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Re: Just curious..

I nurse DS until about 18 months. I was working full time, out of the house 4 days a week, since 4 months. Two weeks before 1 year old I stopped pumping enough and the freezer supply ran out. It was a tough transition time to for me. I had to learn that we could still nurse without me pumping. Before DS was 13 months he was drinking milk when I was at work and nursing when I was home. But it was the beginning of the end. My supply started dwindling and feedings started dropping off. The only ones I really ended were the night feedings. I figured they weren't doing much it'd be best if I got more sleep. During the day DS never asked to nurse I always offered and he accepted. We were down to just the nurse before bed for about 2 months -- I had intended to let him nurse anytime when he asked but he never did, then I stopped offering and we stopped nursing. About a week after the last nurse he looked and me and said "Mama Milk?" It was the first time he has asked since we had started really weaning. It broke my heart. I admit I didn't handle it well and It has always bothered me... I ignored him. But after being done for a week it didn't make since to nurse and I didn't know what to say to him. It still makes me cry.


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Re: Just curious..

My daughter nursed until 45 months or 3 months shy of turning 4. I was 3 months pregnant with my first son. He nursed to between 45-47 months when he was slowly weaned. So I went almost 9 years either nursing or pregnant. Mostly nursing.

My second son is now 18 almost 19 months and still nurses on average every 1-2 hours. I plan to continue nursing as long as he wishes. I figure he should wean well before college age.
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My daughter is almost 7 months. I plan to nurse her for at least 12 months and then see how we both feel about it.
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Re: Just curious..

I'm a WOHM:
#1 Nursed to 18 months, pumped to 14 months.
#2 Nursed to 2 1/2, pumped to 14 months.
#3 Will nurse as long as she wants?
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Re: Just curious..

Of my 5 children:

DD#1 now 27yrs, nursed until she was 7 1/2 months
DD#2, now 22 yrs, nursed until she was 17 months

DS#1, now 9 yrs, nursed until he was 27 months (2 yr, 3 mos)
DD#3, now 6 yrs, nursed until she was 39 months (3 yr, 3 mos)
DS#2, now 3 1/2 yrs, is still nursing 1-3 times per day

currently, I have been nursing for just over 9 years with a 2 week break when DD weaned herself just before youngest DS was born!
It won't be long before DS will be done nursing..and then I will be more babies
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Ds1 was 13 months. Ds2 was 5 weeks, due to complications. Ds3 was a week shy of 2 years. Dd is 17 months and still nurses 4-5 times per day, including down for a nap and to bed. She may nurse up to 3 but at this point I think I would be uncomfortable with going past that.
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Re: Just curious..

oldest dd nursed till she turned 2yrs. we gently weaned the week of her bday due to misinformation that her nursing was causing my miscarriages.
ds1 is 3.5yrs and still nursing...along with ds2 who is 2yrs...and dd2 who is 5mo. The boys both nurse 2-3 times a day as a norm. it does make me chuckle sometimes to wonder what my former self would think. i never considered anything but bfing, but certainly didn't consider bfing an older child, though i never had a cut-off in mind. we've gone with letting them decide when they're ready to wean. my oldest ds is very attached to his milkies and i suspect he'll keep going as long as we allow. i keep thinking that maybe 4yrs will be my cut-off with him, but then i realize that's mostly due to outside influence. in reality, we'll play it by ear. i figure that i probably have another 2-3 years of nursing ahead of me before everyone is weaned.

as far as pumping, with dd1 i hung up the horns at 18mo. with both boys i stopped pumping when the next pregnancy made my supply drop to the point that pumping was unnecessary.
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I nursed ds for 30 mos milk dried up due to pg w/dd) and I nursed dd for 21 mos (milk dried up due to being pg w/ds2). I'll nurse ds2 (due in feb) until he self weans since he'll be our last.
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DD is almost 13 months and very much a boob monster. I plan to let her self-wean. We had lots of struggles the first 7 months and finally overcame everything and bfing has been easy since.

I went back to work 2 days a week when she was 9 wks and pump those days. Just dropped 1 pump session on work days, hope to be done pumping at work when she is 16-18 months since it is only 2 days a week. She's getting hemp milk mixed with bm on days I work now.
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