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Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help. Update #29

Email to my Urologist. I can't re-type this without breaking down. Please, I need information on how to take off the label "drug seeker" on my head.

My name is Dagny. I am a patient of Dr. C's. She has been seeing me for reoccurring kidney stones. I saw her on 9/18 because I kept having kidney stone attacks on top of being pregnant. She said I needed to come in after delivery to have lithroscopy done along with a possible stent. She also wrote me a note to take with me to the ER if I happened to have another kidney stone attack.

Well I have had 3 since. I have been in contact with my OB, Dr. Z and on Friday, 9/28, I started having a moderate attack. I went into Dr. Z's office to talk with him about pain medicine as he said he would be the only prescriber because of my fear that the hospital has me labeled as a drug seeker. He did prescribe me Fentanyl lozenges for pain control but I am unable to get it filled due to insurance hoops that have yet to be fulfilled. I would take regular oral narcotics (like Vicodin or Percocet) but they cause horrific heartburn even with taking an OTC acid reducer.

Well this evening, my fear was confirmed. I had another "attack" (as Dr. Y called it) this evening, 10/2/12, at 7:15pm. It was so bad and happened so quickly that I had a neighbor call 911 for me. I was out of my mind with pain. I get there and was told that they would be getting me pain medicine immediately. I thought I would get relief within 20 minutes. I had to wait 2 hours. By that time I had no IV and the doctor only ordered a fetal ultrasound. I was suspicious when the doctor talked to me and had a tone to his voice that did not sound like he believed me. I saw him on 9/1/12 for my 2nd stone attack and got the feeling he didn't believe me then. And he confirmed what I thought were his beliefs when I asked for more pain medicine and my nurse told me Dr. Y refused to give them to me based on my lack of evidence on previous visits. Then he basically outright said it when he told me "I am concerned with how many times you have come into the ER for pain." I even contacted the on-call doctor for my OB/GYN with the hope that the doctor could talk some sense into Dr. Y. But now I fear that the on-call doctor will tell all the OB's that I am a drug seeker and I won't get help from them either.

I will be talking with the hospitals Admin about Dr. Y but also this stigma of basically faking my pain to get pain medicine. Each one of these supposed faked attacks have no real proof that I am passing a stone. There is no blood in my urine and there is no hydronephrosis. But yet I am having pain in the exact same place as my previous kidney stone attacks and even though I have not caught a stone, they are magically disappearing from my right kidney. And the pain is just as severe as the attacks I had in 2005 while pregnant with my daughter.

I know this is not a place to ask for medical advice. My first hope is that you pass this along to Dr. C. My second hope is that I can get some idea on what to do if another one of these attacks happen. I was told in so many words that if I came into the ER again with this "faked pain" I would be refused treatment. I doubt I will make it through the next 18 weeks without another attack as I even left the ER this evening without my pain being controlled.
I left the ER sobbing. Heck as soon as Dr. Y left, I broke down and cried for 15 mins. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I have done everything that every doctor has asked of me when I have these stone attacks and even before this, I follow my doctor's instructions to the letter. I cannot live my life with these stones. And now I am being told I am faking my pain and that I will no longer receive pain control at the local ER. And I having a sneaking suspicion that Dr. Y will be letting the 2 other local ER's know that I am a drug seeker. One of them is affiliated with the ER I go to.

Does anyone have ANY advice they could give me? I don't know where to go from here.
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