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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

I'm in Canada. I had my c-section at 9am on Christmas eve, was out of recovery by 11, spent the night, got my catheter out the next day, they made me pee 3x, and asked me if I wanted to go home (Christmas day) and we did! So I was in the hospital for about 48 hours including 22 hours of labour before c-section.


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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Originally Posted by chach4 View Post
My csec was a suprise. Water broke and 3 hrs later had ultrasound and turned out babe as breach. So bout 9 pm he was born.
Didn't sleep AT all that night. Meds made me itch SO bad I coundnt take it. Plus the feeling of not being able to feel my legs drove me NUTS, so kept asking dh to move them around for me.
I think catheter was taken out next day. Catheters are just no fun period. Plus I drank so much that I was filling up the bags quick. Hubby had to call the nurses to change em.
I wish hospital would have given me something to poo but nothing was said about it. Which made for a horrible experience the day after I was discharged, had to go back to dd for an enema, plus I had 104 fever, turns out infection in my uterus. Not that u want to hear those types of things.

But one thing I would advise others and I will be doing myself if I have another spcsec (though I'm going for a vbac next month), is to ASK for a breathing machine thing. I don't know what they're called, but a piece of plastic u basicly practice breathing into. Had I had one of those I could have saved 2 more trips to DD in following weeks(one for partially collasped lung and then pnemonia).
Otherwise, yeah, take it easy but not TOO easy , exercise lungs and move around some, and take advantage of what insurance will cover and stay as long as u can, no matter how much u just wanna get out and go home... That would be my advice to myself at least. But yes, everyone's different and every birth is different.
Try not to be nervous, it won't help things, will it? Maybe see if your hospital has a massage therapist? I know some do have em and they will do pre surgery massages to help calm patients.
An incentive spirometer. They should always give them after surgery!
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Originally Posted by Riverdavidsmama View Post
I'm freaking out a little about my second c-section on Tuesday (tomorrow) and I can't remember that much about my first (over 3 years ago). I know every hospital is different and each person is different, but I'm curious about how others have gone. I think with Rainn it was something like this:

Day 1 - early a.m. surgery. Rest of the day in bed with catheter and with IV pain meds (made me itch like crazy)
Day 2 - in bed all day, take out IVs and switch to oral pain meds. I think they maybe had me take a walk in the evening with my urine bag attached to something?
Day 3 - remove catheter in the morning. Took walk in afternoon or evening with hubby. I believe this day I had terrible shoulder pain from an air pocket.
Day 4 - took shower. took suppositories to dry to go No. 2 or pass gas. Haven't eaten except clear liquids.
Day 5 - finally pass bass. Have pizza for lunch. Discharged around noon.

I HATED the catheter with a passion and the IV pain meds were terrible too. Plus my air pocket. Part of me hope they'll remove the cath sooner this time (different state and hospital) but I don't know if I can get up that much without killing myself and my incision. Pain meds made me insanely thirsty (in fact one nurse forgot to change my urine bag and backed into my bladder.)

Please share your story and help ease my fears a bit. TIA
I HATE those things they put on your legs to keep the blood flowing and I hate being cathed so I was anxious to get up and moving with both of my boys. My first c-section is a little fuzzy. I was in and out of concousness for the first day and I cant really remember a lot. The second day is when they removed the cath and let me walk around a bit, I went home on the third day I think. For my second it was planned and I showed up at the hospital at like 5am and had my surgery at 8. I was out of bed with the cath out and eating solids by dinner time. I stayed at the hospital for 3 days. I could have gone home on day two but I wanted to take another day to heal at the incision site before I went home to my then two year old. i was worried about opening up the incision while taking care of my older baby. My second birth went a lot better than my first. I think it is probably because I was not laboring for 22hrs prior to the c-section. I am trying to get pregnant with my third now (AF is due Wed and I am showing no signs of AF and plenty of preggers signs! Fingers crossed!!!) and I am nervous about having yet another c-section. But I was worried about it with my last one too.
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

oh the IVs too, I hate those. I had them out on day one as well
Breastfeeding , Cloth Diapering, Babywearing Mommy, to Dylan Michael (September 2007) Aiden Edward (March 2011) and anxiously waiting for Katherine Sophia due in MAY!
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Mine was an emergency c, not planned so I don't know if that makes a difference or not. DS was born at 5:41 pm and I was on an insane amount of magnessium (sp?) due to HELLP syndrome so it knocked me on my butt. I have almost no memory of that Friday night and most of Saturday. I literally couldn't stay awake. I tried to eat dinner Sat but threw it up after the first bite. I was thankful for the cath because I couldn't sit up much less walk due to the mag. Sunday thr mag was stopped or lowered considerably and I was soook much better. they took out the cath, I took a shower at some point and held food down awesome. We went home Monday afternoon. It could have been later that morning but we wanted to stay through lunch. We could stay until I think 6pm or so...I can't remember now why we wanted to stay so late LOL first time parent fears I guess.....
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Day one - went to hospital at 6pm in labor
Day 2 issues/at a 9/ baby stuck on swollen cervix - bad - csection around 5pm
Day 3 catheter out in the morning, demerol pump removed (not pleased about this but I have some health issues)
Day 4/5 normal, up moving, etc
Day 6 discharge per my request
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

I think I must be the only one that likes the leg boots

My first c-section was for medical reasons for my son. We were planning a c-section, but I went into labor a week before my section date, so the actual event was a surprise.

c-section was okay, but I was terrified because of my baby's health. He ended up doing pretty well, but was in the NICU for a my hospital stay wasn't very enjoyable,a nd definitely NOT restful. Baby was born at 6pm, was up walking with cath out by midnight...VERY sore!

Fast forward to c-section #2 with baby #3

1) baby born around 6am
2) recovery for about 1 hour
3) in my room holding and nursing baby right after that...first attempts at drinking liquids came right back up.
4) stayed in bed for a total of 24 hours with cath in, and leg boots on....
5) slept REALLY well that night...not having to get out of bed to pee
6) cath out early AM, up walking around and going pee in potty...ate a little food.
7) ate fiber one bars (a few each day) and was able to poo on day #2 (thank goodness!)
8) got terribe shoulder/gas pain--air pocket...just like last time (not fun )
9) took ibuprofin and prescription pain meds as directed.
10) slept well...relaxed, ate well, and enjoyed time with my baby
11) went home on day 3 in the afternoon was a nice, restful stay....strange, but true.
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

1st C/S: I was in recovery for 2 hours because I had trouble with bleeding. That evening they had me up and walking. So glad that they did that, I had a great recovery. Home on Day 4.

2nd C/S I was in recovery for 3 hours, went to L&D afterwards, ended up with 2 blood transfusions. I kept asking them the next day if I could get up and walk because I knew I needed to. Went home on Day 5 because my YDD was in the NICU.
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