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Re: Daycare and Food

Originally Posted by Alaga View Post
Just wanted to add that you can get peaches packed in juice from the US (grown and packed in the US!). I think they're Del Monte. If you get the ones packed in water they're from China. Packed in juice, US. Makes no sense!! I just rinse the ones packed in juice before giving them to DD.

[we keep them in the house for the odd time when we're out of fresh fruit or have constipation issues and are out of applesauce]

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Ahh, good to know! Thanks for the tip!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I do understand convenience foods. I mean, fresh fruit could go bad.. I routinely have to throw out moldy berries (I do try to freeze before that happens for smoothies, but it happens).

We keep those little fruit packs in the fridge, but I give them to DD maybe 1 every 3 or 4 months. DH, on the other hand, he loves those things
Good point. They also have very little refrigerator space so that could be another reason for no fresh.


DH just picked her up. He told me they said she had a great day, and then he said she has dye all over her hands. He thinks it may be from the trix! He is messing with me, but also agrees it's a junky kind of snack.

Oh, I also just remembered that whenever I bake for her, I also send in stuff for her teachers, like when I made banana bread, all to rave reviews. I mention this just to show that I am not just a nuisance to the teachers. I'm nice too!


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Re: Daycare and Food

Honestly, I think you need to let go a little bit or you will drive yourself crazy! Believe me, I totally understand where you are coming from, and it is certainly OK to set some limits. But I would communicate with them the issues most critical to you (whether it be food dyes, canned foods, sugar, etc) and let the rest go. Trust me, I have tried to micromanage the little things, and it only makes you stressed and anxious, which WILL rub off on your child eventually. Keep the big picture in mind and try putting things in perspective. I know this is easier said than done, because I have similar issues myself!

I am not happy with the snacks and drinks that my preschooler gets at school, I wouldn't feed her highly processed cereal bars chased down with apple juice (probably not 100% juice), but I have learned to let it go and tell myself she will be fine. She was at a birthday party over the weekend and I just about had to leave the room because it was time for cake and I wanted to rip the gross cupcake out of her hand (store bought, loaded with trans fats and preservatives.......the frosting was all sorts of crazy colors, so more issues there). But I just looked at her and smiled -- she was having fun and getting something I never give her, and I don't want to create issues for my child. My anxiety over the years (regarding food, toxins, germs, etc) have rubbed off on her, and I know this. I am trying hard to reverse that before she develops her own OCD/anxiety issues if she hasn't already (I am NOT saying that you have OCD/anxiety issues, I am just speaking about myself -- I *know* I have anxiety issues). Yes, I will continue to make good choices for her when I can, but I can't control everything and I will have less and less control as she gets older. And I refuse to make her miss out on things due to my own anxieties, I am guilty of that in the past and itn isn;t worth it. I will let her eat cookies (no oreos yet, but she has had similar) and processed junk food on occasion because I don't want her sneaking them later on when she is older -- everything in moderation. I figure if I can make good choices (across the board) for her 80% of the time and let the other 20% go, we will be in good shape. If I tried making perfect choices 100% of the time, I would drive myself crazy. And the price I would pay to achieve that 100% isn't worth it to me.

That said, you are the advocate for your child. If you feel strongly about this and it is really bothering you, follow your gut and just talk to them about it. There is no reason to make you feel bad about wanting healthy food for your don't feel guilty about that. They may seem annoyed or defensive, but I am sure they will understand your reasoning. You just need to decide which battles are worth fighting for your own sanity if nothing else. Either way, your daughter will be FINE! I wish I had better advice!

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Re: Daycare and Food

I would honestly let this go. Not a hill worth dying on IMHO.
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Re: Daycare and Food

Originally Posted by GreyMum View Post
Yay, all my favorite people are replying. :-) I think you set me straight once on another daycare matter (it wasn't my original post, but something about daycare kids bringing insane stuff to daycare because the parents didn't want to take it away from them.) It might have been someone else, I don't remember now.

Anyway, I know I sound like a big complainer, but I am also very sweet in the delivery of my requests and very complimentary (genuinely) about other stuff, like how my daughter loves the main teacher in her room! I would not want to change daycares at all!!! I do like this place a lot. Whenever I mention something, they are immediately agreeable. I think they are trained to say -- whatever the parent wants (so long as it is reasonable) that they immeidately agree. They pretty much immediately agree to whatever I ask for. And, they also consistently, among all the classrooms and different teachers with staff changes and what not, report that she had a "great day." It sounds scripted. Oh, she got shoved today by Billy, but aside from that, she had a GREAT day.

Ok, I'm getting off-topic now. Back to the food --------

I have no idea why they offer any food at all. It is my understanding that parents are to provide all food. I have no idea why they buy this other stuff, but I am guessing that they get money from the state, so they spend it.

I am really going to try to relax about it all.
well it does sound confusing as far as the food policy but really, if you are happy with the staff and other aspects of the school, than that is very good for both you and your daughter. As for the "great day"....well, I think a lot of daycare workers get like that. To them, as long as everyone is relatively happy and there are no emergencies, with a dozen kids or more in care than yes, that is a great day in their books LOL Its not a horrible thing though. At least they are upbeat and positive and seemingly enjoying their jobs. much better than seeing frazzled workers and exhausted faces from your providers, yes? I dont detail everything a child did for every parent every day. As long as the kids are overall doing good and there are no issues that HAVE to be reported to parents, then it is a good day here as well!
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Re: Daycare and Food

When I worked at a Montessori school, the parents provided all meals, but the daycare provided the snack. Luckily, the teachers could choose what to provide, so we tried to pick healthy stuff. Usually, if there is any policy it will be that there is no food from home, so if they require that the meals are from home then they should allow you to bring snacks if you want to. I don't think you will get them to change what they provide, so if you don't want her to have it I would just suggest bringing her own snacks and ask them to only offer those to her. If they refuse to allow you to bring your own, I would just let it go, since you seem to really like the daycare and it is only twice a week.
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Re: Daycare and Food

Is there an information source for the concerns you have about dyes? I just heard this through some other mom-friends and I'd like to read the scientific data if you know of any. Thanks.
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Re: Daycare and Food

Honestly, I'd let it go. My daughter is watched by my mom and goes to preschool 1 day a week, and she feeds her whatever she has on hand. After spending the last 3 years in feeding therapy with DS, I don't get hung up on what my kids eat. As long as they are happy at school, I am ok with it. I don't want to ask for special favors for every meal that makes extra work for the teachers. For us, in DD1's class, there are 10 kids they are trying to get lunch for. Realistically, the teachers don't want to mess around with 10 different meals.

Feeding therapy starts at 6 months old with cheetos at Riley Children's Hospital. We then progressed to goldfish and veggie straws. After doing that at the blessing of the nutritionist and DS's medical team, some Fruit Loops and a couple cookies don't phase me.
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Re: Daycare and Food

I agree with the others to let it go. It makes no sense why they would buy sugary cereal, but at 2 times per week I wouldn't sweat it. Though this is coming from someone who keeps fruit loops on hand to give to my 18 month old in times of sheer desperation.

As a former daycare director, we served no canned fruits or veggies, only fresh or frozen. But, I understand why they do. When you have to prep food for a large group of kids with limited time, cutting up 3 pounds of grapes was a real time suck!

You sound like a very reasonable daycare parent. And you will always earn points by bringing the staff fresh baked goods. I don't think it would be a bad idea to ask the director how often the sugary cereal is served. Maybe it will help her realize its not the best choice. But, I would probably just mention it once and move on.
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