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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

We have tried oodles of bottles, both standard and wide mouth and Dr. Browns (with standard nipple) were the only ones that my LO does not have trouble with. Though not entirely eliminated, the majority of her gas/spitting/tummy troubles were helped immensely with these bottles. They can be a bit of pain to clean, but I actually find it relaxing most times to wash them. LOL I do have a dishwasher basket though which is pretty much the only way my hubby will voluntarily clean them.


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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

We used them with our 37 week twins. I never thought they were a pain to wash, but I would recommend buying an extra cleaning brushes for them.
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My dd was also a preemie she would t use a dr browns or any other bottle at all except playtex ventair with slow flow nipples. Just a suggestion to add to your thinking list.
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Originally Posted by lilannies mama
My dd was also a preemie she would t use a dr browns or any other bottle at all except playtex ventair with slow flow nipples. Just a suggestion to add to your thinking list.
I ordered the preemie flow nipples for the Dr. Browns from Toys R Us.

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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

My DD2 is BF'd but has always taken them. Now she drinks cow's milk out of them. I like them because they are slim so they are super easy for her to tilt up and hold (long way off for you, I know). Yes all the parts are a pain to clean but I like the bottles other than that. Also, the preemie nipples that Dr. Brown's offers helped her so much as a newborn because she was gulping like crazy at the breast but did great with those nipples.
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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
Dr browns are awesome! I used them for my preemie son, and the preemie nipple is the only one that was slow enough and didn't make him choke. And even though you can only get the preemie nipples online, they don't cost any more than regular nipples. And the bottles are not hard to clean, you wash like any other bottle and the bottles come with an awesome little brush but you don't have to use it. They get clean enough without. And like PP said it is also perfectly okay to just put them in the dishwasher. They also helped his HORRIBLE reflux so much. I ended up being able to breastfeed my son, but I do use bottles sometimes and I would not ever buy another type of bottle.
Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
Mmm I have a dishwasher and chose to wash the parts by hand, just so I knew that I had something clean without having to wait to run the dishwasher and I didn't have any issues. Yes they do have more parts than a regular bottle but for me it was well worth it

I had 34 week twins, and one of them had (has... still, at 6 months) issues with feeding, and he would Bradycardia while mid-feed. He spent a month in the NICU because of this. I went through countless different bottles and nipples, trying to find something that wouldn't cause him to scream, choke, aspirate, or otherwise struggle. We tried Playtex, Medela, Parent's Choice, Breastflow, and the Enfamil nipples from the hospital, just to name a few.
Dr. Brown's PREEMIE flow nipples were like magic. That, and no gas or suction issues - the nipples never collapse.

I'm a pretty lazy person and I'm handling twins alone while DH is deployed. Trust me, I don't "do" difficult unless it's absolutely necessary... and Dr Browns bottles? Not that hard. Yes, I'm paranoid about getting the pieces clean, so I alternate between using the dishwasher and hand washing with pipe cleaners and then sanitizing in a microwave steam bag, to ensure that they're periodically being cleaned extra-well. Even then, it takes 5 minutes and is not a big deal.

I've heard they're not great for switching between breast and bottle, but he had such issues BFing anyway that it wasn't something I noticed. Now, at 6 months, he'll switch between these and the breast effortlessly.
If you'll strictly be using formula (or pumping) then don't worry about it.

For my other son, just about anything works... but I still use Dr. Brown's with him too.

Good luck, mama!
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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

I only used Dr. Browns bottles with my DS, and my nephew was only fed with Dr. Browns. Both did awesome with them. I didn't find the pieces to be an issue to clean, but maybe since it's all I ever knew it wasn't an issue?

I don't know. I think it in the grand scheme of raising a baby, a few extra bottle pieces wasn't an issue for us.

I didn't find them to be that expensive in the grand scheme of things either. A 3 pack runs $15 here in stores, and we had a set of 12. We just bought the 8 oz bottles, not the little ones or glass ones or any of that jazz. BRU routinely has them on sale BOGO half off too, so you might check that out.
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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

I agree, the one downfall is they may not be great for switching back and forth from breast to bottle because they are so far from a natural nipple. But my preemie son didn't have any issues with it. Also I haven't used the wideneck ones but I actually can get them at my Target so you may check your local store if you wanted to try those. All in all I recommend Dr. Brown's and like others have said they're not that hard to clean, not that expensive and definitely worth it.
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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

When our baby was a preemie we used the small evenflo glass 4oz bottles with a basic nipple on them. We then moved to the Born Free bottles. We had some Dr. Brown's but once our baby tried the wide mouth of the Born Frees she never went back.

Our lactation consultant and Grandmother to many babies told us that the playtex drop ins are the BEST for gas - none of these other ones marketed that way. She says what you do is squeeze the bag and that eliminates a lot of the bubbles. We didn't do this only because we'd already spent so much $ on other bottles. Good luck!
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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

I've used Dr. Browns for 3 kids. I don't find them a PITA to clean. I put them in the dishwasher! We put the bottle, and the vent on the top rack. We have two baskets for nipples and rings/rubber parts. But I have never felt a need to hand wash them or anything.

If you get them, get the kind that has the markings molded in the plastic. The blue painted on kind wore off with my 3rd child, which was kinda a pain. Granted, it was the 3rd child that was using the same set of bottles...
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