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Take A $1 off all items! Destash! ~ Longies, Soakers and Sleepsacks! Oh my!

Huge destash! Clearing out what we are not using and/or have outgrown. I love wool but I am not a knitter and really am not familiar with all the different types and colorways. I just know what looks pretty to me. I will include the information if I have it or remember it. Any imperfections that I see I have noted and included a picture. All measurements were taken at rest. Everything was purchased from DS mamas or off Spots. I will accept any REASONABLE offers. Sorry for some of the sideways pictures.

First for the boy stuff:

Newborn Soakers. Love, love these colors! Knit soakers $17ppd. Recycled soaker $10ppd

Cream Disana 62/68 or for 3-6 mos. Soft and stretchy. A few light spots on front and a smaller one on back. I bought it this way and the previous owner thought it was lanolin spots. Very light. $17ppd

3 pairs of toddler longies. The brown and gray ones were made by CC Baby. Both have an extra wet zone layer stitched in. There are imperfections in the sewing on both of these. Brown ones have a hole in the bum but it is the top layer. Wetzone layer underneath the hole. Brown is a light-weight wool. Not night-worthy. Definitely play condition. Gray ones are felted and really pretty soft. Green ones are more like leggings. Thick and felted. $8ppd ea.

SOLD Gray:
W: 16.5
R: 22"
I: 12"

SOLD Brown:
W: 18"
R: 22"
I: 11"

Green: you could cuff these for a smaller baby
W: 16"
R 16"
I: 12"

A few sleepsacks and a cocoon:

SOLD Gorgeous fall colors. Orange Malabrigo sheepy sack with owl cabling down front and back. Sooo soft. Length is about 12 inches. Around the middle of the sack is about 15 inches. $20 ppd

Taupe is a recycled heavily felted sack. Nothing is getting through this sucker. Elastic at the bottom. Length is about 11.5". Around the middle about 15". $8ppd

SOLD Green cocoon set made from alpaca. Perfect picture prop. I cannot express how soft this is. I want to sleep in one. Seriously super-soft and oh, so cute! Fuzzy thread wear it rolls over. I don't think this is a loose thread just fuzzy. See pic. About 18.5 in length. 14" around the middle. $28ppd

Gray recycled sleepsack w/ matching hat. Green trim on hat. This is a thin wool. Only worked for us for very short naps. 16" in length. 17" around the middle. $8ppd

Now for the girlie stuff.

Cute sleepsack for a girl. This would not fit a newborn due to the shoulder strap length. Thinner cashmere type wool. 17" in length. 19" around the middle. $12ppd.

NB Malabrigo purple/green longies. Sooo soft! Shirt is not available. $20ppd.

W: 13"
R: 12"
I: 5.5"

NB Pastel longies. Love these! Feels like Malabrigo or maybe purewool. These also are ridiculously soft. These look like little bellbottoms with extra room at the bottoms. See pic. Shirts not available. $20ppd

W: 13"
R: 12.5"
I: 4.5-5"

NB Longies. Purple, maroon, green and cream. Couldn't find any of my info on these. Really pretty. Lovely cabling down the sides and a lettuce edge trim on the bottoms. $22pd

W: 14"
R: 13.5"
I: 5"

Pink Disana. I am not sure what size this actuallywas/is. I bought it with the tag already cut-out. It is felted but still has some stretch. $16ppd.

The measurements are:
W: 16"
R: 16"
Leg openings: 9-10" w/out stretching them.

Crocheted soaker. $12ppd

W: 16"
R: 16"

Girlie soakers and wraps:
Pink Baby Behinds, MEDIUM SOLD. 1 medium and 1 large. Both in EUC. $16ppd ea.
SOLD Pink Rainbow Waters, size medium. EUC $18ppd
Knit soakers $8ppd ea. (Purple W: 13", R: 15") (Pink W: 13", R: 16.5") Purple one has a loose? stitch in back. See pic.

Pink/green/brown Longies or Capris. We wore these as longies then capris. $18ppd.

W: 18"
R: 16"
I: 6"

Green/pink-purple Longies with ruffle. Again, I'm pretty sure these are purewool. Very soft. $26ppd

W: 15"
R: 16"
I: 6.5"

SOLD Nurturing Threads Kimono set. The colorway is Holland. We only wore this to church several times. I listed this as a girl set b/c the red is more of a pinky red than true red. But this could be gender neutral. $40ppd.

W: 15.5"
R: 15.5"
I: 7"

Small purple Nacho Dipes Recycled longies. These are really soft and matched so many things. $16ppd

W: 14"
R: 16"
I: 8"

Recycled Longies. Both of these are a purple/plum color. These also matched lots of different things. Plum w/ interlock was made from a cashmere sweater. These are light weight and we only used them at naps. Very soft. The other ones are heavier but still not night-worthy. $12ppd ea.

W: 15"
R: 18"
I: 8"

Solid plum:
W: 14"
R: 17"
I: 7.5"

Recycled wool. I got these for play pants around the house. Both felted. Cut-out on front of green ones. Little purple flowers on back of gray pants. $12ppd ea.

NB Cranberry Longies and variegated cranberry longies. Neither of these are very soft wool. The solid color ones did go with alot. $8ppd ea.

SOLD Solid:
W: 13"
R: 15"
I: 6"

W: 13"
R: 11"
I: 7"

---------------SOLD BELOW THIS LINE--------------------------------------------------------

2 NB sets. These are so cute! Cherub Closets shirts. I used the shirts but not the hats. So the shirts are more faded from wash wear. The robot shirt has a faint mark in the right arm. It looks like an orange pen mark. It is really not that noticeable and never bothered me. $18ppd ea.

