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S/O kinda - Do you think PS with help my DD? Extreme clinginess/independence issues.

So now that I know that there are preschool programs for 2 and 3 year olds....I need some advice. Please tell me if you think that a preschool program would help my DD.

She is 2 1/2. She has always been a "mama's girl" but I would say that within the last 2 - 3 months it has really gotten excessive, to the point where some days I just want to rip my hair out. She needs mama for EVERYTHING. She doesn't dress herself, go potty herself, walk to the car herself. She will not sit and color, play with blocks, play with dolls, or play with anything at all unless mama is sitting with her playing along. The only things she will do by herself is look at books and watch nature shows on TV, and I am ashamed to admit that I have been putting the TV on a lot lately just to get a minute to myself. Whenever I would let her outside, she would run, play, get dirty like any other kid - now she stands there waiting for me to initiate some kind of play.

If I am trying to play with DS (10 months), she either wiggles herself in between us and takes over or flings herself on the floor and has a tantrum. She follows me around like a lost puppy, to the bathroom, kitchen, etc. She freaks out if I don't take her in the shower with me. If DH is home and I can leave for an afternoon out, she constantly asks him where I am.

It's not that she can't play or do things herself, she definitely can - she is brilliant. She can write letters, recognizes some words already in books, has a wonderful imagination, talks and makes up stories all the time. She is perfectly capable of being more independent, she just chooses to fixate on me all the time. Socially she is a mess too - when we are out in public, at a park or wherever, she is very very shy and reserved, she won't talk to anyone and is afraid of adults as well as other toddlers. We have no friends or family here and she has never been babysat, so it's probably our own fault that this has happened, because we're all she knows. Up until a few months ago I didn't even have a car, so she is used to just being home with mama all the time.

I had always planned on homeschooling but at this point I am thinking that the longer this continues the more detrimental it will be to her (and me). I just heard of a nature program for toddlers at a local farm, it's called farm school and it's only one morning a week for 3 hours, the kids are outside the whole time and get to feed chickens and goats, play in the soil and do crafts....I think that will be a good introduction for her.

So, with all that said, do you think that preschool would be a help to my DD, or is there a bigger issue here that I'm missing?


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Re: S/O kinda - Do you think PS with help my DD? Extreme clinginess/independence issu

You should do it Mama. Put DD in a preschool, at least a few days a week. I'm not sure if one day a week would cut it. It sounds like your DD needs a little stronger of a push towards some independence. If you aren't present 24/7, it might help.

My DD just turned 2 and she is in a Montessori preschool 5 days a week. I thought the first week would traumatic, but she adapted pretty quickly. On the first day, she bawled her eyes out for 45 mintues after drop-off and didn't take a nap that day. She cried less and less at drop-off everyday after that. By the second week, she was fine and by the third week, she was barely giving me a kiss before running off to the playground.

Now, my DD is VERY happy to see me at pick-up. She's still nursing, so when she's super tired or hungry, all wants to do is sit on the couch an nurse to make up for lost time with her Mama.
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I have a somewhat similar situation (in that my DD always wants to be with ME and NOBODY else) and if I had a cute little Farm School available like that I would do it in a hearbeat! I think it might be nice to ease her in with the one-day-a-week thing, then you could add something else down the line if you wanted. I think that Farm School sounds delightful.

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