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Re: Did you 2 different types of birth?

My 1st birth was a hospital birth. It was unmedicated, but I was required to have an IV and be hooked up to a fetal monitor and in bed the whole time. Then a dr I had only seen once delivered me and gave me a totally unnecessary epesiotomy (baby was not in distress and I had only been pushing for 30 mins). My recovery was pretty horrible too because of the epesiotomy. After that experience, I knew I wanted something different.

For my 2nd and 3rd births, I went to a birthing center with three midwives. I had great experiences both times. I felt much more in control. They let me labor how I wanted to labor. For my 3rd, I labored in water and the pain relief i got from it was extreme. My 3rd was my shortest and least painful labor. I will ALWAYS choose a midwife in a birthing center or homebirth as long as I remain low risk. Hospitals and OBs are important and I am glad those options are available, but I will only use them if something is wrong.

My family was very leary of my choice to have a baby outside of a hospital without a doctor as well, my dad tried to talk me and my dh out of it multiple times with my 1st birthing center birth. He is a status quo person and doesn't believe in questioning the "authorities" aka doctors. He didn't try and talk me out of it the 3rd time and my mom who wasn't totally on board before my 2nd birth, now thinks birthing centers are great for the right people.


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Re: Did you 2 different types of birth?

I had 2 births---both hospital births--that were very different. Of course, for each birth, I was also very different (way more informed for the second one)

#1 I did hypnobirthing (intending to have an unmedicated birth). Baby was posterior. Labor was really long (I estimate about 45 hours start to finish). CNM recommended an epidural so I could get some rest after about 32 hours or so. I gladly relented. I rested. Eventually pushed for almost 2 hours. Narrowly escaped a vacuum extraction. After learning more and having #2, I'm kinda annoyed that my midwife was so hands off at all stages...she didn't even TRY to have me do different positions, etc to move the baby to help labor progress before I was tied to the bed flat on my back with an epi.

#2 I did Hypnobabies and it was AWESOME (at least for most of the time). I labored at home from the time my water broke at 11:20 pm. Around 3 am, I felt like it was time to go to the hospital. I had a baby in my arms by 3:38 am after only being at the hospital for 18 minutes. I felt great until I got in to the labor and delivery room. Nurses freaking out. Commanding me to put on a gown, put on the elastic thing so they could strap on the fetal monitor, get on the bed....starting an IV, telling me I couldn't take out the monitor (the ONLY source of pain I felt was that thing digging in to me). And then the on-call OB commanding me to flip over and lay on my back, not to kick him in the head (I was most comfortable on my side and he never even told me he was down there by my feet!) Luckily, the backup to my "regular" midwife (another midwife in the practice) showed up and took charge...totally calmed things down. Recovery was about a BILLION times better and I felt amazing afterward.

My next birth will be with a different midwife in a different hospital that is more attuned to natural birthing mothers and our needs, wants, and desires. I intend to do hypnobabies again...but want a different environment and people with a mindset that is more "midwife" and less "ob". Not all hospitals are created equally. And not all CNMs are created equally. I feel like some CNMs are midwives in name only...their training is basically as an ob who doesn't do solo surgeries.

I realized, in contemplating baby #3, that I still have some baggage from the hospital portion of even birth #2. There were a lot of things I was not able to control that I should have been able to. That's why I'm switching providers and facilities. Even just having the HOPE of something different gives me confidence.
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Re: Did you 2 different types of birth?

All 3 of my births were hospital births (no alternatives in this area) but they were all very different experiences.

#1 - 20 hour labor, made it about 14 hours before getting the epi, ended up with a c-sec.

#2 - 10 hour labor, fully posterior, got an epi immediately after arriving at the hospital because of the back labor, successful vbac with an episiotomy and tearing.

#3 - 1.5 hour labor, barely made it to L&D in time, no time for monitoring, GBS IV, epi, nothing, I literally showed up, had my pants taken off and started pushing. He was born within 15 min of me getting there, completely med/intervention free vbac.

Baby #3 was definitely the most intense delivery, but at least it was short, and not having an epi was not as bad as I feared it might be, even though I had wanted a med-free birth it was still a little scary, and I lost all sense of control when transition hit. It was my last baby but I would do it naturally again if we were having a fourth.
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Re: Did you 2 different types of birth?

DS1 and 2 were both hospital births with epidurals.

DS1 - OB gave me an episiotomy without me knowing until afterwards. Not a "horrible" experience overall though.

DS2 - Same OB, same hospital. I had a Doula-in-training with DS2 but I still ended up getting the epidural. DS2 was born with 1.5 pushes about 10 minutes after getting the epidural.

DS3 - Moved to another state. I just had him 10 days ago at a natural friendly hospital with a Midwife, drug free. My Midwife is in the process of opening a birthing center. It was supposed to be done in time but I think if I were to have more I would still choose the hospital with my MW. I was going to try for a water birth (the hospital with my older 2 had tubs to labor in but you weren't allowed in after your water broke. My water broke to start labor with both so I was never allowed in.) but the hospital had just had their hot water heater changed the day before and when they filled the tub up the water was brown. They cleaned and filled it 3 or 4 times and by the time it was clear I was getting ready to push. Plus my MW said there were still some floaty things and she didn't think I should get in.

My DH has even been impressed with the whole thing. He's bragged to everyone that the MW was definitely the way to go.

ETA: All 3 of mine were posterior and I had horrible back labor with all of them. My MW was great at helping me to relax and get through it.
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