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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

One thought I have is laid-back breastfeeding. Have you tried offering that way when you offer? It might help her with her reflux, as well as any oversupply or overactive letdown issues, too. Link:


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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

Regardless of how your story ends, you are an awesome mama and your daughter is lucky to have you! I wish more moms would fight that hard to feed their babies the natural way but at the same time keeping their best interests at heart when things don't go as planned. BFing may be the natural way to feed babies but it doesnt work for everyone and forcing something that just won't work isn't good either. Kudos to you!

What bottles are you using? My LO had the same choking and gagging problem with the bottle until we found Breastflow Bottles (Bare Bottles look fantastic to if they're out yet). He was breastfed at birth but then bottlefed primarily after spending 3 weeks in the NICU. It took almost 2 months but I was finally able to get him back to the breast and he's now EBF! Here is my advice:

1. Pump pump pump to keep your supply up. If he does end up relatching and you still have a fast letdown/oversupply, spray into a prefold or towel until the crazy spraying stops. It worked well for us and helped him achieve the instant reward since I had already let down
2. Keep trying the breast before each feeding, but stop as soon as she gets angry or upset, justl ike you've been doing.
3. If she's used to the bottle now a nipple shield could help but I caution against it. We need one due to the nipple preference and a recessive chin.
4. You can always try to get her to latch, but if you think it will be less stressful to just EP, don't feel bad. I EPed for DS1 because he rejected the breast and EPed for DS2 since day 2 until 10weeks because of his nipple preference. TBH, it was annoying but pumping wasn't that difficult for me personally this time around. Probably because I was used to it and had a crazy oversupply.
5. Use a BF friendly bottle. I highly recommend Breastflow. It was after switching to those that he finally latched! One day it just happened and he didn't pop off.
6. See a LC (find one your eally like).
7. Used the paced feeding technique for bottle feeding.

I hope your LO is pain free soon mama! If you have any questions about pumping feel free to PM me anytime, I don't know much about BF yet but I have a degree in pumping lol

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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I don't really have any advice but wanted to send you hugs. Sounds like these ladies have some good ideas. Breastfeeding should be a positive experience for both of you. Maybe taking a break, pumping and coming back to it will be what both of you need.
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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

Oh mama that sounds awful I am so sorry you are having these issues. The choice to continue nursing or EP is huge and very personal I just wanted to mention that our 2yo had VERY severe reflux and required 2 medications to keep her symptoms under control. She got zantac 3x per day and prevacid 1x. The pedi was prescribing the medication without instruction about the importance of timing and the pharmacy was compounding it wrong. Pump inhibator medication is only effective if it is given 30 minutes before eating. Otherwise it doesn't work well at all. Also, the medication needs to be made at a compound pharmacy. If you are getting it at a local drug store they are likely just mixing the beads from the adult pill in sterile water which is not as good and much harder for LO to get consistent dosing. The medication should be compounded in a sodium bicarb solution instead. If you have any questions please pm.
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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

I'm going to talk to a friend tomorrow about tips for this... she has a similar story.

Wanted to comment so you know a lot of people are pulling for you!
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Thanks so much for your kind words and advice ladies . I've felt a lot better after reading these. I'm just going to take it one day at a time, try some new suggestions and see how she does . I will be back to update soon!!
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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

It can be so rough in the beginning. I had overactive letdown and terrible engorgement. I used a nipple shield with both of my DSs (the first I had to because he was preemie). It isn't the best (extra cleaning, not direct nipple stimulation, etc) but it really helped DS2 and I was able to wean him back to the breast after he was old enough to handle the letdown.
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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

I agree with the laid back nursing to help control the let down. Keep offering the breast first laying back and maybe your lo will come back around. Once they get older they are better able to control the let down so if you can just get past the hurdle. GL mama
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