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Nursing through a pregnancy

Hi mamas. I'm newly pregnant and still nursing my 2 year old DD. She's very into BFing and I honestly don't see an end in sight. She'll probably nurse throughout the whole pregnancy and I plan to tandem nurse after the baby arrives. We also cosleep and she's used to night nursing. She usually would nurse to sleep and then again when she woke up with maybe one quick nurse if she woke in the middle of the night. The past couple nights she has been nursing non-stop and it's killing me. She's so restless that she's up and ready to get up at 5am! I need my sleep but I don't know how/if I can night wean her. I'm starting to feel guilty because she so upset and night

I'd love to hear some success stories or advice on how to do this!


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Re: Nursing through a pregnancy

im almost 6 months prego and still nursing my 20 month old. she has cut back alot and sometimes wont even like my milk. must have something to do with the pregnancy but she drinks some and theyn says no, no uck. heartbreaker! lmao
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Re: Nursing through a pregnancy

I'm close to 8 weeks and supply is dwindling, especially at night, though dd was still ebf when I got the positive test. I've talked to several other mamas whose supply tanked really early. I have been getting dh to rock her back to sleep for me some and I'm taking Mothers Milk Two, which I don't really notice helping a whole lot. good luck and congrats!
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Re: Nursing through a pregnancy

I don't think this is a popular view here, but I really don't think it's a good idea to nurse through pregnancy and tandem nurse. I nursed my daughter until 7 months or so into the next pregnancy (she was 22/23 months old) mainly because I felt guilty for weaning her earlier than I had planned, but by the end nursing was so unpleasant for me because of the soreness and the weirded-out feeling that I started to get when she nursed. I really think that your body needs to focus on the needs of the new baby and the needs of the mother, not another breastfeeding child. Even in a culture like Mongolia where breastfeeding is the norm, from what I understand, they didn't nurse through pregnancies, but rather spaced out pregnancies so that breastfeeding could continue for several years and then there could be another pregnancy. This was common in many healthy cultures.
So I guess what I'm saying have to do what is best for you and for her, and for the new baby. Making milk takes a lot of nutrients that are needed to keep you and the new baby healthy for optimal development. Cutting down on night nursing might help, although I know how hard that can be. I think that there is a good reason that milk production usually goes down during pregnancy. It's not just hormonal; your body knows that it needs to conserve energy and nutrients for the new baby.
This is a great article about nutrition for pregnancy and nursing. If you decide to keep nursing and tandem nurse it would be good to start adding foods that are mentioned to make sure that you're getting plenty of nutrients for all of you
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Re: Nursing through a pregnancy

She might be nursing more because of a change in your milk. At 19 weeks mine is now gone. DD is still trying to nurse, but I hope that stops soon. Night weaning is the hardest, I'd pick a time when you have a day or two that you don't need to get sleep, and can nap the next day. We just refused feedings at night and snuggled instead. It was hard for everyone, but worth it in the end.
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Re: Nursing through a pregnancy

I tandem nursed through DD #2's pg, and now am nursing that DD through this pg (23wks4d.) We are still co-sleeping, and she nurses off and on all night, and 6 or so times during the day. Never had any issues with soreness or supply. I did learn top lay down with her whenever she gets tired, even if it's for a few minutes. Even on the couch while Barney is on, LOL.
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Re: Nursing through a pregnancy

I'm 6 weeks preggo with my bean, and my 2 1/2 year old son still nurses. I have already noticed a huge change in my supply and it hurts to nurse, and he is telling me the milk is gone after only nursing for about 3 min. For me, I'd like to end nursing sooner rather than later, but I am in full support of mamas who wish to continue nursing throughout pregnancy and tandum nursing

As for the night nursing, I had to put an end to it a few weeks ago. He also co sleeps with us (for now) and it was very hard for me to say no, but I really wanted to sleep the whole night! So, I just stopped allowing him to nurse at night, and he didn't like it at first, but he got the hint and 3 days later, he knew not to ask anymore because he wasn't going to get any from me. I wanted to cuddle instead, but my boobs are right there, so dh had to cuddle with him. If you have a partner, incorporate them to help you at night.
Hi! I'm a mama of 5 amazing beautiful children! 3 boys, 2 girls.
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Re: Nursing through a pregnancy

I'm 16 weeks and nursing my 1 year old. When I got pregnant I was nursing about 3 times during the day and once at night. After a while it was down to just 2 times a day and once at night but my supply started to get low and let down would take forever. She started biting me at her nap time nursing so that was the end of that. Until a couple days ago she was nursing before bed and once in the night, but my supply is really really low and the sessions are short. A couple days ago she stopped waking for the night nursing and now it's just before bed. I want to just hold on until flu season is over (I have the flu right now) but I'm glad she dropped the night one. I do have bad morning sickness and am dehydrated so that may be affecting my supply. I thought of taking something for it but then I felt that if nursing and being pregnant was too much for my body, it's let me know by drying up and I shouldn't fight it but trust it. I hear many people dry up during the second trimester. It does hurt but the, she has teeth now and I haven't had a weirded out feeling, it's just been hard with morning sickness. I say maybe try to cut down a bit, you'll be very tired and breastfeeding is a strain on your body. But do it slowly. Maybe just drop one feeding at a time. Also, things will take care of themselves. If your supply dries up then they naturally nursing less and for shorter period. If you aren't able to breastfeed all the way through, don't worry, you can always try to tandem nurse and if you little one has forgotten how, you can pump and give it to them.
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