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Re: S/O Mamas that circed, do you feel judged?

Originally Posted by AnimalHouse View Post
Yup. We circ for reasons that are important to us. I choose not to explain our reasons, or even discuss the topic on DS, to be honest. But just for this thread, I'll share - DS1 and DS2 were circ'd at birth, and DS3 was left intact (due only to a change in hospital policy that no longer allowed parents to be there for the procedure). He is now 14m old, and has to be circ'd soon for medical reasons (although the hardcore intactivists who received a medical degree from Google University love to tell me there are NO medical reasons for circumcision :eyesrollout:.). DS4 will be circ'd 8 days after birth.

I don't care what intactivists say/think about it. I'm sure they judge me, but that's their problem, not mine .
Funniest line I've read in a long, long time!
Originally Posted by momtoGcubed View Post
Who wouldn't, with all the "You're a baby mutilator!" nonsense on this board.
Word to your mother! [on any issue on here really when it goes to extremes!]
Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post

Is this thread some sort of call out?
Oh good point. It may just be curiosity or not. TBH if that's how anyone feels about any parenting decisions I make I probably wouldn't want them to be a part of my life. I desire support and encouragement personally.
Originally Posted by Angel89411 View Post
Yup. And it doesn't help to say I am mutilating my kids or they will hate me for it later.
No one can ever be sure that ANY decision they make as a parent won't have a good or bad effect. We just do the best we can for each of our lives. No one is perfect despite the fact that some give off airs that they are.
Originally Posted by Mags462 View Post
I honestly don't care what people do in terms of circ - but here on DS most mamas view it as a human rights issue - whereas i view it as a parenting issue and there is just no reconciling the two. So i don't even try......
Excellent point!
Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
While we have had sitters and friends and family have changed diapers for us over the years, I cannot recall ever once having a discussion with anyone regarding the status of my sons' foreskins.
Originally Posted by proudsahmof4 View Post
I don't share information about my children's genitals with others, therefore a non-issue.
Yes to both of these. IRL no one sits around talking about their children's genitalia [unless there is a true concern about infection and asking 'has your child ever had this symptom]. But 99% of the time never. I think it's a bigger issue on here and similar 'crunchy' boards.

I want to be clear that I'm find if someone feels boys should be intact and another person feels that it should be up to the child.
Heck, again, I'm more pro-intact BUT pro mind my own business.

But to say circumsing is a hineous crime or think that one is mutilating a child [but then turn around and whine about someone who says "ZOMG, they said I was sick for not circumcising", is just well, pot meeting kettle].
We can have opinions without being hateful.

And sorry the whole "I only talk about it this way among a group of 'understands' [mainly online], is nothing more than a cop-out again. Basically that translates too: "I can be rude, hateful and mean because I'm hiding behind a computer screen and don't have to see or feel the full brunt of someone else's hurt because of how I'm acting."

I say it takes a much bigger person to share an opinion thoughtfully and nicely than it ever to say someone is committing a crime or abusive.

Child molestation, rape, trafficking, ****...these are heinous crimes. Say those words when it comes to such things. Not when it something is legal and still left up to the parent [whether we agree or not].
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