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Does this sound like separation anxiety (sleep)?

DD is almost 21 mos and has been sleeping STTN 7p-7a for almost a year (with notable exceptions while teething). Occasionally (1/week?) she'll wake up, generally b/c she can't find her lovey blanky. We go in, hand it to her, she rolls over and goes back to sleep. Generally a solid 2 hour nap 12-2 or thereabouts - with me, DH, or daycare. Minimal fuss at naptime/bedtime... into crib awake and generally falls asleep quickly.

But for the past two weeks:
-She has skipped naps twice... just sailed straight through after 1 hour of screaming. No appearances of being tired early, either.
-Probably 2 nights out of 3, she puts up a serious fight at bedtime. Stalling tactics (re-reading books, get baby, get Pooh, get water, get baby...) and general attitude (no prayers! no sit! no rock!). At least 30 mins of hysterical screaming once she's in the crib. She throws things out, etc.
-Almost every night this week, she has woken up around 11p screaming, shrieking, inconsolable and looking for ME. Generally she is just as happy with DH as me, but at these times his presence only makes her crazier. She IS awake... I don't think these are sleep terrors. She's not saying/doing anything that gives us a clue.
-When I go in, she does not quiet until I pick her up (which is soooooo against house rules, but oh well). Rocking and snuggling calms her down immediately. As I put her back in her crib she says to me, "mommy night-night?" meaning will I lay down next to her crib until she's asleep. Well, really I think she would prefer all night long. Laying down for 20-30 mins seems to be the ONLY thing that keeps her calm enough to drift off. Once she's asleep I sneak out and she sleeps for the rest of the night, wakes up happy.

She is not sick, teething, wet, poopy, hungry, etc. Has not received any vax in the past 3 mos. Does not actually appear to be afraid of the dark or actively dislike her crib (plays "night-night" happily during the day and has no issues with lights off). Nothing else in her life has changed (no big moves, new babies, new people). The only thing I can think of, is she DID spend a long weekend with her grandparents 3 weeks ago. They claim she had no sleep issues and was a perfect angel. And I did not sneak out for the long weekend while she was asleep...

She does not appear to have any other "manifestations" of separation anxiety - during the day she is not noticeably clingy or fearful, etc. Could this be something else? Any tips? We do not co-sleep or CIO and DH is available (but lately has felt frustrated/rejected by his princess, lol).
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