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Re: 2 year old with severe tooth decay- need support

Hi I just wanted to say to you that I completely understand the mommy guilt. My dd is 2 years old and started getting cavities at just over a year old. I saw some brownish spots and I KNEW there was something wrong. I showed DH and he said "nah" and then the brownish spots kinda faded so we didnt' do anything. Several dentist and even her ped said they didn't see them till they were 3 years old so we didn't even put her on our dental insurance. BIG mistake on our part. By 18 months old 2 of her front side teeth were half gone from decay. She breastfeeds still, and rarely eats sugar, never drinks juice, and we brush after every meal. I think my only mistake in tooth care was , I am a first time mom and didn't always remember to brush her teeth before bed when she would nurse. I have read a ton about tooth decay since our journey began. Breastmilk alone doesn't cause decay. Food left on the teeth can.

I found a great pediatric dentist that lets me stay with her and help hold her during treatment. You have to call and specifically ask for these kinds of dentists. There is only one practice in our town that allows parents to stay and be involved as much as they want to.

DD had 2 crowns and 1 filling placed at 17 months old. She was awake and numbed but I was with her. It was not fun but I am glad we got it done. I tried natural methods to heal her teeth and honestly they didn't work. I think it's really hard to heal them on a toddler who is uncooperative with supplements and stuff. I think they CAN work if the cavities are small and early and if you are very dedicated about it. My dd took the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil in a smoothie for about a month and they seemed to not get worse. But then she wouldn't take it anymore. I couldn't get her to in any way shape or form. I am not going to force it down her throat every day. We do try to limit sugar. We drink water throughout the day and not juice or milk. We brush after every meal and eat and healthy was we can afford.
One thing that is affordable and easy to do that toddlers usually tolerate is xylitol. You need about 5-8grams per day throughout the day for it to work. And use fluoride paste once a day. Some may disagree because it's not AS natural but it changes the acidity of the mouth to resist decay. I think this CAN reverse decay if it's early and if you get the decay treated hopefully keep anymore from happening. I am doing this with dd now. She had to have 4 more crown in October. I don't think we were really using the xylitol effectively before those had started though.

I would encourage you to find a pediatric dentist who will work with you even if you continue to breastfeed and will let you stay with your child. They will say it's too much sugar that causes decay. THey are really only trained in treatment not healing the decay or even uncovering root cause, so just take their diet advice and do what you know is best in that regard but don't feel guilty. My advice would be to try natural methods but don't put off treatments. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long with dd's teeth because they only got worse. I now feel like we have a "clean slate" so to speak since she has 6 crowns on the teeth effected and all her other teeth are perfect.

There are a couple of yahoo groups dedicated to healing teeth naturally and children's tooth issues. They are quite helpful as well.


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Hi Mama! We have halted/healed DS's decay. His decay was diagnosed at 15 months and he's now 3. I would most definitely recommend fermented cod liver oil (from green pastures) we use the blend with butter oil (casein free). Ozone therapy is great too if you can find someone in your area. Personally, I would advise against fluoride. We do/have done many, many different things. If you'd like to talk more in detail please feel free to pm me.
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Re: 2 year old with tooth decay- need support

PP, Connor's mom has GREAT info!!! We are dealing with the same guilt as well. We use fermented cod liver oil/butter oil combo now along with some supplements. We also do bone broths almost daily in addition to all the dairy additions. I can definitely say that my son's front teeth, while they still don't look pretty, are smooth now!! I figure that they won't ever look "pretty" because I liken it to a wound anywhere. It will be his "scar" until he looses those teeth. A hug to you too mama because I know it's not easy, but we all do the best we can and ultimately, the teeth will fall out and baby teeth will not be affected. In the meantime, you're going to boost their health =)
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Re: 2 year old with tooth decay- need support

Thank you mamas for your posts! I really appreciate it! I'm going to pm you tonight Connor!

I just found out that even though I enrolled DD in our dental program and they said everything was good (I told them that she's 2) apparently they don't cover children under 3 now I don't know what I'm going to do. Ugh. I'm so frustrated!
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Re: 2 year old with tooth decay- need support

I wouldn't feel too responsible.

My dd is 20 yrs old. Never had a single cavity in her life.

She rarely brushed her teeth... was almost two before we brushed them the first time. She ate junk food, took a bottle to bed with her, had braces and never took care of those. But, for some reason, she never got a cavity. So, either you have strong teeth, or you don't. I highly doubt it's anything you are doing or not doing.
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Re: 2 year old with tooth decay- need support

The healthy home economist has a post on healing cavities with nutrition. I do believe it's possible. Please read nutrition and physical degeneration ( free on Butter oil and cod liver oil should be used, and in relatively large doses for healing. Broth m
ay also be helpful ( homemade bone broth). Wet use green pastures cod liver oil.
And my toddler loves the cinnamon flavored cod liver oil. I, my daughter, and the baby all take it straight and chase it with milk. My daughter knows that it keeps her teeth strong
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Re: 2 year old with tooth decay- need support

Don't feel bad! A lot of it has to do with genetics. My little brother never brushed his teeth and I always did at least twice a day- guess who was to one who got cavities? My back teeth are very ridgey and no mater how well I brushed I woud get cavities- I'm not sure if they did sealants back then (I'm 30) but we didn't have a lot of money and I was lucky to just be going to the dentist. Then my parents didn't take me for ten years and even though I was great at brushing I ended up having 2 root canals when I was 16. My teeth just suck.

My husband never brushed his teeth as a kid and even now he'll drink soda or juice before bed and not brush his teeth- no cavaties. Makes me so stinking mad. Luckily my kids take after him and have great teeth otherwise if they had my teeth I would be in the same boat as you.
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A bit off topic but is there anything to do about stained permanent teeth? My 7yo's front teeth are stained and we have no idea why! They've erupted this way and it makes me sad that they're his permanents .
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