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Feedback from AMP Duo Users

Hoping some of our Canadian friends can give me some feedback on AMP diapers! I didn't have much luck searching the forums for this.

DD is starting to outgrow some of our NB diapers and I have decided that I don't like how bulky my OS pockets are (BG's and RaR's). After looking at them online, I think that the sized Duo pockets might be just what I am looking for. I have just been so spoiled by how trim the NB diapers are and really think I want to go with sized. I really like the design of the AMP's and the few video reviews on Youtube seemed favorable about the elastics. So if you can give me feedback on any of these questions, I would really appreciate it!

Were you happy with the fit of the small size? How long did they fit?
Did you use the AMP inserts? Which fit best and was your fave? How did they wash for you?
If you used both the sized and OS, was there a big difference?
Any other pro's/con's or advice about these pockets?

Thanks so much!


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Re: Feedback from AMP Duo Users

We usually just use these as a cover still, so I preferred the All In Two, because I didn't have to mess with the flap and they are $3 less each, but if you are looking for a pocket I would definitely recommend these.

I love AMP products. They are the only brand beside my own that I recommend.

Our boys were at the edge of the sizes when I got our first AMPs, so I went with large but they were very trim even on a smaller child and have continued to fit well (over a range from 14-31 lbs). I Have heard a lot of complaints that Apple Cheeks, which are very similar, have a gap between either size fitting well, but most say that this is not the case with AMP.

I tried one each of the bamboo and hemp inserts, and while they are very good quality, they are both in my newborn stash now. Not at all what I would consider one size. In contrast to previous complaints about Apple Cheeks, I have heard of several people using Apple Cheeks one size inserts with their AMP covers/pockets. As with all pockets though, inserts are pretty interchangeable. Unless you dislike the inserts that you use with your other pockets (I'm assuming they are microfiber) you could use them, but even if not there are a lot of natural options. I use my own trifolding inserts, but also really loved them with padfolded flats.

I don't like OS anything.

Pros: Super Durable (look like new after a year and a half's use in a stash shared by two boys) Trim and stretchy (I say they are like the sweats of cloth diapers, so comfy and soft feeling) Color Selection. Full Coverage. Two size systems saves money without yucky one size snap down rises. Best fit.

Cons: For us that the fleece inner sometimes retains toddler pee stink more than wipe clean PUL, so not as reusable, as a pocket that is not an issue. I can't compare the ease of stuffing/unstuffing to other brands.
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Re: Feedback from AMP Duo Users

I absolutely love these diapers but I have to bring DD to school so I'm marking my spot to come back later
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Re: Feedback from AMP Duo Users

Anybody else?
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I use the OS AMP Duos but I will answer the questions that are still relevant

I have 2 Bamboo inserts and they are so soft and trim. They wash up well (I have a FLer and have to fight to keep a lot of things clean. No issues with these!). I use pad folded flats most of the time because they are cheaper than AMP inserts. I like 100% cotton anyways. I mostly lay the flats/inserts on top of the pocket but if we will be out for a while I stuff it so she has stay dry. They are easy to stuff. One con is that with the front pocket you have to touch the wet part of the insert to unstuff. Not a big deal but still.

Pros: the leg openings are phenomenal. I switched to all AMPs because my girl gets rashes from exposed PUL or PUL leg openings. These have all fleece around the legs and are so soft! It's the only covers that she doesn't get a rash in!

Con: not sure if its just the OS but I find these too be pretty poufy diapers. Not a deal breaker for me, but they are definitely not the most trim option out there.
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I use the one size amps, they are great diapers in terms of absorbency and containing everything. They are on the bulkier side, especially in the front when you have it snapped down. I also prefer the pocket in the back, but that doesn't deter me from using the diaper as overall it does a good job!
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Re: Feedback from AMP Duo Users

i didn't use them for the smallest size, but i love them as pockets. they are quite trim. i use 2-layer bamboo and 2- or 3- layer hemp ones. the bamboo ones are softest if you use the Duos as all in twos, i wouldn't use hemp that way. i strongly prefer to use them as pockets regardless. i found the fit to be really easily adjustable and great if your kid has a bigger waist vs hips or vice versa. they contain poop pretty well and they wash and dry really nicely since the insert unfolds into a flat piece, they aren't thick.
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Re: Feedback from AMP Duo Users

I only have two Amp diapers, a small and a one size. I'd say the small fit at around eight pounds and still fits my 17 pound daughter snuggly (I use it as a swim diaper now) I loved the fit and it was always my go to diaper. I did not use the inserts. I used a prefold.

The one size is surprisingly trim. I really like it, but not as much as the sized.
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Re: Feedback from AMP Duo Users

I had a sized ai2 and found it to be pretty poofy compared to grovias and BG, if that helps.
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Love amp's here too. I have 4 large and 8 os and i do like the sized better personally. I find it just fits trimmer and if I do up the snap down rise on the os it makes a weird pouf in the front. When unsnapped it fits pretty much the same as the large. I usually lay a home made or a AC bamboo trifold in there and can reuse it 1-2 times but my girl is not a heavy wetter. I also use them at night stuffed with a few different combo's and even if the inserts are soaked we have had no leaks.
I find tucking the leg right into the crease like where underwear sit makes them fit trim and perfect. They totally are like the "sweat pants" of They look really comfy for sure.
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