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Re: Are Some People Just Less Prone To Stomach Illness?

Normally I'd say the same thing about myself. Everyone around me gets sick (kids, coworkers, etc) but not me. Except since November that has not been the case. I got a stomach virus then I got bronchitis and an ear infection and now I have pink eye! I've never had a single one of these illnesses in my life. The stomach virus was miserable. I literally threw up every 30 minutes for about 12 hours and after that I was just miserably sick. With the bronchitis I coughed so much I thought I'd broken a rib. DH was ready for me to go to the ER because I couldn't use the muscles in my torso because I was so sore...he was helping me to lay down or sit up. It was terrible. The ear infection and pink eye were no big deal, but still annoying. Once I'm over these last few things I hope I go back to my normal healthy self...this stinks


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Re: Are Some People Just Less Prone To Stomach Illness?

I think everyone has their thing they get the easiest.

For example - dd1 is my puker. She can catch the same bug that everyone has and puke and puke while everyone else pukes once if at all. If she gets a bad cold, she pukes from the coughing. She's got a very sensitive gag reflux so it takes little to make her puke. Dd1 didn't get even a sniffle until she turned 2 so as a baby/toddler she was very healthy - she was our only too so that helped. She had horrible reflux as a baby though.

Dd2 is my kid to run fevers. In a round of bugs/colds going through the house, she'll run the highest and longest fever. She is typically the last one to catch any bug and the mostly likely to not get it if someone escapes it. she used to be my skin kid - if a rash or skin condition was to be had she probably had it by the time she was 3. Every time I turned around she had a rash or something going on. She thankfully has outgrown that.

Ds run middle of the road compared to his sisters. Nothing major stands out for him.

Neither dh or I get puky sick often.
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Re: Are Some People Just Less Prone To Stomach Illness?

I think so. My BFF has two children and a DH. Every month someone there pukes or has diarrhea and feels stomach sick. Here? 3x in 8 years and we have one more child.
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Re: Are Some People Just Less Prone To Stomach Illness?

Yeah-- we rarely have stomach issues at our house or anything worse than sinus infection and occasional bronical stuff.

My kids are in daycare, public schoos, and I work for the public schools. We are exposed to everything.

I have a friend who's two boys are always sick with some sort of virus pretty much all winter long.
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Re: Are Some People Just Less Prone To Stomach Illness?

Absolutely! All immunity is in the gut. If you take a lot of meds (scripts or OTC), especially Ibuprophen, your gut immunity is obliterated. For stomach bugs....MegaFood's MegaFlora and activated charcoal!

I grew up sickly. Lots of antibiotics, lots of bronchitis and pneumonia, ear infections. Mom smoked. I now have severe asthma. Lungs are directly effected by gut are all healthy organs. I have leaky gut because of years and years of Ibuprophen use.

I have detoxed and improved my health over the years. I've taken probiotics for years, but the key was getting rid of the ibuprophen. I was off it for a long time and then got very sick in Dec. The coughing caused so much aching pain and the Prednisone such pain in my facial bones. I resorted to Ibuprophen.. 200 mg 2X daily. With in a week I was vomiting and my digestive tract became a asthma is also horrific right now.

I want to have several colonics done this spring, detox and dump the Ibuprophen forever. The better my gut, the better my lungs. I now make a tinture for pain and it really works.
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Re: Are Some People Just Less Prone To Stomach Illness?

I was just talking about this with a friend. My kids are 8 and 3 and the 8yr old vomited once when she was 5. Other than alcohol induced, I've had that type of illness twice and it was food poisoning. We are not germaphobes and the kids are in school/daycare.

My friend has stomach bugs that go right through the whole family. But she has a really sensitive gag reflex and I've wondered if that was the reason? I was as sick as a dog with morning sickness but never vomited. She felt mildly unwell and did multiple times.
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