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2 under 2

I started ec'ing ds1 (now 21 mo) but we went on a long vacation/house sat/moved and he grew out of his cloth so he's back in disposables. He almost always pees if I sit him on the potty but he is yet to poop in it (he did when he was little but not now). Ds2 is 4 mo. I've been trying to ec both but I'm seriously thinking about taking a break with ds2 and focusing on ds1. The most frustrating part is that it seems like they've synchronized their bowel movements. I have no idea how but when ever I go to change ds2 after his morning poop I can see that ds1's diaper is sagging. Also, ds1 doesn't care if he poops in his diaper. He just runs around in it. The only way I know is if he isn't wearing pants or if I can smell him. Ugh. Any tips, ideas, encouragement?


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Re: 2 under 2

Oh boy! We are in the same boat, Mama! ds2 is 22 months and ds3 is 3 months. I think I may try to take a break with ds3 or do part-time also to get ds2 out of dipes soon. I just need to commit to it... Really tough with three around the house but I guess it's just a part of life! Hope you get to post more successes here soon!
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Re: 2 under 2

Hello there ladies!

It is tough w/ 2 LOs and trying to EC them both. If you feel you need to focus on one to get things working better than please do.

Is it possible to get both of them on the potty @ the same time? I am still doing this w/ my 4 and 7 yr old. My 4 yr old will say she doesn't want to go but if I say go w/ your sister she is more likely to do it. Sometimes I will put the potty in the bathroom and just hearing one start peeing gets the other one going. You could make a game out of it saying lets call the pees out (the sillier the better). Another thing I like to do is take my DD to the bathroom when I go, maybe you could do this an alternate w/ each DS or both if it isn't too much.

Since you know there is a predictable morning poop for both boys can you try to get there a bit earlier and offer to have them both sit on the potty w/ fun toys and books?

Another thing about your DS1 not caring about pooping in his dipe, is maybe try to lose the dipe for certain periods of the day to maybe get him to be more aware and more willing to use the potty. If you have a non-carpeted part of the house and you let him run around there and watch closely or what about letting him be in the tub when you think he is going to poop. It will be messy but at least it is contained in the tub and he maybe be more willing to get poop in the potty if it isn't contained in the dipe.

I know you are doing your best w trying to keep up w/ communicating about how it will be better and more comfy to poop in the potty. Do what you can and know you will be looking back on this time and know you got past it.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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Re: 2 under 2

Do what works for you My older 2 are 14 months apart and I was EC'ing them both for awhile. Sometimes you definitely have to focus on one at a time...

When my older 2 were that age, and I had my youngest on the potty, my older LO wanted to go on the potty too. It didn't happen overnight though. But he kept watching her and wanting to do the same and with a lot of gentle encouragement, it totally helped him to want to go all the time! Can't promise anything so I won't say "it will" be the same for you...but it is possible!

I have 3 now (currently just EC'ing my youngest - the older 2 have been out of diapers for awhile) and yeah sometimes they all go at the same time or one after the other.
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