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Bryce Lee ~ Aug 23rd ~ Birth Story, Too!

Here he is!

Bryce Lee - 9 pounds 14 ounces, 22 inches - born August 23rd at 2:45 PM via induction at 39 weeks, 5 days

And here he is in his first cloth diaper a few days later. It's a Thirsties Duo pocket, size 1 on the smallest rise.

Birth story:
I was induced due to gestational diabetes, just short of full term. Dr broke water at 7 am, hooked up the pitocin and away we went. I was 3 cm dialated before we started, but not effaced much.

The first 4 hours were pretty boring. My blood sugar was low so I had some juice, we watched a little TV, my dad was in the room reading me news stories from his smart phone. Hubby and I finalized a middle name.

Contractions were 75% pressure, 25% pain, less painful than a period cramp really. Around 11 am, baby turned a little and I started to get managable back labor, so I called for my epidural.

First epidural failed. Second epidural failed. I was not offered a third. I had too much scar tissue from my 2nd child's birth (2 years ago) where we tried to get into my spine about 10 times. So, around 1 pm when things intensified I realized I was having this baby the hard way.

I was sooooooo not mentally prepared for a natural delivery. I never once took a lamaze class or read a birthing book. Thankfully, I had a couple of really good nurses who helped me breath and I was given an oxygen mask. It made a huge difference. I don't think I opened my eyes again until after the baby was born a couple hours later. I had severe, intense pain in the area of my right hip and across my right side & back that prettymuch voided any other pain I might have been having. The pitocin was wide open at max dosage.

My sister came to visit around 1 pm. She's had a natural delivery, so she offered some reassuring words and slipped out a little while later.

I hit transition around maybe 1:30. Who knows. I had my eyes shut. Contractions were more or less on top of one another and after another cervix check I thought I was going to die because I was only at 5 cm, though fully effaced, minus 1 station. The nurses explained to me that since it was my 3rd child it's not so much about how much you are dialated, more about effacement and that I'd made good progress and it wouldn't be long.

Around 2 pm, I was at 8 cm, fully effaced. Time to call the Dr, who was working at the clinic across town that day.

The nurses stepped out for a minute to call the Dr and do whatever nurses do. At 2:10, the urge to push hit me like a freight train. I called the nurses' station and told them I was feeling pushy. Nurses came back right away and flipped me on my side, which is apparently some sort of torturous position in which a woman's body is supposed to hold a baby in. Good lord, it was awful.

Time was passing. Contrax were INTENSE, I was panicking, begging a nurse to deliver me, begging for any doctor in house to deliver me. I was checked one more time and was prettymuch to the point just before crowning. I had one nurse practically on top of me trying to get the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. They eventually did an internal minitor because nothing was registering on their machines. I opened my eyes once and the nurses looked a little worried because the Dr was taking so long and I heard someone call for the nursery unit ASAP (not a NICU unit, thankfully!).

FINALLY, at 2:40 the Dr. came in the door. He'd been held up by a train and had to turn around and take an alternate (longer) route - likely through mountains of road construction. He assumed his position at the end of the bed and the funniest thing happened. I didn't have a contraction for like 2 minutes. It was an eternal spacing.

Bryce was born at 2:45 in two small pushes. I was never so happy to be done with something in my life! He cried a perfect little baby cry and the nurse offered him on my chest but I declined because I was too....I don't know....I needed a minute to catch my breath. Plus, the Dr. still had work to do and I was incredibly grossed out by this cord hanging between my butt cheeks and all this fluid and whatnot that was coming out. Like I said, I was not at all prepared for natural childbirth. He was kindof blue-ish (who wouldn't be after hanging out in the birth canal for 30 minutes just waiting), but he pinked up quickly and was as content as can be thereafter. Daddy held him first, and I took him after all the stitching was done (I tore in both directions, though not severely) when I could sit up.

I think if the Dr had taken another 5 minutes my body would have naturally delivered the baby without my help. I know my OB likes to deliver "his" babies, but I don't know why I listened when they told me not to push. LOL

Everything worked out fine in the end. It was scary, though. I can imagine my husband was scared, too. Someday I'll ask him what he felt. I'm so thankful for this healthy little boy and his older sisters think he's the bees knees. I was sore and a lot crampier than expected after the birth but I'm feeling good. I have a ton of energy and we're getting probably just enough sleep to get by. I don't "love" the newborn stage, so I'm certainly anxious for him to be oh, maybe 4 months old, but for now we're just chilling out watching the Food Network all day and doing a whole lot of nothing.


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Re: Bryce Lee ~ Aug 23rd ~ Birth Story, Too!

Congrats mama!
I get so mad when I hear of patients having to wait for the doctors! This poor lady down the hall from me had to wait for the doctor and you would have thought they were cutting her up limb by limb. She sounded like she was in so much pain! I can't even imagine!

Glad everything turned out great for you all!

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Re: Bryce Lee ~ Aug 23rd ~ Birth Story, Too!

I don't know how you can just "hold it" when the pushy feeling comes, it must feel terrible. If it was me in your position I think the nurse would have ended up catching. L&D nurses end up doing that sometimes. With my last one the dr told me to stop mid push and that didn't happen.
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Re: Bryce Lee ~ Aug 23rd ~ Birth Story, Too!

<3 So chubby! Congrats!
With my 2nd, the doctor barely flew into the room in time, and the nurse was shouting at me not to push and I totally remember yelling, "YOU DONT PUSH!". Hahah. Clearly these people don't recall what it's like to have a bowling ball travelling out of your hooha and absolutely no control over it. It's not like I can just pretend to not feel that, yanno?
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Congratulations!. I don't know how you held it when told not to push. And that sucks your epideural didn't work. Geez 10 tries with your previous baby? Ouch.
He is a cutie. Big boy huh!.

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Re: Bryce Lee ~ Aug 23rd ~ Birth Story, Too!

Congrats mama!!
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Re: Bryce Lee ~ Aug 23rd ~ Birth Story, Too!

I held on but I had notice as I was a 9 when I realized I needed to slow things down to give hubby time to make it so I lied on my side and breathed slowly til hubby got there. But I always labor naturally so I was prepared mentally for the process.
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Re: Bryce Lee ~ Aug 23rd ~ Birth Story, Too!

Congrats! That is amazing to do a petocin 'natural' delivery. I have done all of mine with no pain meds, but never with petocin. I've heard it's crazy painful! I too was told not to push, partly because they didn't believe I was ready to push since I was only 6cm an hour before. But I ignored the nurse enough to relieve the pain without fully pushing. You can't really help it, and I told the nurse so when she wanted me to wait for the doctor. At a certain point, since I was not cooperating, they said there were enough nurses there now, so I could have the baby anytime. :P
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