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volt on board with bamboo poles

Late on February 18th, in Binzhou the Yellow River bridge area, many rescuers ice rescue force.Subsequently,canada goose chateau, 110 police officers, firefighters, police and the surrounding masses force rescue.This reporter Wang Jinjun video reporter Wang Jinjun February 18th, it is the "five break.<br />".In Binzhou city of the Yellow River bridge area two to cross the river, the boy accidentally fell into the river, the icy water, a by the masses do boldly what is righteous and fire officers and soldiers sing leading role and rescue is on.<br />.....The four boys across the two fell to 18 in the afternoon, a Binzhou City foreshore City Office of the East a village four boys tried to cross the ice cut back, the results of the two man overboard.<br />The drowning of two children of a 16 14 year old.The family lives in small business,where can i buy canada goose, Mr. Tang from the the Yellow River bridge over, and two boys fell into the place just below the bridge -- close to the the Yellow River river at the edge of a more than 50 square meters of the puddle.<br />Mr. Tang said in 18 days, 4 in the afternoon, he found two boys wringing stood on the edge of the Yellow River, not far from a boy struggling in the hole in the ice for help, Mr. Tang quickly dialed 110.<br />At the same time, the bridge on the several armed soldiers also rushed to the scene.Armed police and fire officers and soldiers arrived in before, a drowning boy has been named Chang Leilei veterans successfully rescued.<br />Veterans pass by courageously rescued a man Chang Leilei is Boxing County, VA, 25 years old, once in the armed police forces soldiers.The afternoon of the 18 day he rode a motorcycle with his wife and cousin from Binzhou back to Boxing, to the Yellow River bridge, cousin indistinct hear someone crying for help, they told Lei Lei's wife, the speech was Lei Lei heard, without a word he stopped on the bridge to duty traffic department Comrade to look,canada goose outlet store, oneself along the bridge inspection ladder swiftly slide down, run while undressing, rushed to the scene, first with the palm and fist open three or four cm thick layer of ice, and then step by step out close to drowning child was (voice).<br />As the child's clothes were soaked in water is unusually heavy, Chang Leilei had to hand over the child the axilla, will be difficult child back to the shore.Chang Leilei said,canadian goose jacket calgary, when rescued second children, one about his age youth with water, due to be tired out, systemic multiple scratches, in particular saw armed police and fire officers and soldiers have arrived on the scene, often thunder quietly leave.<br />In an interview, often showing remorse: a thunder "rescued the first boy, we go into the water taxed his strength for second children, can not find, if found then we will kill him up."The three forced to dive for another boy Chang Leilei is not found, the armed police and fire officers and soldiers in a long time after the rescue, also failed to save a child's life.<br />The rescue scene temperature has reached nine degrees below zero,bomber style jackets, water bears a layer of ice, allowing the rescue fire officers mess."The water is too cold, less than five minutes were frozen."One soldier told reporters, three times forced after diving, fire fighters eventually for underwater operation conditions are too poor and had to abandon the rescue diving.<br />Eighteen ten, rescue workers from elsewhere to borrowed boat making rescue appeared a favourable turn, they all flurry and confusion to borrowed boat push water,canada expedition parka, several soldiers quickly jumped aboard, volt on board with bamboo poles, hook, an ice breaking awl tools such as ice edge to edge of the propulsion.<br />....."Come, quickly go home!"Now, the few women shouting into the child's name, all hearts over time a little bit was clenched.At the same time, the child's parents paralysis on the ground, choke with sobs.<br />Time at eighteen fifty-three, at this time, the water a jolt, "slowly, slowly pull, don't hurt the baby,canada goose chateau jacket!"The river the shortness of the voice to the shore, hundreds of officers and soldiers immediately around the masses.<br />Topics related articles?

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</ul><br />
Copyright: anyone who reproduced for any purpose this stuff, please indicate the source of the article and the author indicated. Otherwise, the article's author may find your trouble.
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