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Re: Will switching to convertible seat help baby like the car more?

It is totally possible it could be a sensory issue. It could also be that you just have a very opinionated young lady on your hands. Hope that you get answers with the specialist. My DS1 is 6.5yo, and we are just realizing that he has SPD (he is mainly tactile defensive, but has some other stuff going on as well).

Just out of curiosity, do you babywear, and if so, does she tolerate that any better? What about being buckled in a high chair?


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Re: Will switching to convertible seat help baby like the car more?

My DS screamed non-stop in the car from birth to 15 mths. Switching to a convertible only dampened the screaming for a few seconds. From 15-21 mths the screaming slowly decreased in frequency and ferocity. From 21 mths-2.5yrs he only screamed on car rides longer than 2.5 hrs. Now, at 3y4.5mths, he is a happy car-rider. He still rides rfing and has the whole time.

For him:
switching seats made no difference
switching location within the car made no difference
providing toys made no difference
providing movies helped AFTER 18mths for long trips
installing the seat more upright (older babies/toddlers do not need a 45* rfing angle) helped decrease the screaming, but did not make it completely stop

The only thing that really changed it was time. Once he grew up a little, he adjusted. I had no other concerns about his development, so I never had him evaluated. He's just stubborn and picky. Still is.
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Re: Will switching to convertible seat help baby like the car more?

The thing that helped us the most...DVD player. I didn't want to do it, but it was the lesser of several evils. We watch the Sesame Street 25th Anniversary special and right now, I have Mannheim Steamroller in there. I figure...I have captive audience, so we are going to have some concert music for awhile. Sometimes we do Sid the Science Kid, and sometimes when DS has been really awesome, he gets to watch the Smurfs. DD2 sings the song with is hilarious.

My justification is that if DD2 isn't screaming, it is more pleasant for everyone, which improves her relationship with her siblings, and reduces everyone's stress level. I'm a better mom when I'm not stressed out, and if a DVD player in the car helps, then it is worth it to me. We have a dual screen one where she can see one of the screens RFing, and the 2 FF kids can see the other screen.
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Re: Will switching to convertible seat help baby like the car more?

As I was reading this I thought of my sister-in-law's sister (not sure what that makes her to me…) who has a little guy with similar behavior. He also had been diagnosed with constantly recurring ear infections, was pretty low in weight and just generally not happy a lot of the time.

Around a year and a half they took him to a specialist and they found he didn't have an ear infection but he had fluid in his ears. It was suggested that they have tubes put in his ears. The doctor thought it would be a night and day difference. Sure enough, within 48 hours following the surgery he was a completely different kid.

Before the tubes, he would scream in the car because the pressure would build up once the doors were closed. He would scream in the stroller because a bouncy ride would make his ears hurt. He eats a ton now and is not constantly crying because his ears aren't hurting all the time any longer.
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Re: Will switching to convertible seat help baby like the car more?

Originally Posted by mayasmomma View Post
I'm going to bump this for updates! So since July when we switched DD to her convertible seat she STILL hates the car. We moved her to a window instead of the middle wondering if that would help and it still doesn't. She also still screams when in a stroller (facing either direction - our stroller switches to face us). She's almost 11 months. Has anyone still had this problem at this age? We're taking her to a developmental specialist, we're getting concerned about her problem with confinement. Could this be a sensory issue? She seems fine otherwise - very smart & friendly - waves to people, not shy, etc. We're getting cabin fever because we can't leave the house without it being a nightmare though! Any advice?
I don't really have any advice but wanted to tell you my just turned 20 month old is/was exactly like your DD, been like that since birth more or less. She is just now starting to tolerate the car/carseat, but we still have a lot of miserable rides too. I'm about to break down and get a DVD player though because nothing has really worked to make her not scream the whole ride and we are going to have a lot of 3 hour rides coming up soon hope you figure something out that works for your DD and post back though!
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Re: Will switching to convertible seat help baby like the car more?

Oh, I am sorry the seat didn't help Can I ask about your parenting "style"? We are very hands on with our babies especially when they are under 2yo. Perhaps she just doesn't like not having access to you? Does she have any other concerns that you know of?
Just in case.
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Re: Will switching to convertible seat help baby like the car more?

My DD hated the car seat until we switched to the convertible and we also have a CD of baby lullaby music we play in the car that calms her down. It is worth a try.
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