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I have a dd with bad eczema, and the cloth is working great for us. I wanted to mention though, we saw the most improvement when we switched to cloth wipes. She has had a red bum occasionally, but no more bleeding rashes, and the redness when it does happen is gone by the next diaper change.


Sorry if I haven't gotten back with anyone via PM. Still learning the iPhone app and not very "techy".
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Re: Advice Needed

Poor doll ! It does sound like he has some major sensitivities /intolerances /sensitivities. I'd do an elimination diet as well as using cloth diapers and wipes. KUP!
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Re: Advice Needed

Also, if you aren't already, both you and he should take probiotics. It can help a lot with eczema. There are infant specific ones. So sorry for you and your little guy. I second (third?) the recommendation for prefolds or fitteds and wool as long as he's not sensitive to wool. I personally like flats better than prefolds, but some people find those intimidating. Another easy to use option is a prefitted like Tinkle Traps or GMD Workhorses. We have 6 of those and my husband really likes them. They're basically a prefold made into a fitted, so no folding required. As for healing the existing rash, I've had good luck with Lavender Essential Oil diluted in some coconut oil. Good luck.
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I have a daughter with eczema, food allergies, and super sensitive skin. I get it. I would go on the green mountain diaper website. I'd recommend getting 2 dozen prefolds, Flip covers, and 6-12 of their Workhorse fitted diapers. To keep things simple you can trifold (Just fold in thirds) the prefold and lay it in the cover. It's really easy to do! GMD has so many pictures on their website to see. If your sons skin clears up I'm sure you're hubby will jump on board.
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Re: Advice Needed

Thank you guys SO much. He looks a lot better today. Both rashes are almost completely gone, but that is due to hydrocortisone and bacitracin, which are things that I don't want to keep going back to. I restarted the solids and I am only adding a new one every 3-4 days, which seems to be working well. I think he got too much fruit over the weekend (those organic pouches have fruit added to almost all of them and we apparently didn't communicate well what we were each feeding him at different times) which caused the traditional diaper rash even though his stools were still solid. I don't think he has any other food allergies or sensitivities other than milk protein (pretty much gone with the switch to goat) and possibly a component in the gerber organics with DHA (the tuna oil maybe?). He is also a little young for any allergy testing until there is a true reaction of some sort and we can more clearly identify the culprit. The pediatrician and I agreed to put him on Zyrtec in case environmental allergens were the cause of his eczema (thanks for all of the tips on creams). I have gone to the GMD website, and you guys are right, it is very informative, almost overwhelmingly so. I agree that cotton and wool may be the way to go. I am a little nervous about the wool and his sensitive skin. However, I am an avid knitter and I agree with GMD that very few people are actually allergic to wool, so I am willing to give it try. Again, thanks for all of your advice. I greatly appreciate it. And thanks to my sister-in-law for recommending you guys!
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Re: Advice Needed

My daughter is on Zyrtec for her eczema and the most she gets now is dry skin on the backs of her arms and legs (her check stays a little red because she sucks her fingers). No more bleeding rashes! I hope that works for you, it was a godsend for us And yes, I love A! She is a WEALTH of information
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Re: Advice Needed

Part of our switch to cloth was driven by eczema as well. DH was VERY VERY skeptical so I wanted to keep it as easy as possible. We started out with Bumgenius Elementals, which are an all-in-one style with an organic cotton inner -- doesn't get much easier than these. They only come in snaps, but I think the front snaps are easier for a beginner than are side snaps.

Another good option for you would be GMD's workhorse fitteds, though those are not as absorbent as BGEs and do require a separate cover (wool or PUL, whichever works for you). Even if you don't do cloth full time you could get a dozen (the white ones are currently on sale) of these and some babylegs to go coverless at home and that would probably help your DS a lot (both the natural fiber and the air flow). The snap version would be less intimidating than snapless.

If you like the idea of an insert and cover system, the Grovia all-in-two works well for us and there is an organic cotton option (very absorbent). Much easier for us than using a prefold on a wiggly baby! Many stores carry package deals that include two covers and four inserts. If you would be buying PUL covers to go over workhorses anyway, these would be comparable in price (check Squishy Tushy for on-sale inserts). This is DH's favorite system and is great for the diaper bag too!

My DH is now happy to use cloth and has become a huge advocate, especially since the eczema cleared up quickly after our switch. For the record, during the day he refuses to use anything that has disconnected pieces. I think if I had tried to push prefolds/Flips he would not have been so willing to dive in.
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