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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

Yes which is why we had a vasectomy and I'm STILL terrified!


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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

I remember when I was still in the hospital after DS was born and feeling overwhelmed and crying, a nurse told me that the 2nd was easier and the 3rd was cake - she just set him down in the middle of the living room floor and let her older kids raise him, haha! That said, we will most likely have only 2 children.
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Originally Posted by thealmightyme
Hah try twins.
I am going from one to three, that is what scares me.
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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

I'm scared for number 2. Having one baby has knocked me flat!
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Originally Posted by doodah
I dont think it is about a number at all. it depends on where you are in your life and also, the personalities of your kids. two was hard for me but only because my second had severe reflux and literally screamed for the first 8 months of life. it was easier when we added a third and then we added a fourth this past Nov and things get busy but I still remember when my 2nd was a baby...that was the hardest time ever. My 3rd child is clingy but easy and then the 4th is so far, extremely easy and mellow. He could sleep thru anything.
Absolutely! Our second was a colicky screams baby and there were only 21 months between her and my oldest. Between his crazy/active toddler ness and her screaming, I nearly lost my mind

Our third was so chill and relaxed, adding her as easy peasy, our fourth was a bit of a challenge. But I feel like we are finally getting in a groove.

Originally Posted by MyKzooFamily
I try to remember that THIS will be the hardest time for me. My 2 sisters and I were all about 18 months apart (18 mos between Me and Rebecca, and 19 months between Rebecca and Renee). And we all THREE were very close friends and playmates. And funny, we are still very close today. My younger sister is due in March with her first, and my next younger sister is about to go to Germany with the Air Force. We love each other dearly, even though we have had our teenage moments. And we will always be close. Our toddler years were just a grey hair on my mother's head, and our forever friendship will always be dear to my mother's heart.
Awwwww that is just the sweetest post.
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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

Um, well, we still haven't recovered from the addition of the the 3rd boy and he's 3y3m old!! The newb phase wasn't a biggee and we did really well until the youngest was about a year. Since then, . So loud, so busy, so much squabbling or rivalry or competition, so many needs. Now I have oodles of friends with 3 or 4 and several with 9 and 10. Some of us are tweakers and some of us are laidback Lucy's. We can experience the same tornadoes and chaos and volume and what fries some of our nerves, barely registers with some. For me, 3 has been a challenge. Not having a third baby, that was fine. A third CHILD has rocked my world.
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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

Originally Posted by GEM Cloth View Post
A third makes a marvelous toy for the first two.
completely true here!

Originally Posted by nonipie View Post
I was not scared but 3 is much harder for me. My 2nd was easy peasy. She was super mellow, slept a lot, DS1 was really helpful and sweet etc. I thought I was going to do just as well with 3 however he is not a sleeper, very clingy, nurses constantly and DD is in the midst of her terrible twos and she is into everything. Also DS1 being in school this year is so demanding. I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time. That said they adore him and he brings such a great dynamic to the family and I feel really complete now. I am sure it will get better once we move out of this newborn stage...and then it will get worse...and then better again.
This is true for us. Three is way harder but it could be the needy clingy newborn and the terrible twos that are driving me crazy.
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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

I am! I desperately want another, but I am so completely TERRIFIED. Having a second child has been SO much harder than I ever could have imagined. My oldest has some behavioral and emotional issues that made the transition insane. I feel like I have lost my mind and am overwhelmed most of the time...and my "baby" is 3 1/2, so it's not like we're still "adjusting." It's just the not-so-new normal now. I want another baby, but I don't think I can handle adding any more chaos to my life. I have other, perhaps more superficial, worries, but that's the big one. I truly don't know if I can handle another.

I'm also worried (in a smaller way) about the way a third would change our family dynamic. DH and I really love having one boy and one girl. Our son is our favorite boy in all the world and our daughter is our favorite girl in all the world, and they don't feel any competition with each other for our love. When we have one-on-one time with the kids, DH can take one and I can take the other and that way each kid gets one-on-one time with one parent at the same time!

Also, we would likely have to buy a new car with a third baby. I've gotten rid of almost all of our baby gear, so we'd have to buy everything new. I feel so out of the baby stage that it would be hard to go back to it (youngest has been out of diapers for a year and a half already!). Next year DS will be in school full-day and DD will be in morning preschool, and I will actually have a few hours to myself each week! And traveling and doing things with just 2 kids is still manageable (financially and otherwise). Having a third would just add to the expense and stress and chaos...
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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

I am still scared of #3 and he is 3 now and I already have #4...LOL!
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Re: Anyone else scared to death of baby #3?

I think it depends on the baby and also the spacing between them. My 3rd baby was crazy high needs and demanding, and still is! The only reason I survived was because there was 4 years between #3 and #2. If they were closer together I would've gone completely insane, rather than moderately insane. If I had the temperment of my first baby on #3 (super laid back, good sleeper, etc etc), I would have considered it a piece of cake.
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