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Re: Kids at birth?

My DD will soon be 6 and she wants desperately to be there when the baby is born. She asks a lot if she is allowed to watch.

I am on the fence, and I think I'll make that decision when I am in labor. We will have plenty of ppl available to come get her if it's too intense. I actually think she'll handle it fine, though...


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Re: Kids at birth?

My friend was at her brother's birth when she was 10 yrs old. She does not recall it fondly or particularly wish that she had been there.
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Re: Kids at birth?

I have some friends who have had their kids (12 and under) at their births (mainly homebirths) and they have all enjoyed it. They have been both boys and girls and really liked seeing their sibling being born. One of my friends son's still talks about every time I see him since he sees I am pregnant now.
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Re: Kids at birth?

My mom asked if my sister and I wanted to stay for my youngest brother's birth (we were 10 and 7 at the time) and we both said we would rather go to Grandma's house

I don't even like anyone being there but DH, no doula, no other family members at all. I would personally be too distracted with someone else in the room.

For younger kids I might just have someone else around to take them out, or tend to them during the birth if it gets to be too much, they get bored, need to use the bathroom, etc.
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DS attended DD's birth. He was 3 years 4 mos. It was wonderful, so glad he was a part of it. We watched a lot of videos, including some with kids. We talked about me possibly making noise, that my body would be working hard, like how you grunt when you lift something heavy. I did do Hypnobabies, expected a very peaceful birth. I would definitely have someone there specifically to care for kids and take them out if needed. Oh, we also talked about blood and why it might be there, but that mommy and baby would both be safe.

I had professional pics taken and he still loves to watch the slide show, a year and a half later.
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Re: Kids at birth?

DD1 was 2.5 when DD2 was born, and DD1 was there for the birth. They will be 5.5 and 3 when the next baby is born, and I plan for them to be there when baby is born unless it's the middle of the night.
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I watched my cousin's birth when I was 9. I absolutely loved it and remember it to this day. DD1 was almost 2 when DD2 was born, she was there for the whole labor and birth and it was an amazing experience. She is very observant and mellow and she just really focused in on the whole experience and got so excited when baby sissy was born <3 The girls will be 5 and 3 when this baby is born and I plan on having them both present for the birth.
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Re: Kids at birth?

DD (6) was at my birth yesterday morning, and all she cared about or noticed was the baby. No blood, no painful mama, just said, "Oh, he's so cute!" once he was finally out. DS (3) was asleep b/c the most important parts happened at about 1:00 to 2:30 a.m., and I ended up needing support from every single person there, so we had no "spare" adults to tend to DS.
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Re: Kids at birth?

My oldest was 2y9m when my youngest was born, he was there for all of it and popped in and out of the room during my labor, but was right there in the thick of it for the birth, about a foot away, and he loved it. He is 6 now and youngest is 3.5 and they will be there for this baby. I actually really want my youngest there - he is my quiet, calm, intuitive one and one of my calming forces. I think it is important for children to see and experience normal birth! That said, screaming hyenas would probably scare kids into never procreating, so if I were that kind of birthing woman I would probably keep them far, far away lest I never get the joy of being a grandmother
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