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Reviewing my stash of side snapping AIOs (bottombumpers, simplex, peachy green)

Once my baby outgrew her newborn stash, I had an idea of what I wanted for her small stash: no more stuffing pockets (except for nights). I wanted AIOs but I wanted sized ones because she was still only 12 lbs.

So after reading and researching, I bought some Bottombumpers, some Peachy Greens (formerly Bright Star Baby or Fishnoodles), and some Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0s. I wanted well made diapers that fit well, looked fairly trim, and didn't leak. Price was not as much of an object. I had good luck reselling my big newborn stash.

I was very impressed with Bottombumpers's trimness. They are super trim in the crotch, the closent thing babies will get to a diaper thong, LOL. Not that extreme, but they are trim and look great under clothing. A rounded cute baby butt with no extra badonkadonk. The snapped on inserts are super thick, two of them, but narrow. The part by baby's skin is so very soft. Seams, colors, prints, everything looks good. They are lightly stretchy and fairly easy to snap. You must check the leg holes once you've snapped to make sure they are turned in, protecting the insert on all sides. It's an easy extra second or two at changes. They also wash and dry well. My baby can wear them about 3 hours with no leaks or problems. Because they are small, they might start to become damp around the edges after a heavy pee or two or three. So I feel I need to remember when the last change was, when she's got one on.

However, on Black Friday I got a great deal, 8 one size BB's for the price of 6, and I intended to save them until she was bigger, but I've snapped up the size snaps and been putting the much larger one sizes on her now. They are of course not as perfectly trim, but they are pretty darn trim! And she can stay on them for "too long" by accident and nothing happens. She may be able to go overnight in them because they are bigger. She still doesn't have a giant bubble butt in them, they still go decently under clothing.

The Peachy Greens or Bright Star Babies are also very trim, but differently. The PUL is looser on them, not so tight against the inners. The diapers are stretchier and easier to snap than Bottombumpers. There are two flappy, almost flimsy, soft inserts snapped into the PGs, with three layers. They dry very rapidly. The main difference when I take out a small sized BB or a PG is that I kind of feel like BBs will look the best in her outfit, so trim, almost like panties, while PGs with their trim for yet soft looseness everywhere but the waist and leg holes, is that the PGs will actually be more comfy on her. They seem to allow more breathing somehow. Yes, the loose layers of the insert can bunch, and might not hold as much as the thick Bottombumpers inserts, but they still hold a lot and don't leak in a normal 3 hours. However, I have learned that they make another layer of hemp that you can snap into the PUL cover, then the 3-layer- insert snaps on top of that. Four layers, the first three of softness (I think cotton?) and The 4th layer a thirsty hemp. I've only been trying the 4 layers inside for a few days and they are more absorbent but a little less trim. They still look great under clothes and they still seem very comfortable for baby. To me, it is worth it to buy the extra hemp snap in soaker. This raises the price of the diaper and the thickness of it, but I do not have to worry about the diaper absorbing. It probably also could go all night or at least several daytime hours. The colors are pretty limited right now but there are some cute patterns.

I have been very happy with all those diapers but I just had to try the Swaddlebees simplex too. I love how the insert works itself inside out in the wash. The design of the simplex is cool and the patterns are amazing. When I first got some I thought the rough Birdseye cotton of the insert would be unpleasant for my baby's privates, but after their first washing and a dash of Ecover, they grew softer. With each wash they get softer and softer. Simplex are so easy to snap because the side parts are super stretchy. I planned to only put her in these cute diapers when she wouldn't be in them long, because the dipes are so trim (trimmer than PGs but not trimmer than sized BBs) and the birdseye cotton inserts look so thin. Have I been shocked to find that when I rush to change her when I lost track of time, there is no leaking or dampness at all, and that double layer of Birdseye is far more absorbent than it looks like it could ever be! It's quite amazing how much this little dipe can hold! I remain impressed.

I love all three and am happy to use them pretty interchangeably.

I am also trying rainshine Designs, which I like but they seem a bit too small for her, even though I ordered according to her size. The rise is quite low on her, I'd like to try the next size up. Another diaper I have only tried once so far is Grasshopper, with its snap in trifold soaker. What a clever idea and it seems to be very absorbent and fairly trim.

For night night, we are firmly in the kawaii bamboo minky camp. They are one size and big, making her butt pretty puffed, so not a great choice for day, but at night, stuffed with only their original 2 bamboo inserts, they are soft as a floaty cloud and can last 12 hours with not a leak.

Just thought I'd post this review in case anyone was wondering how these various diapers work. I am very happy with my stash right now.


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Re: Reviewing my stash of side snapping AIOs (bottombumpers, simplex, peachy green)

Thanks for the review. I had a small bottombumpers, trim but wasn't absorbent enough for us. But the grasshopper diapers not as trim with the new trifold soaker but they are very absorbent and I love the fit.
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Re: Reviewing my stash of side snapping AIOs (bottombumpers, simplex, peachy green)

Great review! Thanks for sharing. I have all three as well and agree that they are all great options. It is very cool how the simplex birdseye quilts up and gets softer and more absorbent.
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Re: Reviewing my stash of side snapping AIOs (bottombumpers, simplex, peachy green)

I know this is old, but just wanted to say thanks! Very helpful
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Re: Reviewing my stash of side snapping AIOs (bottombumpers, simplex, peachy green)

Wondering how you found the rainshine designs in comparison to bottombumpers trim wise?
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Re: Reviewing my stash of side snapping AIOs (bottombumpers, simplex, peachy green)

Great review. I'm not a fan of snaps and really not a fan of side snaps but have bottom bumpers, simplex and rainshine designs so will add my thoughts as well. I recently discovered that bottom bumpers come in aplix and just got 4 of them for DS.

Overall I think the simplex are the most absorbent especially with my toddler however I do not have a RSD to fit him, those may be the better. I tend to like diapers that have a soaker flap as well as the pul lined with absorbent material. The RSD I have are lined with athletic wicking material and not cotton like other RSD I've seen. I find those can get a little leaky if DD is nursing on her side. Bottom bumpers are average absorbency wise IMO. My toddler will out wet one relatively soft inner cotton velour can get crunchy with age. easily. I also find that the
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