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Re: Operation back to the boob seems to be helping

We may have turned a corner! Maybe. I am crossing my fingers.

Last night, DH got home early, at like 5ish or so. And immediately went to work on one of the vehicles, so I still had no help (the car needed work, he wasn't avoiding.) And I had the 4 yr old throwing a fit because she couldn't go help daddy, the 2 yr old was starving for attention, and baby was fighting even coming near my nipple. The empty pacifier was preferable to him. I needed to cook dinner still, I needed to clean up a mess the 2 yr old had made, and the teen was working hard on some homework that she put off all weekend to help DH and I so I couldn't ask her for help. I sat in the chair and cried for 10 minutes.

Then I rocked him enough to calm him down, set him down and got dinner ready. He started crying right away, but I just let him cry. I got dinner and held him while ate which just fascinates him. Then, after dinner, I was able to get him to latch on for a little bit, after pumping enough for a let down. While he nursed I still had to do some bait and switch with the pacifier, but he nursed calmly, if brokenly, for 20 whole minutes. I even got him to take the left side for like 2 minutes. I also pumped on the left while he nursed on the right, which I think helped.

That was about 7:30ish. I also pumped for 10 minutes after he was done. He was satisfied, so I was able to pump without him freaking out.

At 9, I gave him a bottle of formula, 4oz and he drank that, rocked to sleep and was down for the night. I am 100% comfortable with him getting a bottle of formula before going to bed at night. I have no problem with him getting that every day, provided that most days that's the only bottle he gets.

After getting him down, I pumped both sides, got half an ounce, then I pumped again at 11:45 for 15 minutes and went to bed. I set my alarm for 3 to get up and pump, but slept through it again. Its tough to figure out what volume to set it so that it won't wake up the other three people in the room, but still wake me up. Anyway, I slept through it but was up at 6:30, as was baby. And when I woke up, I was full. Not engorged, but for sure full.

After pumping for a minute or two to get a let down going, he latched on and nursed 20 minutes straight, followed by another few minutes on the left side. And stopped on his own, happy and full. I pumped for 10 minutes after he was done, got a little bit, but not much. Sure he drained most of it.

I nursed him again at 9, and while that session was a bit of a bait and switch session, he latched on with no problems. We had early intervention here at 11:30 to do an eval for my 2 yr old, and I was able to nurse him a bit before they got here, and then he was still hungry while they were here and I couldn't fully focus on nursing him and doing all sorts of bait and swtich and so on, so I gave him a bottle.

And, he fought the bottle. I had 3 oz of pumped milk, I only managed to get 2oz into him before he outright refused the bottle. He was fussy the whole time they were here-didn't want to eat, didn't want to rock, didn't want to do anything. After they left, we went to run an errand and he cried in the car the whole time.

When we got back home, he latched on without a fight. I have had to do some bait and switch to keep him calmly nursing, but he isn't fussy, isn't fighting me, and will nurse for more than a minute or two before popping back off. We have been doing this for the last half hour to 45 minutes. I am thrilled. I will happily sit here and do this all night, if it keeps him calm and satisfied. Dinner's in the crock pot so no worries there. Just the fack that he latched on without a fight is awesome.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this keeps up.
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