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Where to start??

How do you even start? I have sooooo much stuff. I really just want to narrow it down to what is used. I wish i had someone local that could come over and help me say well this needs to go bc it not used. DH is totally not with me on this but we just have so much and we are getting ready to move.


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Re: Where to start??

Hmm...where to start. We had a really hard time with this. You don't even want to know how many bags and boxes of stuff have gone out my door in the past 4 years. I mean, we seriously probably could come close to filling two entire rooms in our house (granted the rooms are small) floor to ceiling with all the stuff we've gotten rid of. I have no idea how we've managed to fit it all to this point, and I know a lot of it is because stuff goes out only to be replaced with more stuff.

Anyhow, back on track...

Where to start? Each time I go through and downsize I pick one room and start from there. The first time it was my storage closet, since the stuff in there was put away and hadn't been used for months. Storage spaces are always the easiest place to start since the stuff you store away is stuff that's either only seasonal use, or doesn't get used at all. From there I started going through my own stuff. I was brutal. I cut out all but the essential garments and a few special pieces that I hang on to, just because. All of my clothes with the exception of my socks, camisoles, and a sweater and three shawls can fit into a two foot section of my closet. I could probably fit the stuff that won't hang in the closet into the shelf above the rack if I didn't have other stuff stored there. I went through all my shoes and everything.

I had my kids help me figure out what stuff we wanted to get rid of too. I have to admit, I bribed them a little. I told my daughter that if we cleared out enough stuff from her room we could set her room up with some space for her art when we redo her room. My boys were a harder sell in some ways. I had to make a trade-off. We get rid of some of their toys and they can get new toys to replace them. All the Lego blocks went and I offered to replace them with a baseball, glove, and bat for my son, something that takes up less space and he'll use when he can sign up for the sports season. It was actually easier to trade off bigger things that take up more space and make massive messes for smaller things that the kids will use more often. I'm just not looking forward to the next deal I have to make. I'm trying to figure out what we can arrange to trade off for my son's hockey gear...he wants to start playing hockey as soon as we get a new car. You might actually have some luck with your husband this way. If he gets rid of some of his stuff, maybe you can "replace" it with something he wants. It doesn't even necessarily have to be a "thing". Maybe instead of the stuff he has and doesn't want you can let him have a guy's day every week to watch the game, or suggest something else he'll enjoy and do or use more often in it's place.

It's easiest to start in the spaces that house the stuff you use least often. Storage space and closets are awesome for this. I find my bedroom is a clutter collection space too. That's where I've been starting. I hate to say it, but I've even made a few things "disappear" that I know no one is going to miss, but they'll fight tooth and claw to keep.

And the best thing you can do? Get it out of your house immediately. Then you can't doubt your decision and change your mind. This may not be a problem for you, but it could be for other members of your family.

Good luck. I hope some of that helps!
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Re: Where to start??

And the best thing you can do? Get it out of your house immediately. Then you can't doubt your decision and change your mind. This may not be a problem for you, but it could be for other members of your family.
Totally agree with this. Get it out of the house as quickly as you can! And if possible bring it yourself to the dump or goodwill, etc. otherwise you may end up with amity members rummaging through it and returning most of it to the house. and be honest with people, I tell my husband and children that I am feeling overwhelmed with stuff and am going to get rid of some things and ask if they can help me find things we don't need or love and oftentimes they can come up with things to part with
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Re: Where to start??

I just go one room at a time. Moving is a good time to start. Even if you don't get it all cleared out in one go, you can make a good start while you're packing to move. When I know we're moving soon, I start with the bedrooms and see what I can get rid of, set it aside into boxes or bags and get it out of the house. Then I move on to the living room, dining room, homeschooling cabinet, etc. If I take a week or so to go through before I start packing, it makes packing easier. I also almost always find things I can't decide on, so I will go ahead and pack them, but half of them will end up going away when we unpack, as I will have decided we don't need them.

It's a work in progress, so do what you can, but try to not get frustrated if it feels like it is taking a long time.
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Re: Where to start??

I start on Ebay with things then consign and here. I have to go with seasons ad I have tons too to go through.
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Re: Where to start??
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Re: Where to start??

I suppose the easiest way to start is with one drawer or one closet or one cupboard. Start with something simple, like your underwear drawer. Then go through the kitchen utensil drawer, then maybe a cupboard. I think dealing with a few smaller things first makes the larger tasks less daunting.

I cleaned out my night stand today. There were probably 30 things in there and I only left 8.

These are the kinds of questions i ask myself when I am looking through things....

Have I used this within the last year (or 6 months)?
Do I have anything else in the whole house that serves the same purpose?
Can it be replaced for less than $10 or can it be borrowed should the need arise again?

Then, after you've got the hang of it, go through everything again. lol
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