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Re: S/O kids hair

I don't care about length of hair on anyone. It's just hair and will grow or can be cut. At this age I woild let them do a temp dye of their hair but not permanent. Probably high school or upper middle I'd let them do permanent dye. If they could ask for a mohawk or mullet I'd let them but I probably wouldn't like it. I don't know if I'd let them do dreads or not - they just seem so dirty. They'd probably have to prove to me they know how to keep them clean before I'd allow it.


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Re: S/O kids hair

Yes to all. Except for maybe the mullet.
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Re: S/O kids hair

don't like mullets, but ya whatevs they want

eta: 4 of the 6 boys have very long hair and 2 of those have dreads.
my oldest, his hair grows out and up, not down so he likes it short and the other is a baby, but his hair is already pretty long
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Re: S/O kids hair

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no. I don't think mullets look good one anyone.
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Re: S/O kids hair

No to pretty much all of it. I cannot stand long hair on boys and the older ones with the hair flip thing makes me want to scream.
No short hair for girls because I was forced to have pixie cutes as a kid with a very round face and even though I was very skinny I was always told I had a fat face so girls get long hair.
The other stuff is not allowed by school so it's a no also, maybe a dye thing for ODD in the summer but no to the rest.
Also DS has super thick hair and even if I allowed long hair it would probably smother him in the hot summer months.

Originally Posted by terrordactyl View Post

I feel like parents controlling hair choices just starts kids off on the path to rebel on even bigger stuff later in life
And I feel that setting no expectations on things as simple as hair allow children to grow into adults who believe they can do as they wish and wonder why they cannot do well in a job or hold a position in the real world. It's ok to have expectations and say no for little things.

I will also add that my kids are "cruelly forced" to wear a uniform to school everyday and I don't allow any deviation from the expected uniform. I also have rules and expectations on what they can wear casually. I truly am the "mean" mom but I am ok with that in many ways.
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Re: S/O kids hair

Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes View Post
Would you let your child:

Have long hair (boy)
Yep. Already done that.
Have short hair (girl)
Done that too
Have no hair?
It wouldn't bother me but it would the kids.
Have blue hair?
My 9 yr old has blue highlights. I had purple highlights when I had #5. It was fun but I didn't like the upkeep.
Have a mohawk?
If they asked
Have dreads?
Nope, just because I am not fond of them.
Have a mullet?
This wouldn't bother me as much as dreads. I still don't see it happening though
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Re: S/O kids hair

Have long hair (boy) Sure
Have short hair (girl) Sure
Have no hair? Sure
Have blue hair? Sure, as long as school policy allows it
Have a mohawk? Sure
Have dreads? Not sure about this one
Have a mullet? No except for when they are babies and their hair is naturally growing out (DD1 had a mullet for a little while )
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Have long hair (boy) yes
Have short hair (girl) yes, although I would ask a younger girl to think on it for a week first. Hair grows back, but she'd still have to live with it in the mean time.
Have no hair? Same as previous.
Have blue hair? For a younger kid, it would be temporary color, but yes.
Have a mohawk? Again, I'd ask him/her to think on it a while first.
Have dreads? When he/she is able to care for them on his/her own
Have a mullet? If he/she paid for it
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Have long hair (boy) yes
Have short hair (girl) no. It would look awful on her.
Have no hair? No.
Have blue hair? As long as they don't use something harmful to their hair.
Have a mohawk? Don't think my son would ever want to cut his short, but my husband had one for a few years. I wouldn't be against it.
Have dreads? When he/she is able to care for them on his/her own.
Have a mullet? Oh God no!
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Re: S/O kids hair

I'm cool with a mohawk or a mullet. DS can do what he wants as far as haircut. (He has had a blue mohawk! But a temp dye in the summer!) I wouldn't do a permanent dye(or a temp dye if it violated school rules.) If either wants something permanently dyed they can do it after they turn 18. That include highlights or whatever for DD. (She can learn to sneak a lemon and go in the sun like I did as a teen if she wants highlights) I also would not do perms. (I might do a relaxer if my child needed it to make maintenance/brushing easier. I've lucked out on texture so far. )

Dreads They require special care and I don't trust a teenager to do it. I wouldn't allow extensions either. DS can grow his hair long now if he wanted and DD can cut her hair short after age 12. (I would make her prove she was willing to style it daily if she wanted shorter than shoulder length hair)

Of course, DH might be stricter than me. He won't let DD get her ears pierced till she is 13. And he got annoyed when DS asked for a duck tail. (He talked DS out of the duck tail!)
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