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I have a no food rule. I have a celiac, an egg allergic child and two children with severe nut allergies it is just to much. I suggest parents bring small goody bags if they want to do something for their child birthday. I have also had parents donate books that we place the child picture with an inscription inside.
The child gets a birthday crown, made by me to wear and take home. We sing happy birthday at circle time and the child hands out the bags for the children to take home.
We always do parachute time as well as an activity selected by the birthday child as an extra fun birthday activity.


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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
3pm is often a shift change in a center. Is also usually when official nap time is over. Preschool is normally done in the mornings since kids come only for preschool/half days. The afternoon are usually only about daycare. Depending on the hours 4 different care givers is not uncommon. Usually have 2 shifts (6am to 2 or 3 and noon or 3 to close) with 2 staff (teacher and asst) in each. There is usually a lot of shifting during nap times (lunch for staff). Even on a normal day you'd have 4 people in the room plus whoever is covering lunch unless the staff hours overlap. The teacher should be constant and usually the assit is as well but a lot of places float assits and only have the 2 teachers or lead (In the afternoon it might not even officially be a teacher just a qualified lead) are fixtures in the class.
yes I understand what you are saying but there was obviously lack of communication between the caregivers because no body knew this mom was coming.....and worse, nobody cared even when she did get there. thats not a quality place in my book.
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In the very beginning of this year, I enrolled my daughter in what I thought was preschool and I think I didn't understand what preschool was. It seemed daycare-ish to me. Anyway, the first day was my daughter's birthday. They made a big, big deal of it. Decorated crown, games, I guess I could have brought frosted cupcakes, the works. I switched her to State UPK and it's a bit different. Mum can bring a treat but no cupcakes. Brownies or cookies I guess. And they sing but I don't know of anything else they do. But it isn't unstructured, no. Everything happens by the clock.

Ultimately I'd be sad if a happy fun place that didn't focus on schooling couldn't muster enough enthusiasm to stay on task with a kid's birthday. Every child should have a special day.
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We are Montessori so they do a very educational birthday experience...the kid holds the earth and walks around the sun the number of years old they each rotation(science lesson) they stop at their birth month and the teacher says a milestone that the kid did. Then there is a birthday song and the kid blows out a candle. If we want to bring in a snack it has to be fruit or vegetable. No cake.

In your situation, I'd be peeved...I would let them know that feel this way. The school seems a little disorganized. Is this the norm?
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Maybe it's because I have a summer birthday and so does MT daughter or maybe its because I throw big birthday parties and will do that with TL too but I really don't understand the big deal or why you expected birthday crowns or the like.
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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?


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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Preschool here was a co-op, so parents had to volunteer in the classrooms. So on birthdays, the parent was usually in the classroom as helper for the day. The child got a crown, and as parent helper, we'd bring a special snack for the class (we did cupcakes, but it was up to the parent what to bring). They would also sing happy birthday, and just make a big deal out of it. Kindergarten was much the same, they would get a crown, and the class would sing happy birthday. Parents could send in a treat if they wanted (and as I volunteered, I was welcome for the morning).
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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Oh wow--our dc and preschool (a center housed in an elementary school) is apparently not the norm? They have a special day for the child and avoid the treat/allergy/equity issues by making muffins or rice Krispy treats as a class and allowing the birthday boy or girl to stir and decorate. No treats can be brought from home, but they ask that a book be donated in honor of the child. The book is read as a class and the birthday child gets to make a special birthday poster with his or her favorite things, interests, etc. They also take a picture and post it in the room for a week or so. They would NEVER overlook a birthday! I agree that it is a very special day for a child--I used to feel guilty that my kids had to go to "school" on their birthdays, but they would be mad if I tried to keep them home!! My kindergartener is going to be a little disappointed when she discovers that birthdays in "big school" are not as cool as they were in her preschool. I know our center is extraordinary, but this just confirms it further! Sorry your kiddo's bday was a bummer
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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Originally Posted by jeebee View Post
I guess maybe I just come from a different background to others. I do think a birthday is a big deal and that it should be a special day for a child. I'm not saying they have to go all out for your kid all day, but since there are only a few children, I would think the teacher should at least be organised enough to know whose birthdays are coming up, because I feel like their chosen career is childCARE, surely they care about the children? They have the same group all year, so it's not like they don't know the kids at all. It's not really about whether or not they have cupcakes or a snack or a carrot! It's about the fact that nobody cared that it was her birthday, and it makes me sad that they didn't go a little out of their way to make her feel special. AND all the other kids in the class when it is their birthdays I would hope they would do the same. It doesn't have to be much, just a special crown or badge or sticker, some special treatment for the day like being the leader.

Ah well, I am just interested to see that people have such a variety of experiences and expectations for birthdays.
Not all places do that. And really the older the child gets the less likely you are to get stuff like that. Just because they don't acknowledge a b-day or even remember it doesn't mean they don't care. I have trouble remembering the important dates in my own life, much less that of someone else's. I personally did do crowns and line leaders. About 3/4 of our parents never even cared to have the school do anything or acknowledge the b-day at school. Some would drop off cupcakes, some wouldn't do that or say anything to remind the teacher. And some would come in at snack time with treats. Its all about what you personally want. If you want her b-day to be special at school and the school doesn't do anything then send her in with a button or sticker. It will help the teacher remember and/or the kids in her class to remember. Its very easy to say well they only have 12 kids and they're in there all year, but in reality the number of kids that a child care professional sees in a center is insane. Yeah its only 12 this year (that is if they only have duties in one class. I was pre-k lead teacher and afternoon supervisor so I had 15 kids in my actual class and 100 that I was responsible for. It would be impossible to keep track of all those b-days) But honestly (and I know no parent wants to hear this) year after year they start to run together, as do their b-days, likes and dislikes. Good teachers keep notes and they still forget sometimes. It could have been an off day or it could be how they handle b-days normally.

If one of my kids didn't get acknowledged on a b-day, I might be bummed. But it wouldn't be a big deal to me, for me a simple Happy B-day is sufficient from a teacher. But we consider b-days more of a personal family thing. We make it special for them. We only have family and very close friends celebrate with us. B-days for us are intimate. We don't expect teachers or classmates to make them feel special on their b-days. That sounds snarky, its not meant that way. Its just not in our list of important stuff for our preschool. Do we like it and appreciate it if its done- yes, but we don't expect it. If it is a really big deal to you then question the director about what special things they do for b-days. If you don't like it then you may want to consider finding a place that better fits your personality.
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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

We always did something for the kids. Just dorky little things. They get a special tag so every adult will say "It's your birthday!?!?! Happy Birthday!!!"

They get to be line leader, they pick the story, they get to be first for most things... we say "let's ask the birthday girl". Just silly things like that.

In my daycare home, it's different. We don't do the tag, and we don't have lines. But, I make their favorite lunch. I pick them first for everything. I make sure they have their favorite color fork, washrag, etc. If for some reason, I don't know what their favorite is, I will ask them. (I always let them plan the lunch the day before...they pick horrible foods, but I make it)

I buy them a gift every birthday. (usually around $15 gift)

USUALLY though, the parent will discuss their birthday with me a day or so in advance. They will ask me if they can bring a snack, any food allergies, etc. So, I do occasionally need a heads up. I have been caught off guard a few times.
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