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What Age did you child start daycare?

So I am curious of opinions of children starting daycare and experiences you had (how happy your child was going). I know every child is different but I am curious.

Some background on what I experience.

We decided before DS was born that we wanted to have a nanny for about the first year, then start looking into daycare. This made sense because DS third & fourth month I was working part-time and only out of the house 1-2 days a week (so have him home to nurse), then months five - twelve I was working at home 1 day. We also thought it was a good idea for a child to be mobile and have some communication skill before put in the daycare environment.

DS was born we got a nanny we loved and by month 5 she was working 4 days and my MIL worked one day. My MIL said she couldn't help any more when DS turned 1 year. So the plan was to start looking into daycares anyway so we started (nanny wasn't interested in 5 days a week either).

At 1 year DS started daycare 1.5 days a week, at home with nanny 3.5 days. That lasted until 18 months old. Every day but maybe 1 or 2 was crying horrible when leaving, generally they would say he had a good day though We do practice attachment parenting as well)

We were moving and things were changing so 19-22 months old he was back home with nanny/family.

At 23 months, I started working 3 days a week. With reduce hours/pay and less hours available than the nanny needed, daycare made the most sense.

We started daycare 3 days a week at 23 months. He was there about 6 weeks, crying at drop off, generally they said he had a good day after we left. (but one day they asked if we had a visitor because of a phrase he was saying, I said no. When they told me the phrase I knew he was actually asking to go home all day

We liked that daycare okay, but we heard of a "green" eco-conscious daycare near by that was less than a year old. We checked it out and loved it. I like to explain it as home daycare feel not in someone's home. There 2 multi-age classrooms (3m-36m & 3y-6y) and a couple teachers in each room. We switched DS at 2 years 2 weeks old to the new daycare.

Didn't cry once. We visited twice the week before he started (same as with the previous daycare). He has now been there 11 months and only handful of fussy days always because he didn't sleep well or ended up getting sick. (I should also preface that DS's last week in the previous daycare he was less fussy at drop off for the first time...)

So we LOVE our new daycare. But we also loved the individual care that DS got with the nanny his first 20 months of life.

We are planning the next child and occasionally talk about care plans for the next one. We are pretty much in agreement for the first 6 months or so we should keep the child home with a nanny but then we differ.

While I admit, if I had to send an infant to a daycare I would be able to send them to this one without freaking out. The director intends to never have more than 3 or so children under 6 months at a time. To date I think the most they have had is 2, but the center is also less than 2 years old and it's never been completely full. It's a loving environment with individual attention. Even when there are 10 or so kids in the room you wouldn't know it, kids are calm, the teachers are friendly and calm -- it's a great set up with a great group of people.

But after what we put DS through I always thought that, depending on the child and how clingy (DS is a mama's boy) we'd wait longer, 18m - 2y. It's hard for me to know for sure if DS just likes his daycare or if he was just ready for the experience after turning 2.

I have read and do feel that 1 is not a good age daycare. It's said that developmentally is usually always a clingy time for a child and was bad timing on our part.

With that in mind, maybe 6-9m would be a better time... help get them adjusted before they hit 1 year.... I think at the end of it we can just see how it goes, but I am planner and while I can accept change I like to think that my plan has a good chance of occurring.

So I am curious how old your child was when they started daycare, center or home. After maybe the initial shock how did it go, was it a good age to start?
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