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Unhappy Sleep training

How young is too young? My 5 week old won't fall asleep unless held and will sometimes wake up upon being set down (no matter how gently). I was reading an article that suggested waiting until they're sleepy then putting them down awake. So I swaddled her, fed her and as her eyes were starting to close - put her in the bassinet in our dark bedroom. She immediately started wailing. I guiltily slunk out of the room. Article said it's ok to check every 5 minutes so after 5 minutes of crying I went in, rubbed her belly and shushed her until she settled down. Sure enough, as soon as I was done she started screaming again. So I kept it up, every 5 minutes going in and calming her. Article said most babies cry for 15-20. She was still going strong at 25. It was breaking my heart (not a big fan of "cry it out") and seriously stressing me out (though part of that might be the <4 hours of sleep last night....and part is definitely my high energy toddler) so I broke the cardinal rule and went and got her. I know, I know

Any helpful tips, advice, etc? Am I just trying too soon? Should we just keep snuggling her to sleep? Part of the sleeplessness at night is because she wakes up when I put her down and starts crying again. We were up for 2.5 hrs straight at one point last night. We have a small house and I worry that her crying is going to wake up ODD (who's not the greatest at staying asleep as it is... ) I go back to work next week. DH will be watching her for a couple days then it's off to daycare and she won't be able to be held all the time. I didn't have this problem with ODD, she hated to be held... Please help a sleepy mama out.

*ETA: Thank you to the ladies who posted articles etc about sleep training, CIO, etc. I'd read an article (maybe misguided) that indicated it was important to establish healthy sleep habits from the start. One of the first things recommended was putting baby down to sleep while still slightly awake. My LO will only fall asleep if held and doesn't always stay asleep once set down. Neither of us is getting much sleep because of this. I was only looking for tips on getting her to go down/stay asleep better. I think my question was poorly worded and I take responsibility for that (but blame sleep deprivation a little). Sorry if I offended anyone. I wasn't looking for controversy and honestly didn't realize that even the 5 minutes constituted CIO. Our ped had said at our last appt that sometimes babies just cry and it's ok to walk away and let them cry for a bit as long as they're safe (assuming they're not crying because they're hungry, in pain, etc). I obviously do not want to do harm to my child. For those who offered suggestions, thank you as well. Have a wonderful night mamas!

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