SOLD Orange Soaker:

SOLD Brown Soaker:

SOLD Cute longies and fun colors. Shirt included. Both cuffs have a little imperfection or loose stitch. See pics. This is from the original listing. "Family Pendragon "Seahorse" Gaia Bulky R 14" H 14" I 5.5" $18ppd

ALL SOLD Newborn or Small Interlock Longies/Shorties. I used these as longies for my newbie then shorts. If he wasn't such a chunker they would still fit. The rise and length are great but the waist is getting too tight for his chubby belly. I loved being able to keep one shirt on that matched 2 pairs of shorts and alternate the wool through-out the day. $18ppd each. Add a coordinating shirt or leggies for $2 extra.

They all are the same measurements.

W: 13, not stretched. These have some stretch.
R: 15.5, including the band
I: 3

SOLD Gorgeous newbie set! This was our coming home outfit. Will include the shirt if you like. There is something like an indentation in the bottom cuff. Less stitches maybe ??? I am not sure. I didn't find it noticeable and it did not bother me. See pic. Not sure of wool type but pretty soft. $28ppd

W: 13
R: 12

SOLD Newborn pants and hat. Elastic waist. Soft and sturdy wool. $25ppd

W: 13
R: 13
I: 5 (not including gusset)

SOLD Red striped recycled longies. Really cute! $8ppd

W: 15
R: 14.5
I: 6

SOLD Thanksgiving is just around the corner. My daughter was actually born on Thanksgiving 2 years ago, can you believe it? We only wore this for a few pics. Not the softest wool but really cute. Nb size onesie included. $18ppd

W: 13
R: 13
I: 6.5

SOLD Blue Disana 98/104 or for 2-3 yrs. In great shape. Nice and stretchy. $20ppd

Blue Soaker. Sold to me as a Luxe but there is no tag. Thinner interlock. It is dingy and has stains. Loose stitch in the back. see pic. $8ppd

Recycled Toddler wool.

SOLD Striped sweater pants We loved these. Matched a lot of different shirts. $10ppd
W: 16" Unstretched. I can stretch this to 24".
R: 18"
I: 11"

SOLD Green Pants, thinner wool. Not night-worthy. $8ppd
W: 16" unstretched. Can stretch to 28"
R: 18"
I: 11"

SOLD Large Woollybottoms Tan Longies. Love these. Great neutral color. Like new.

W: 17" (lots of stretch to these)
R: 20"
I: 12.5"

BOTH SOLD 2 Large Woollybottoms Soakers with extra wet zone layer. Red/yellow one has some red bleeding along the yellow waist interlock trim. See pic. These were awesome for my super-soaker toddler. $18ppd for tan soaker. $17ppd for Red one.

SOLD Newborn Tunisian Longies and Hat. in TIG "Erin". This is a gorgeous set! Would be adorable for newbie pics. $25ppd.

W: 13"
R: 14"
I: 5" including ruffle

SOLD Little Beetle size 1 cover, pink with snaps. $16ppd.

BOTH SOLD. SHIRTS GONE.2 Small Longies. Brown knit pants on Patons. Cute cuffs. Not sure what type of wool the green pants are made from. Also cute cuffs - little ruffles. Some of the stitching on the green bum looked off to me. Not sure what to call it. See pic. Both of these pants matched with so many things. These are both longer pants so I cuffed them when my daughter was little, then we wore them as longies/tights under dresses. I cut off several onesies and "tried" to make shirts. I hemmed several rather poorly but will be happy to include for free if you want them. $18ppd ea.

W: 13"
R: 16"
I: 7.5"

W: 12"
R: 13"
I: 8" including ruffle

SOLD Purple Skirt with built-in shorts underneath. Really cute and will match a ton.

W: 13"
R: 14-15"
Length: 9"

SOLD Green Recycled Longies with Apple on Bum. Always thought I'd try to make an applique shirt with the Michael Miller "Bite Me" material. (sigh) I have some scraps from another project that I will include if you'd like them. $12ppd

W: 16.25"
R: 17"
I: 8'

SOLD Pink Rainbow Waters Longies or Capris. So cute with the ruffles. We wore these as longies and then as capris. There are a few dirt spots on the front and one on the bum. They are faint and didn't show up in the pictures but wanted to mention them. $26ppd

W: 15"
R: 16" including waistband
I: 7" including ruffle

SOLD Pinks and Gray-Blue Longies. These are really cute. Not sure of the wool type. Softer type wool. $ 20ppd.

W: 16"
R: 15"
I: 8"

SOLD Just in time for fall! This was one of my favorite sets my daughter wore. The colors are gorgeous! If my newbie was only another girl. DH is opposed to ruffles on boys. This is MM Winter Pear on Cestari with matching apple shirt embroidered by Lulu Bird Designs. $40ppd

W: 15"
R: 15"
I: 6-6.5" depending on how the ruffle lays

SOLD Double Ruffle Longies. Another of my faves! Pretty sure this is purewool but don't know the colorway. Very soft. $28ppd

W: 15"
R: 14"
I: 5.5"

SAHM, Christian, homeschooling Momma to Ronnie, 01/97, Reagan 02/02, Ellie 05/04, Rowan 12/05, Riley (in heaven) 01/07, Royce 01/08, Ellis (in heaven) 08/09, Eva 11/10 and Raif 05/12. Totally in love with my husband, Rob

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