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Small for Dates

I'm a first time mom and wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience to mine, and how it turned out.

So, at my 20 week scan my DS measured 19 weeks. My doctor said +-2 weeks on an ultrasound it fine. She said she'd keep an eye on his growth. My fundal measurement was 22 that week (but I'm 99% sure the MA measured me wrong). I go back at 25 weeks and measure 22 weeks. I gained 4-5 pounds between visits. At my 29 week visit I measure 24 weeks. Again I gained 4 pounds between visits. I met with the RN that visit since my doctor was out of the office. She said she'd talk with my doctor and probably set-up a growth scan. Today I went for my 31 week exam and measured 27 weeks. My doctor did seem concerned and mentioned the possibility of an early delivery. I gained 1-1.5 lbs between visits. I go for my growth scan next Monday.

Some extra details jic they matter.
Fetal heart rate and movement are within normal limits.
My BP is normal.
I had preterm contractions at 28 +5 that I was given Brethine and Procardia at the hospital to stop them.
I had preterm contractions again last Thursday, 30 +3, and was give Brethine again.

I don't know what to expect and just want to know my DS is going to be fine. Sorry for the long post, just want to make sure I've covered it all.


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I don't have any experience with preterm labor but I know that the position of baby can dramatically affect fundal height. Your BP and baby's heart rate are good. The baby's initial scan measured within one week. That is all great news. I know it's hard but I would try not to worry. I hope your next scan brings no surprises and lots of peace. Blessings to you and your dear child!
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Re: Small for Dates

I measured small from about 23 weeks with my first pg. I continued to measure small and everyone just said, "as long as he is growing, all we have to do is keep an eye on him". So we just kept an eye on him. Ds was only 3lbs 8oz when born at 37.5 weeks, and he spent two weeks in the NICU, but he was totally healthy otherwise!! He just needed to grow. I went into labor at 37.5 weeks, but they were willing to let me go to term as long as he was growing. After his delivery, there was no identifiable reason for his smallness, so there is no reason to think it will happen again.

I know how nerve wracking it is to have to wait to be told how your little guy is doing!!! At least you know he is growing, and, at least in my case, that is what they were watching for. Also in our case his movement was normal, and that was reassuring to me on a daily basis. Good luck you two!!
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Re: Small for Dates

I will argue both sides.

Ultrasound measurements are not always correct, I went in at 12 weeks and the first time they measured the baby they said 10 weeks 6 days. My heart stopped. The baby rolled over and they measured again but that time he measured 12 weeks. So the tech might have measured wrong or the baby could have been in a weird position.

The other side is the baby might not be getting enough food for some reason, kink in the cord or other issue. This would be a reason for concern.

Either way another ultrasound with several attempts at measuring should give you answers.
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Re: Small for Dates

As long as his heartrate is good and there is no other issue seemingly other than size, I would wait for labor to begin on it's own. I have a friend who recently had a baby at 41+ weeks and their baby was only 5 pounds, although she was measuring on track as far as I know. If she had delivered early, or been induced, the baby could have been much smaller and had more issues. As it was, she is healthy, just tiny! I measured small in both of my pregnancies and just have babies on the lower end of normal for weight. It was suggested that I go in for an ultrasound with the first, but I decided just to wait and see. Go with your instincts, and try not to let fear guide your decision.

Here is a post from a CNM that might be helpful to you
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My 1st DD it was similar. I measured 3-4 wks behind but she always measured ok on US. I didn't gain a lot of weight either. I had her 40w2d and gained 20 lbs. I had bleeding though at 26 wks that landed me in the hosp for a wk and dealt w PTL after that but she was fine. I would get the US and make sure all is good and request NSTs so that you can make sure things stay on track. Better to play it safe!
Holly, mommy to 6 ~ 4 on earth 2 in Heaven
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Re: Small for Dates

I measured small with my first and had an ultrasound toward the end where they thought she was a bit small. The main thing with the ultrasounds is more that the baby is proportionate, rather than total size. If you do have intrauterine growth restriction, the baby's body knows to focus on the brain and heart, so the head and torso will measure closer to "normal" and the limbs will be disproportionately small because they're lower priority for survival.
For what it's worth, after all the worrying about my dd, she ended up being 6lbs 14 oz and totally healthy. All the best to you and your lo!
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Re: Small for Dates

I've measured small with all of my kiddos. The last one I got up to almost 6 weeks off, and then there was concern, but I just forced down the protein shakes they told me to, and she ended up at 7lb 9 oz. I was always at least two weeks behind and usually more. I think the way some people carry just throws off measurements sometimes Hoping all is well for you
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Re: Small for Dates

With my first pregnancy I measured small the whole time (they said I had IUGR, or intrauterine growth retardation, and an inefficient placenta). I have high-risk pregnancies due to rH sensitivity, so since I was already going in for weekly ultrasounds they were taking measurements. Sometimes I think technology can be a good thing... but I also think it needlessly worries you! It turns out my daughter WAS small (a little over 5lbs when born a week early)... but that's consistently been her pattern. Each child is different and if everything else looks fine I really wouldn't worry about it.
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With my first I measured small at every appt. baby was small weight wise at all the u/s but met all the growth standards (size of arms, growth and shape of head, etc). I had gained a total of 19 lbs at 37 weeks and in the final week before I delivered I lost 6.5 lbs. ds was 6 lb 4oz at birth.

I wouldn't brush it off as nothing...but I wouldn't worry constantly either.

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