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Greetings Everyone!

Hi everyone,

So, first off, I hate these introductions. I never know what to write, but I don't feel comfortable just jumping in without first introducing myself. It always struck me as kind of rude, and I had etiquette drilled into my head from a very young age (thank you Catholic schools! No, really, it's one of the things I like that I got out of it!) So here I am, attempting an introduction.

So, who am I? I'm a mom of four kids. My daughter is 9 and I never cloth diapered with her. I was young and I'll admit, I thought cloth diapers were pretty gross. I could barely handle the idea of changing poopy diapers, so I had no idea how I would ever manage with cloth! I thought that would double the ick-factor, so I was scared away from it, no matter how much my mom tried to convince me cloth diapers would save tons.

My oldest son is 5. We cloth diapered with him until his dad came home from Iraq. My ex-husband was pretty much anti-cloth diapers because we didn't have our own washer and dryer. While he was deployed it was great, even though I ended up hand-washing them in the bathtub when I couldn't get somewhere to wash them in a machine. From personal experience, Kissaluvs (as much as I loved them) don't seem to hold up to hand vigorous hand-washing. It seemed to wear them out pretty quick. However, the husband (now ex) didn't want to put up with the cloth diapers because they were too much work.

Then came my second son, now about to turn 3. We started off with disposables, but changed over to cloth not long after he was born. He stayed in cloth until he started having problems with them. For whatever reason cloth would cause him to break out no matter what we tried. We got away from cloth but got back to it again in time for him to start familiarizing himself with the toilet. Let me tell you, cloth made that a million times easier! He loves his "bubble butts"! He's completely diaperless in the house, but we still pop one on him when we go on long trips and don't know if he'll be able to make it accident-free. It's been a real help as he's sometimes not comfortable with unfamiliar bathrooms.

The littlest of our family is another little boy about 5 months old. We've used cloth since he was a couple of weeks old. We'd forgotten to dig the cloth diapers we'd be using for him out of storage when he was born, otherwise it would have been straight from the start. We've also been ECing part time, though it's been a challenge because in all this time I still have no idea what his cues are and he has the most frustrating stealth poops! All of the sudden you just hear it with no warning! Next thing you know you're catching the smell. Sometimes we're lucky and he doesn't let it all go at once so we catch in the potty, but other times we're not so lucky.

We're unschoolers. I wear my babies. We co-sleep. I'm all about attachment parenting. We don't vaccinate (even though I did in the beginning, and then I was educated). My boys are all uncircumcised (yay!) Um...what else...I knit and I'm addicted to making longies/shorties...um...no idea what else there is to say about me!

I suppose this is a crazy long intro, but I never know what to write about these things. I'd rather write too much than too little, you know? At least then I know you've got a good idea of who I am!
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