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Re: Anyone feel uneasy about early u/s?


I've had 5 ultrasounds done this pregnancy, 4 of them before 20 weeks. I had substantial spotting early on, so it was reassuring to go in there at 6 weeks and see the heartbeat on the u/s. But then they found something unusual on my ovary and wanted to monitor it, which is why I had so many more ultrasounds so close together. Long story short, I ended up with surgery to take care of the issue. Wouldn't have been found were it not for the u/s. Of course, the issue wasn't as serious as they thought it was, but it did give me some insight as to the reason behind some things in this pregnancy.

That being said, baby has been just fine throughout the whole thing. I wouldn't worry, but if you don't feel comfortable getting ultrasounds, then that's your prerogative.


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Tagging this for future reference I've always thought about this but gave up my questioning because they make ultrasounds seem so normal and safe. Now for future pregnancies I will be more cautious.
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Re: Anyone feel uneasy about early u/s?

When I lived in Alabama, my OB clinic there did not do early ultrasounds. As long as there were no problems they did one ultrasound at 20 weeks and that was it. They also handed out a flyer saying that the side effects of ultrasound use were unknown that is why they did not do more then one. Honestly I had never even thought of an ultrasound being potentially harmful until then. I think it really just comes down to being a personal decision. At this point there is really no evidence that can prove they are harmful, nor is there evidence that can prove there are no ill effects.
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Re: Anyone feel uneasy about early u/s?

I completely understand the reasoning behind early ultrasounds in situations of bleeding or high risk. I just would never get one without a really good reason. I'm not judging other parents who make that choice; I just really don't like how they are presented as proven safe when they are not.
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I agree that more research on the part of the parent is due in this matter. We won't be doing an early ultrasound and it is questionable whether or not we will ever do one again. Google 'Ann Frye dangers of ultrasound'.

Oh yea, did you know that 1 minute of Doppler is equal (in exposure) to 20-30 minutes of Ultrasound?

Definitely do some research on this and don't just assume it is safe.
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Re: Anyone feel uneasy about early u/s?

i only do the 20 week one. way back when i had my daughter (in '99), they only required one u/s and the whole dating u/s was unheard of. the transvaginal was only for problems like a blow to the abdomen, bleeding, etc. there have been questions raised and i think everyone has to make their own decision regarding it.

as some perspective, there have been a million medical procedures deemed perfectly safe or even necessary that have resulted in some sort of problem after years of routine use. my neighbor has cancer because they used to routinely use radiation to treat children's hearing issues and irradiate their entire heads. they did the same with pregnant women, and the list of drugs they used to give to pg women to "help" prevent miscarriage, prevent nausea, etc that resulted in childhood cancers or deformities is so long. i worked in the pharma industry for years during this decade and things have not changed a whole lot...we would release medical devices known to cause harmful effects and the cost/benefit analysis isnt related to health, its related to profit. will it cost more to settle with the individuals who realize this caused them harm, or more to recall millions of devices? profit always won. and i worked for one of the most respected companies that basically has a monopoly on medical devices in the US. the things i witnessed would blow your mind, and the fact that sales reps (with no medical background whatsoever) train doctors on procedures doesnt inspire in me a whole lot of confidence. in fact, nothing i learned there did!

to share something personal, i have a thyroid nodule they are going to biopsy after i give birth. they suspect it is cancerous bc i am asymptomatic otherwise (no hormonal imbalances, and it is a solitary nodule). i am in my very early thirties, eat healthy, dont smoke, exercise...why would i have cancer? when i asked my doc this question, he looked at my chart and said, "you have had 5 CT scans in 8 years. radioactive iodine is now being looked at as a major cause in the rise of thyroid cancer in young ppl". when i was given the scans (one for pneumonia, two for appendectomy bc they administered the first one for the wrong part of my body, one to check kidneys, one to check lungs when i was actually having panic attacks!) i always asked about the risk. i was reassured they were completely safe.

another personal story--in '99 there was an article in my ped's office on thermisol, the mercury present in the HepB vaccine at the time. it mentioned there was a lot of data coming in about brain damage, and that a recall was imminent. well, we were at the office for my 1 month old to get that very shot! when i declined i was screamed out of the office for endangering the life of my child, and told never to come back. i told her she should read the med journals she puts on her own coffee table. they didnt recall them until late '01. back then they also routinely gave antibiotics for everything, and tylenol for everything, both which are now being linked to cancers and docs have warned that they should be used in moderation. antibiotics now have a lung cancer link!

u/s seems to be mostly harmless, but they have found that it can mutate cells or insert bubbles into them. if we cant even stand near a microwave, what then? my current job is as an environmental writer. this also inspires in me a critical eye. there is so much that has been approved to go in our water supply, into our watersheds, dumped in our backyards, that has turned out to be dangerous. oftentimes it is the cumulative effects or the combined effects that are the most harmful. and to get anything done takes decades upon decades, a ton of data that is difficult to compile, competing scientific opinion, and cutting through red tape.

just as long as we are thinking critically about our own health and realize that we cant leave it up to someone else.
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