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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

My kids have ranged in when they started solids. My daughter was 5 months when she grabbed an apple and shoved it in her mouth. She didn't really eat it, but she gnawed on it with such ferocity that we decided to give her a try at solids. Both my sons were 6 months when they started solids. One would nurse a full meal and then eat two jars of baby food (and I had to wonder where he was putting it all!) The other just kind of went with it. I'm now on baby 4 and he's only 5 months old. Thus far he's stolen turkey from his dad's Thanksgiving dinner, a pancake from his brother, and some graham crackers. Seriously, took it straight off of plates! We can't hold him or even sit on the floor with a plate or leave a plate on the coffee table without him snatching food off of a plate! It's super cute because he'll attempt to crawl away with it like a wild animal. I intended to wait until 6 months to start solids, but I guess he had other plans. He wasn't even quite 5 months when he got his first taste. Of course, we're on the baby led weaning route (because he's kind of told us that's how he wants it effectively), so results may vary if you decide to go with other forms of feeding.

Personally, I'd say go with what your baby needs. If baby's ready, go for it. There's no real harm in starting earlier than 6 months in my experience. Some babies might not even be ready by 6 months, so why rush it?


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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

I EBF all my first till 10 months, 2nd till 7 months (only quit b/c I got pregnant) and am currently at 4 months this time. With my 1st he started cereal and prunes at 3 weeks.... I know that sounds horrible but was sleeping all the way through the night from the point we brought him home from the hospital. Finally after 3 weeks I gave up on trying to wake him at night b/c he would nurse 2 minutes tops and go back out. So we started giving him a small (1 tablespoon) mixture of cereal and prunes after his bedtime nursing. I wanted to make sure his poor little belly was staying full over night. Our daughter we started a couple days before she was 4 months and she did great as well. Right now our youngest is 4 months and a week and we are contemplating starting him on some cereal. Or atleast giving him a little in his bottle to get his tummy used to it at first. None of ours have had any allergies or problems whatsoever. So I personally believe it just depends on your baby.. And they will show you if they are ready or not.
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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

My daughter started cereal at 3.5 months. She did great with it. She started purees at 4.5 months. She has no allergies whatsoever.

My son started purees at about 4 months. He too is just fine and eats anything under the sun.

My son had breast milk for 10 weeks (not EBF) until my supply ran out. DD never had a drop of BM!
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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

I ebf my dd and she very adamantly refused a bottle. We started solids at 4.5 months, and hubby and I got to go out for dinner and a movie without her for the first time. lol
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Originally Posted by tmg424
We started solids at 4.5 months. My dd was acting like she was starving (I promise she wasn't) so we started some cereal. She likes her food.
What do you mix the cereal with?
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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

I highly recommend checking out this article:

I would encourage you to wait until at least 6 months. I also agree with what someone else posted about the signs of readiness for solids, UNsupported sitting, not supported sitting like Gerber would have you believe. Also from kellymom:

Signs that indicate baby is developmentally ready for solids include:

Baby can sit up well without support.
Baby has lost the tongue-thrust reflex and does not automatically push solids out of his mouth with his tongue.
Baby is ready and willing to chew.
Baby is developing a “pincer” grasp, where he picks up food or other objects between thumb and forefinger. Using the fingers and scraping the food into the palm of the hand (palmar grasp) does not substitute for pincer grasp development.
Baby is eager to participate in mealtime and may try to grab food and put it in his mouth.
We often state that a sign of solids readiness is when baby exhibits a long-term increased demand to nurse (sometime around 6 months or later) that is unrelated to illness, teething pain, a change in routine or a growth spurt. However, it can be hard to judge whether baby’s increased nursing is related to readiness for solids. Many (if not most) 6-month-old babies are teething, growth spurting and experiencing many developmental changes that can lead to increased nursing – sometimes all at once! Make sure you look at all the signs of solids readiness as a whole, because increased nursing alone is not likely to be an accurate guide to baby’s readiness.
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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

DS will be 4 months on monday and we just started brown rice cereal with him. I EBF him and wanted to wait untill 4 months but we startd him a few days eairler because he was showing all the signs of being ready and hasnet been sleeping through the night anymore for a month and just eats every 20 mins during the day. now that we have him on it he seems a lot more fullfilled and I'm happy we started him.

Were going to feed the brown rice cereal for about a week then start with the other first foods, hes just not a big fan of the cereal taste but wants to eat still lol. its pretty cute.

I plan on making all his food homemade and I make his brown rice cereal homemade now. its really easy to do and a lot cheaper and better for baby then jar food is.

I would of waited untill around 5-6 months to start solids but he was way ready now so I think you should start them when baby is ready. also the first year breastmilk/formula is still there main source of nutrition and solids just complement the milk pretty much and introduce them to new textures and flavors.
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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

I just wanted to update you ladies on something we discovered in our case that just shows every child is different and you have to do what's best for your child.

My baby was not passing stool. We think she just had a slow digestive system from birth (her meconium didn't show up until 3 days after birth....)and at first we thought something was really wrong with her and got her tested, etc. but all the tests showed that she was normal. Anyway, she was pooping maybe every 10 days? Longest was 15. Obviously the doctor was not happy with this and said she should be going at a minimum of every 3 days. Now, I was EBF so babies are not suppose to be constipated as breastmilk has a laxative effect. The pedi was really puzzled but said, let's try solid food as soon as she turns 4 months. Only veggies, absolutely no cereal or fruit which are more constipating.

Sure enough, we started veggies when she turned 4 months old and she's been pooping like a champ! sometimes more than once a day! (you guys have no idea how strange this is to me) Anyway, she is much happier baby now that her bowels are moving and I'm really glad we started when we did.
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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

This is a great topic. I have a little guy who is almost three months old and this time around I was wondering how long I could possibly wait until introducing solids. I mean nutritionally breast milk takes care of it all, so why would I do I solids? Why do we not wait until our babies have enough teeth and stuff. Mashing up food or buying baby food is a lot of work and breast milk seems to be the easier solution.

That said, my other two kids had solids at about 6 months and I vividly remember my oldest loving the sippy cup of water that she got to hold all by herself. Most of it landed nowhere near her mouth but she had fun.

I guess I will just wait and see what my baby wants this time. The other two never were interested in food, but were sitting up decently when I introduced solids. So I probably could have waited with both.

Let's make it a contest the other way round: Who can wait the longest instead of who gets to eat solids first. ;-) Just kidding, but the pressure is definitely there. I even read in one baby book that if you wait too much longer past six months you will have trouble introducing foods. That makes no sense to me. Why would that be? Babies will want to imitate everyone and figure out the eating thing eventually.

Anyway, good luck to you!

Anita Evensen
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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

My son is 9 months old and we started feeding him oatmeal cereal at 6 months because of hearing about the arsenic in rice/rice products and he loves his oatmeal now.. I waited because I was told it's better on their digestive system. But my theory is always it's your baby, so do what you feel is right like the other mommas say. I always nurse him before I feed him solids though to make sure he will nurse because really that's all the nutrition he needs. But he loves food, so whenever you and your baby are ready I'd say
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