keep in mind I have three cousins on my dad's side of the family named Chris (and we all lived in the same little town growing up, saw each other VERY often), one of my dad's sisters is Linda Marlene and the other one is Darlene Lynne, my dad's older brother married a Linda so two aunt Linda's again in a very small town, and my MIL and GMIL are both Lois (GMIL being his dad's mom, not a mother/daughter with the same name). Repeating names is no big deal
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Re: S/O name stealing...

It'd be weird if, say, my daughter's name was Kelly and someone in the family also named their daughter Kelly. I'd be a bit annoyed but I wouldn't say anything about it and I certainly wouldn't feel I have any right to the name.

A middle name is no biggie at all to me.
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Originally Posted by Angel89411
Now, what gets my goat is I knew ODS would probably get called Gabrielle at some point. But it is over and over. By adults. Often the same ones. Gabriel is never the first option. Always Gabrielle.
I have a Gabrielle. My exes family calls her Gabriel. Lol. My mom called her Abby for months after she was born.

She gets Gabriella a lot...she'll answer to Gabby, Gabriel, Gabrielle, Gabriella...just about anything
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Re: S/O name stealing...

If I chose a name to be unique I would be a little upset. THat being said, it's rather flattering and at least it's not a first name. My cousins and I share middle names. My aunt wanted my middle name for her daughter: Ann, then my mom wanted my cuz middle name for my sister: Lynn (and he's a boy ). So both my cousins have the same middle names as me and my sister.

I know my sister was ok if I used one of her girls middle names for mine. You can be frustrated, then shrug you shoulders and move on.
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