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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

I would give meds since it was 102.7 under the arm. The fever is probably what is causing him to feel so tired and lethargic. He sounds like a normal sick kid to me though. If the fever persisted through tomorrow, I'd call on Wed. However, obviously, if there are other more concerning symptoms, I'd call sooner. It's a judgement call. You have to trust that mom instinct. Sometimes I call sooner than others just because I feel like something more is going on, like strep throat (unlikely in a 2.5 year old with no older siblings) and I'm always right.

I hope he feels better soon.

Oh and I notice you are due soon. I'm due any day now and my kids were sick the end of last week and hubby was over the weekend. Doesn't it just figure. When you are so big and about to give birth, you are exposed to germs and have to worry about possibly bringing a newborn home to it too. Of course, we had nothing the entire rest of my pregnancy till now. Murphy's Law is always present in my life.


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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

Lethargic where they are awake and you can pick up the arm and the arm just flops down like a rag doll as if they have no control and gravity is the only thing that moves it is an emergency, take him to the ER immediately. Lethargic where he is sleeping most of the day is normal for a sick child. I personally would medicate because of how quickly the fever is climbing but I don't think it is really necessary to medicate unless he is suffering. If the fever reaches 105 and can't be brought down you should go to the emergency room. Keep an eye on hydration, do the skin press test and if he is in diapers keep an eye on the number of wet diapers and call if he goes without wetting at least one every 8 hours. Personally I would do both hydration tests combined because little bodies can dry out quickly and high fevers combined with dehydration can turn to an ER emergency.
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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

My almost 3 yr old DD has had a 101-102 fever for the past 48 hours, but no other symptoms. She woke up happy as a clam today. We gave her Tylenol yesterday because it dod get up to 103. I'm trying to avoid it today. If she wakes up with anything over 101 tomorrow, I will call her Ped. She just got over strep and bronchitis and was on antibiotics for 10 days. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and it got me, and I ended up with Pneumonia.

I judge by her actions. If she is eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping fine, then I am not too worried.
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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

Sounds like normal kid sickness to me, based on what you described, but it isn't going to hurt anything to call the doctor. Hope your LO is feeling better soon!
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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

I call if kid isn't acting like self. Each of my kids vary too. If lathargic/ not like themselves I would check with ur pedi. Each doc is different. The 107 I wonder which way they take temp. If under arm then add 1 so if 102 then its 103. I even was talking about doc & meds if kids not acting like usual self. Could b cold or something else. I know a couple that thought it was flu & kid died cuz similar symptoms & didn't check in with doc & all....
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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

Originally Posted by harmoni247 View Post
For my kids: not scary yet, but I would closely monitor....fevers serve a purpose in healing, so we don't medicate until they reach 103-104 (our doctor actually told us they can handle up to 105, but I don't feel comfortable waiting that long-I'd probably be going to the doctor at that point). And who doesn't get tired when they're sick? That said, calling your doctor wont harm anything and may ease your worry.
Originally Posted by linzbear View Post

I medicate at 103.5, or if the kid is obviously feeling terrible and needs pain meds. I call the ped at 105 (never happened), or if kid has had fever for more than 3 days (also never happened). This is on my pedi's advice. Brain damage doesn't occur until 107.6 degrees, so 102.7 isn't really that bad.
Originally Posted by Babybird4 View Post
What's your definition of lethargic? If he is rouse able, then he's just tired from the fever which is normal. True lethargy is unarouseable if you were to try and wake him and if that's the case, yes I would call. Otherwise watch closely and treat over 102.
agree with all of the above
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