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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

I am pretty mainstream -- get all the tests, U/S ect. I would find a new OB. Infact I refused to see a couple of the OB's in the practice I go to for those very reasons. They didn't listen to me and only wanted to do things thier way.

One of my OB that I saw tried to push an induction starting when I saw her at 35 weeks based on my previous fast birth. I just didn't see her again and went back to the one OB that really listened to me and new my concerns. We talked about inductions depending on how I was progresing at 39 weeks.

DS2 was born in 20 min from first contraction to birth. I had only milld cramping before that so no "normal" early labor warning signs. Even with that previous birth my OB was more that fine with letting me decide what was the best course.


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RUN. AWAY. FAST. That OB sounds certifiable!

There is absolutely NO reason that you should be unable to refuse the quad screen. Like a pp said, I think he just wants the money. In speaking with my OB about refusing tests, he said the only one that I can refuse that actually affects him is the Chlamydia/Gonorrhea because his malpractice insurance views a lack of that test as a "risk". Everything else is optional.

As far as induction at 38 weeks for no medical reason - for his convenience more than anything... That is just insanity.

I would just "accidentally" have your baby at home.

Originally Posted by mayliz
An office staff that expects 'something' to come up in your exams, to me, is kind of working backwards. It's not like you're going in to see them because you're sick. You are pregnant, not sick.
This is what I thought as soon as I read your original post. They're treating you like you are ill! Ugh.

Originally Posted by Kiliki
yikes. times infinity. plus one.

What a crappy OB. Srsly.

I am a natural birther myself.

But I "get" the mainstream side of things. I have family in the medical field and I "get" it. I just don't choose it for myself b/c I really love natural births.

This guy doesn't sound like a typical "by the book" OB to me. He sounds like a crazed, militant, "my way or no way" kind of doctor. He is NOT someone you want in your corner. You don't even want him near your hospital room. Find another doctor, ASAP!

The things that concerned me the MOST from your post are: not allowing you to refuse the quad screen (why is this? That makes no sense to me AT ALL... does he just want the payout from insurance?!), scheduling your induction for 38 wks (IIRC, even the AAP doesn't recommend unnecessary inductions before 39 wks!), and the fact that he basically told you he's just gonna do whatever he wants when it comes to some of the decisions b/c "he just does them without having to explain".... Those are HUGE red flags. Like BLARING, sirens going off in my head, flashing lights saying "RUN! RUN AWAY!"

He has no respect for the fact that it is YOUR body, YOUR baby, YOUR birth, and YOUR choice. PERIOD.

Doctors (and medical professionals) are there to give you a professional opinion, to help you make educated health choices, and to keep you aware of dangers you might face or have, and to keep a cool, calm head in emergencies.... and to do all of that gracefully, tactfully, and all the while RESPECTING THEIR PATIENTS. They are NOT there to bulldoze over you, shove you around, guilt you into tests, dragging you by your nose through the medical system.

Please, please, please find another OB. One who will respect your wishes and your body. This one certainly does not.

Originally Posted by Kiliki
Anyway, don't think a birth plan, no matter how detailed or well written will save you from a doctor with a serious God Complex.
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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

I am also mainstream with scheduled repeat c-sections, my doctor is a Family Practicioner not an OB and she is the only one in the practice that does c-sections. My Dr. is amazing she listens to me she validates my concerns and she does not require any testing except basic blood tests. That said I am high risk this pregnancy and she has encouraged some other testing that I have agreed upon. Maybe you can find a family practicioner in a neighboring town?

My first labor was almost 4 days induced labor with pitocin flat on back while I was restricted from leaving the bed. I would never willingly have another labor in a hospital, a repeat section is totally easier for me to handle.

Find a new doctor, find people with similar values in your community and see who they use.

My birth plan is simple with a c-section but I write a plan for my baby also since I can't stay with them the whole time as I am in recovery.
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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

I haven't read all the comments here but wanted to throw in my two cents.

March of dimes, The Joint Commission (governing body for hospitals) and ACOG (governing body for Obstetricians) all say fast labors and long distance from the hospital ARE NOT approved indications for delivering before 39 weeks.

If this Dr tried to schedule you at our hospital, we would refuse.

Hope you can find someone in your area that supports your wishes for birth!
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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

Originally Posted by 7 for now View Post
Well I would RUN fast from that OB. In your case I would have an unassisted birth again. I can't believe he requires testing, we don't do any prenatal testing other than the 20 week anatomy scan.

I would never consent to a nonmedical induction either. I live in a very rural area and the hospital that my midwife delivers at, the closest hospital that does deliveries, is about a 2 hour drive in winter. If we make it we do but I won't agree to an induction to make sure we make it. I would rather stay home If the roads are impassable, which is a very real possibility in January here, and have an unassisted birth than consent to an induction.

You are in a crappy situation.

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Yep ^^ that. I would run run run away. If you have done unassisted before and feel comfortable with that then I would go that route. He is doing testing that I have never had done before and the induction is just stupid. I would be afraid that I would end up with a c-section. sorry mama.
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Just about all of it is out of the norm. I'm sorry
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Wow, my OB was super medical and I had tests and exams and so on. Even she didnt tell me not to nurse pregnant. I only stopped 3 months in because I was losing weight, dizzy, and wasn't throwing up. It was feed fetus or feed toddler. That alone would have me ditching that OB. And 38 weeks?!!! Why the heck would he make a baby come out before they were done?! He sounds a little insane to me. I'd shoot for a home birth or a OB that cares about you and your baby. Even if they don't understand your plan and reasons, they better damn well respect them!

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Any updates?
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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

Find a new doctor asap.
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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

I'm from North Dakota and that is not how every doctor operates, find a new one!
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