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Originally Posted by kaylabelle05
Sorry I haven't updated. Between trying to get the things done I needed to after being basically out of it for 2 days (happens after an attack) and sleeping as much as I could, it has been hard to get on the comp for longer than a few mins at a time.

So Wed was spent talking to the hospital and my doctors.
When I went to the hospital, I got to talk to a Patient Advocate. She listened to everything I had to say and seemed quite upset when I told her what he said and inferred. She said it is illegal to refuse treatment to someone who comes in to the hospital. I asked her how I am supposed to get help if I come in again and the doctor assumes I am there for ulterior motives. She gave me 2 titles to ask for if it started happening again. She told me to not be afraid to seek help if I need it. But I am still scared if I have another attack that I won't show any actual signs of an attack other than pain. And it doesn't help that my left is starting to hurt.

So then I popped over to the OB's office. I talked to a nurse and she was flabbergasted that this doctor treated me like he did. And she said she would pass along the info to my OB. She said not to worry that the doc poisoned the other OB at the office. And if there were ANY issues, don't hesitate to call. What made things even better was my OB called yesterday to ask how I was doing and wanted me to call him back to let him know. I left a message with his nurse and I think he called me back right after the patient he was seeing as I was called less than 20 mins later. He said he was working on the paperwork and asked me to be patient until he got it done. Though I need to double check on something, he did say to call the office ahead of time before I head into the ER to make sure the ER knows I am coming. I guess that is good....

Then my next stop was the Urologist's office. My Uro's nurse is AWESOME and was shocked when I told her the events. And even more shocked when I told her that drug seekers ask their docs to write a note telling them what they need. My Uro was out of the office on Wed and in surgery on Thurs so her nurse said she would talk to her first chance she got. And she did call me back Thurs AM. She did say that my Uro will NOT write any Rx's for any pain meds and that I need to ask my doc for them. Her reason? She did not feel comfortable giving me any meds while pregnant. And the part was she won't do anything for me. Which I know you all said was bad. Once things calm down, I am going to talk to my OB and PCP about the things you all suggested. I am not poison!

Then off to the PCP. He is so awesome. I went to just let him know what happened and I got an appt with him. He was so shocked that the doc thought I was a drug seeker. Whenever I came in for pain (back, leg.....) I would ask for a shot of Toradol and some non-narcotic Rx. I think stone attacks are the ONLY thing I have asked for a narcotic to receive. I refuse to take a Rx for them for anything else. So I told him what was going on with the Rx my OB wrote. He said he had written for a diff form of the Rx lots of times before. So he wrote another Rx for the exact same thing. Just to see if it would work. Well it didn't. So still no meds..... And again he said if there are any problems to come see him. I think I need to with the Uro refusing to do anything for me.

Then off to home where I did my things until I could not longer stay awake and took a nap.

But I have found out some very interesting things. Remember how I said that Vicodin caused heartburn? Well it does. IF I take it straight up (in pill form with a swig of water) it WILL cause heartburn. I am not pain free (unfortunately) and I did have some leftover Vicodin from when the Military hospital gave it to me when I asked for Motrin. And I thought since I needed to fill my stomach to "coat" it so the Vicodin won't cause heartburn, I thought why not put it in hot cocoa? I saw yet another show (Person of Interest actually) where the ground up a medicine and put it in a liquid to make the person taking it unaware. I thought, why not do that? My sister (Rehab doc) suggested I grind it up and put it in pudding but that tastes NASTY. I do know that that is a big no-no but if I get some pain relief and it does not cause horribly painful heartburn, then I am all for it. Of course I still have to take Benadryl, Phenerghen, Zantac (just in case) and Colace for the side effects. And I won't sleep (but be sleepy) for about 8 hours afterwards. But I CAN take oral narcotics (well at least Vicodin for now). I guess I need to tell my OB. I don't want the last med I can use be my only choice. I hated that and it has never helped my case.
Vicodin is crushable. You just can't crush enteric coated meds or timed release drugs. It it the same thing as Iortab.

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