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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

My baby weight disappears within a few weeks but my mum said hers always did too. Neither of us tends to gain weight easily in general and didn't gain a ton when pregnant (30lbs).

So I wonder if your general weight patterns just continue with regards to baby weight?


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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

with my last 2 I lost all the baby weight plus a few extra pounds right after my milk came in n they were nursing all the time
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I can't lose weight to save my life when I'm nursing. And now I'm tandem and it seems like one of them is always in a growth spurt which makes me ravenous. Cannot stop feeling hungry, no matter how much water I drink or how my protein I eat...just nothing helps.
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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I do not lose from BFing. In fact I gain if I give into the desire to eat. I have to diet to lose any of the weight.
yep same here. blah hate it.
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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

I am one of those lucky ones where my DS's suck the baby weight right off of me. DS2 will be 11 weeks on Wednesday and just today I hit my pre-prego weight... doesn't mean everything fits though! FWIW, I eat a whole foods and raw diet as much as possible. Very few refined/packaged foods. It also helps to eat a healthy, filling breakfast every morning. I don't buy into eating extra calories while BFing.. I eat to hunger and drink to thirst. I find it's easy for me to get down nearly a gallon of water of day, so I am thirsty more than hungry.
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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

Oh, you might want to check with your doctor in case there is some thyroid imbalance. I gained 45 pounds with both babies. With the first baby, I was able to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. With the second baby I am 11 pounds away. I am not sure what is different on this one, but I am loosing the weight faster, although I am eating like crazy. It is recommended that when we are nursing we eat an extra 500 calories. So, for example, you take your weight in pounds and convert it to kilograms and multiply by 22. That will roughly be your daily calorie intake. So, for a 140 lbs woman, 140/2.2=63.63*22=1400 calories (there is 2.2 lbs in a kilogram). Adding 500 extra calories is 1900.

I will start with making a quick food diary for 1-3 days to see how your calorie intake is going.

I am also really thirsty all day long, but I remember that I read somewhere that's part of breastfeeding, you need to drink your fluids in order to ensure proper milk supply.

Last, you can safely start exercising. I have been doing running and cycling.
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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

I think it might depend how we'll you ate during pregnancy. We do the paleo diet (lots of natural foods) and. I put on 30 lbs during pregnancy. My little guy will be 5 weeks Saturday and already 3 lbs above my per-baby weight. It's entirely possible I'm just incredibly lucky, the dr said it usually doesn't start to come off until 3-6 months
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Originally Posted by PurpleDaffodil View Post
So one of the many reasons I chose to breastfeed was the added bonus of the weightloss, but I'm almost 5 months out and I haven't shed a pound since the day after DS was born. Instead I'm ravishing all the time and constantly hungry and thirsty. Am I just one of the un-lucky ones who never losses weight? I also pump 1x extra day to donate to a little girl at church, and this hasn't helped with anything either.
I know how much it sucks... with DS #1 I only gained weight while breastfeeding even though I ate very healthy and was running almost daily. I am hoping #2 will be a little different. Every body is so different. Good luck momma!
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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

My baby is almost 3 months and I'm finally starting to shed a pound a week. However, my cholesterol is high. It turns out bfing and pregnancy results in slightly elevated cholesterol. I think we're all being too hard on ourselves. We should be able to enjoy our little bundles of joy without worrying about how our clothes fit.
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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

My dS will be 6 months in a couple days and I am Below my pre-prednancy weight (second child). Make sure you are eating very healthy, drinking more water than surgery drinks and being active.
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