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Angry Another wwyd about school...(kids not college)

No Flames...just a simple question so I'm not looking for smart comments or yelling/fussing because I don't do anything someone else's way...we're us...not anyone else...

Ok here goes we have 2 problems...first one happened today...
My younger dd in school in 1st grade (her uncle had same teacher in 1st grade and he is like 36 now). Last year the school was told do NOT whoop my children without calling me or my children's father first and we might ok a small pat if it's worthy enough a reason that can not wait...under NO circumstances are they to spank or paddle my children before they call...principal or teacher...(bc both can do it...even in same day...). Well today my first grader came home...got off bus and wouldn't talk to anyone just pouted. I figured because it was 9 weeks test and she doesn't get a nap this year and she's cranky at times bc of this...until I looked in her folder...no smiley face or anything...just said paddled...no reason or anything!!!!!!!!!! If they can't go by my wishes can't they at least give me a reason as to why she was paddled. I almost called the school already because yesterday same dd got a check at end of day for getting her jacket...because she didn't grab it when she got her Bookbag...but was fixing to have to go get on bus...I let it go...among other stupid things this school does...they pick on little things not big things the "in" crowd does...or the sports players do...like bully or stab ppl with pencils...anyways...what would you do with that one? It's one thing after another...I'm sick of this school...we have the option to send them here or another school. This child (my baby) is never in trouble and cries if she does because she is such a great child...truly! She got into trouble once...yes once last year...for talking on the way to lunch. This year she's gotten a check for little things a few times already...for quite stupid reasons might I say. Anyways...she hardly ever even gets in trouble at home. Last year she had all As and she was above average on everything...now this year she's brings home Cs and sometimes Fs...what do I do? Could it be she isn't liking it that much...

Next question & scenario...(warning: religion or religious items mentioned!!!)
ok here goes this started last year also...with the lunch lady non the less...
My kids get free lunch so I had account blocked bc I kept getting charged for extras...so I did this 4 times!!! Anyways this same lunch lady kept doing it letting them get items just bc she wanted too...got it stopped finally!!! But then she started telling my kids all about God and his teachings and such...and she does this constantly! But then she started coming by my house!!! Since last year she has done this quite a few times...and she doesn't live by us. She had to get my address from my kids lunch account which concerns me that she got the address and took it home with her then came by my house to ask if she could take my kids to church with her!!! We are not a religious family...me & dh were pushed into religion when younger and we will let our own kids explore and pick what they believe. But she didn't know that anyways...she doesn't even know if we were religious or what religion we were...my family is baptist but dh's dad is southern baptist and his mom is catholic...so who does she think she is to push this upon my kids or family. It's not right in my opinion. We live in a small town and smack dab in the middle of the southern bible belt...so I don't want my kids "labeled"...more than kids already get labeled nowadays...like rich, poor, ect...
I contacted the UCLA and they said in MS it was legal to talk about religion only in class like history and such...well this is at lunch!!! The UCLA said I could talk to the school or they could send a letter (which won't include kids names but I think they'd still know who once they talked to the lunch lady)...so what would you mommas do?

I don't like confrontation but I'm really sick of this school and them thinking they can get away with anything...they had me keep my 2nd grader in 2nd grade this year only to have her take an achievement test stating she should be in 4th grade instead of her grade she should be in which is 3rd...but needless to say they say oh well she has to stay back...and to get her tested...which I'm being hounded about so I'm doing it to shut them up!!!

Once again...I'm not looking for questions on why my kids don't go to church and so on...I'm not looking for flames on anything like that...just a simple what would you do if you were in that situation...nothing more...smart comments or "hate" comments...just keep them to yourself...
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