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Re: Throw everything out and start over!!! Venting, read at your own risk.

The only thing we focus on in kindergarten is getting the child reading. If that starts going really well, we may also do some math. Otherwise, it's a lot of outside, a lot of games, a lot of play.


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Try movies/ maybe leapfrog or the others, also I have an active 5 year old dd and we did well with easypeasy or The lessons are very short and end with a computer learning game that she would get sucked into for half an hour. I had to bribe her to do 2 worksheets . I used candy if she did them happily, but I got a lot more out of computer games. Sneak learning into games like hide and seek and the counter has to count out loud to 20 or 30. Play dough goes through colors and shapes, even numbers and letters if you have the cookie cutters for that. My dd loves dot to dots so I let her do those whenever she wants. Let him cut and paste paper all he wants and paint, like paint the number 5, then have him glue five cotton balls onto it. I use my fingers a lot when she's on my lap and explain 5 fingers on each hand makes 10 fingers. Then I hold up 5 and one on the next hand to make 5+1 is 6 all the way up to 10 and back down again until she zones out. Read books all day to him and point out letters, sounds, easy words. I have to find learning opportunities with mine and sneak them in! I've even started skip counting to her while we eat our lunch . I know it will sink in and she'll get it. My second one is a tough one too. My first dd loves worksheets so I was spoiled! Good luck!
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Re: Throw everything out and start over!!! Venting, read at your own risk.

When we decided to homeschool, I chose a curriculum that was a natural progression from what we were already doing and added in some formal Math. That was it for "formal schooling" and it took about 1/2 hour to 1 hour max unless we really got involved in a craft activity or science experiment. After about 3 months I added in another subject based on what DD seemed to be doing naturally which was handwriting, and then another 3 months I added spelling because she was constantly asking me how to spell this or that.

Once upon a time (about a year into homeschooling), I thought DD needed to be doing X,Y,Z with whipped cream and two extra cherries added on top in addition to what we were already doing, and it was a direct route to frustration on both our parts. I eased up a little, added more games and "fun" things, and in a year she was ready for X,Y,and Z and it took another 6 months to add the whipped cream and I've given up on the cherries.

Maybe you can find or come up with some games that make your son move but learn at the same time. Lay out numbers on the floor, and he has to jump on the correct number or toss a ball into the correct basket. Get out the camera and let him take pictures of objects. Then make an alphabet book with those pictures. Bake some cookies. Let him measure out the ingredients. Take him outside, in the dirt or sand, and practice writing his name or other words/letters in the dirt with a stick he finds.

At 5yo, he may just not be so keen on the sit down and book work. Sometimes we have to think outside the box, which can be difficult (I know it is for me) but the rewards can be great.

Good luck! Homeschooling can be challenging and rewarding all in the same breath.
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