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Re: What have they said to you lately?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
YDD (19) mos and DS (4 y/o) just woke up from their naps. I'm sitting here w/DS, and YDD starts trying to kiss him, rubbing his face, giggling, giving him hugs. He keeps telling her "no" and trying to turn away. So I say, "Aw, she just wants to snuggle with you!"

So he reaches out to touch her, and his hand goes on her neck, and he immediately pulls away, and looks at me and says, "Mom, she's SLIMY.""



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My ds1 (2.5) has a cold and runny nose. This morning he came in and got in bed with ds2 and I. He then said very seriously 'mommy I got snot in my nose and its DISGUSTING'

Yesterday ds1 was telling my mom over and over he wanted to watch chuggington.

Grammy: how about I have a heat attack instead?'

Josiah: ' no Grammy. Don't have a heart attack it makes me nervous'

He cracks me up all the time!
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My daughter said this to me this morning.

Me: This coat won't fit very much longer.
Her: Because of the baby?
Me: Yes.
Her: But Mommy! You look skinnier by the minute!!

Her new favorite joke is "Why was the math book so sad? Because he had a lot of problems!"
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Re: What have they said to you lately?

My husband was planning a couple days out of town. DS (7), said in a sad voice "I don't like it when you're gone. Mom doesn't watch cool shows like you do." It started sweet.

Originally Posted by Leiiki View Post
(singing) "The farmer in the dollar, the farmer in the dollar, hi go jerry, the farmer in the cereal!"
DD was convinced for the longest time that the song ends "the cheese says hello." And she thought it was so hilarious I didn't try to correct her, but I think she's figured it out now.

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
DD(5) came home from school and informed me...

"Mommy, I want Mitt Romney to beat Barack Obama."
"Why, darling?"
"He is more handsome."

I totally cracked up. First, because she actually knew their names (yea kindergarten!) and secondly because I don't consider either of them handsome!
Ha! My 1st grader was pulling for Romney too. Just because "I want to see as many different presidents in my life as I can," so 2-term presidents screw up his plan.

Originally Posted by harmoni247 View Post
My 5 year old keeps randomly taking one sock off. So, naturally I tell him to put it back on or his foot will get cold. He doesn't like this and tells me it wont. Me, being type A always insists that he puts two socks on....the last time DS said this:

"Mommy, some people are different and that's OK. Just let me be different"
Love those moments when the ideas you teach turn against you!

Originally Posted by JaylasMommy View Post
Her new favorite joke is "Why was the math book so sad? Because he had a lot of problems!"
I am going to have to tell DS that one!
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