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This kind of thing has happened a few times in our crazy house. For a while we had a bungee cord around the fridge (she figured out the kid lock) and locks on the cabinets and everything highly desirable we had to keep in a certain cabinet and never let her see us take anything out of it

Hands down the best wake up moment was the time I woke up and heard her in the downstairs bathroom. I come down and every door to everything in the kitchen was open. And my sweet little angel was sitting on the toilet, butt naked, eating potato chips out of the bag. I stood there trying to decide if I wanted to laugh or cry, and she just looked at me and wiped her greasy chip hands on her bare chest as though to say "wasn't me, my hands are all clean!"


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Re: Look what I woke up to at 5:30 a.m.!!!!

For the mommies afraid of their lo's escaping the house at night--- we got some door alarms that just stick on either side of the door frame and you just flip a switch on them at night--when you open the door a magnetic connection is broken and the alarm goes off. They aren't expensive and they are LOUD. If nothing else they'll scare your lo into staying inside

DH got them for all our doors to the outside once DS got big enough to master doorknobs. At first I made fun of him, but now I'm glad we have them and I'm tempted to put them on medicine cabinet doors. But, we have some lock boxes for our medications, I just need to move some items to them. Specifically, the dog's heart medicine I'd be embarassed if I had to call Poison control because the kid got into the dog's medication. ugh.
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Re: Look what I woke up to at 5:30 a.m.!!!!

Oh wow! When did my Emma go to your house?

Both of my kids really are into getting stuff out while I am not right there. Parker is too noisy to really time at like 3 am I hear him opening up a granola bar in the kitchen...I go in there ...ask him what he is doing....he looks arount, kind of shrugs, and says "going potty"

Emma on the other hand has the sneaky gene...and she is GOOD! As a little munchkin (and she is not even 4 yet ) she covered herself in neosporin...I went to pick her up and she was "Slippery", also lotions (several times), and diaper cream...and a WHOLE stick of CJ's cream

Just last week she ate a whole WHOLE package of gum (behind the recliner...she knows how to hide)

She put on makeup one day...with sharpies :-/

She cut her hair ....right on top

she has painted her fingernails with sharpies too

ate 4 mealtonin tablets cause she liked them (luckily just 1 mg), but she had about 20 more in her "bowl"

put a whole package of bandaids on my wooden tv cabinet...STUCK (which were nearly impossible to remove)

dumped a box of laundry detergent in the laundry room...luckily powder

I could go on and on....I have a close relationship with poison control too cause of her ugh!
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Re: Look what I woke up to at 5:30 a.m.!!!!

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
(And just in case you're wondering, 5:30 a.m. is by no means our normal wake-up time, and as you can hopefully see by the pictures, she had been up for about an hour or so before we found her).

In addition, the stepstool and her little laundry basket were in the doorway (apparently blocking me or DH from getting to her, now that she had her little feast all set up?).

I don't know what to do with her. I feed her good food throughout the day and then she wakes up and sneaks around at night and does this!!

She was hacking away at the honeydew with SCISSORS trying to get into it.

She had a little dish of sugar with chocolate chips in it. The dish had formerly contained toothpicks, which she just dumped out in the cabinet so she could use the dish.

The honey was in use somewhere, with the bottle down on the floor and dripping.

Multiple cookies were eaten.

The bag of croutons was being consumed.

The (unwashed) strawberries were taken out of the fridge and eaten.

We had a few of those "milk-flavoring straws" which she helped herself to.

Several pouches of fruit snacks were eaten.

Almost all of this stuff could not be reached by her without her standing on the stepstool, and while she was on the stepstool, she saw a sticker book on another shelf (that I had been saving to be a special treat someday), so she helped herself to that and was playing with it. DH had her throw it away.

I thought that the wee hours of the morning would be a reasonable time to get some sleep, but nope, guess DH and I each have to cut our sleep in half since DD can't even be trusted to SLEEP without getting into things she's not supposed to!

You have one smart cookie, the pictures! I'm impressed in more ways than one.
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Re: Look what I woke up to at 5:30 a.m.!!!!

I'm sorry about the mess mama, but the pics are hilarious! I'm LOLing and I rarely truly lol while looking at posts The dryer/table setup is killing me. She seems like a smart little cookie.
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