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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Well, I think it is odd that you would take your children to new sitter in an unknown house instead of having a new sitter in their own home. Second, it was absolutely a risk to bring toys from home somewhere else. You and he should have been aware of that before you left the house. Third, you can not blame her for not having found them yet. We can lose things easily in our own home and not find them for a long time after. Also, it isn't her responsibility to continually look hard for an item. I would have said, if you come across it please lmk. I can't imagine she found it and then won't let you know. Also, if he does take such good care of his toys and never lets go, then how did it get lost?


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Any daycare/sitter situation I know of doesn't cover lost toys. If its an absolute must have for comfort that's ok, but if its lost than its not my responsibility. My own kids lose toys in our own house, I can only imagine going to a new house! I understand the issue and its his fav but its not like a $50 item, what maybe $10-15? Chalk it up as a loss and move on! Explain to DS that sometimes very special toys should stay home.
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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

There is nothing more she can do. The train could be anywhere. Your lo might keep track of them well at your house, but in a strange place there would no way. Ask her to let you know if/when she ever comes across it and move on.
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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

As a daycare provider, I am glad to see so many on the side of the provider. If she is regularly doing daycare, I would imagine she has a half dozen or more children in and out of the house most days of the week. You have no idea the amount of personal items coming and going on a daily basis. It is just too much to expect her to continue searching high and low and giving multiple updates about one toy. I know this toy is very important to your child and is a big deal in your world....but in her world, its just another thing that a kid lost at her house. Maybe it will turn up some day, maybe it wont. Who knows? Either way, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and certainly shouldnt be something worth leaving a daycare provider over. The important things such as your child remaining safe and happy in her care were accomplished so in my book, she sounds fantastic. She did take 20 minutes to help look for one toy and she did respond to your messages.....not as quickly as you wanted her too but try to imagine what her life must be like with the flood of communication for multiple parents about multiple things. I have 5 daycare kids right now and go thru at least a dozen emails and texts per day! one missing toy would not be on the top of my priority list.
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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Originally Posted by hishouseholdsix View Post
...but he is really good about keeping track of his toys. He never hides things or puts them in strange places, especially his trains...
So you think that this woman snatched a $10 run-of-the-mill train from your kid (without him noticing) and is so desperate to keep it that she's blowing you off?

Your kid isn't as careful as you thought and he misplaced his toy. Lesson learned.

I might thoroughly dig through my house to help find your child's bracelet, received at birth from a passed-on aunt, but I'm not breaking a sweat for "Thomas". She looked, she let you look, it wasn't found. Sucks for your kid, but it will happen again.
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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

I am with the others. It's a lesson learned.

You have no idea whether she has really looked hard or not so you can't say she hasn't. Her lack of response may be guilt over not having found it or that he lost it in the first place or she's not a social person if she doesn't know you well.
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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

I'm in the lesson learned camp.

My niece always had to bring a toy in when she came over and then (as a single child) would get upset and not want to share. Once she left a xylophone that she had gotten on her way up at an antique store. In our massive play area I didn't even realize it had been left and of course my kids got to it and a piece got broken off. My sister didn't expect me to "replace" it. Once same niece broke a *very* special toy of my son's and though I was upset over the toy it was my fault for having it out while she was there.
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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Yeah. I'm thinking go buy him another one and don't let him leave the house with it again.

Unless you live with this woman, I don't really think it's a fair call for you to say things like, "She's uninterested in helping you find it," because you simply don't know that. She may have torn her house apart looking for this toy. Unlikely, but possible. Lesson learned, don't let him leave the house with expensive toys again.
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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

It kind of bothers me when kids comes over and bring their toys for this exact reason. There are a lot of places stuff can get stashed or lost and I don't want to try remembering who brought what and when they lost it.

As for my kids, I tell them they are not allowed to take toys to other people's houses. I tell them "you can bring it as long as you're okay if it gets lost."
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Tis gone
I've looked for toys in our own home, and they'll randomly appear days or weeks later.

If she looked for 20 minutes with you, I wouldn't say she's uninterested in helping you, though. (maybe, I misunderstood?).
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