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Re: Blood spot on ultrasound.

I had a SCH with my last pregnancy, I started bleeding at 4 weeks and bled like a period for 2 weeks, would stop for a few weeks, bleed some more, until 22 weeks. Then it stopped completely and I delivered a healthy baby boy 18 weeks later. I read that resting doesn't really do anything, my midwife told me to take it easy too but then said they basically just say that because there is nothing they can do.


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Re: Blood spot on ultrasound.

I had two with two different pregnancies, they were small and dissolved on there own, all before 8 weeks, However I have a friend who had one after 8 weeks, she did not get told to rest, she continued on with her two older children as normal, by 19 weeks it had grown and began to seperate her placenta, her water broke at 20 weeks and her baby was born and died and 21 weeks. I don't know if resting and light activities would have made a difference, we never will. I suggest taking your doctors advice and see if you can get in for another scan every two weeks to see if it is growing or shrinking.
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With this pregnancy I found out at the 9 week US i had a SCH. Wasn't bleeding or anything. Dr didn't put me on any restrictions, I continued my daily baby aspirin, and yesterday when I had my 20 week ultrasound it was gone . I have an 11 month old, so realistically not picking up my daughter wasn't an option anyways. But dr said not to worry and that they can be fairly common- he sees them in up to 30% of his pregnant women. Don't read the Internet stuff- it scared the crap out of me and my dr ended up having to reassure me that all would be well lol. One thing though- I do believe the baby aspirin helped it to heal quickly and without bleeding by keeping it from forming a larger clot
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I had a large one with ds1. It was discovered around 8w and was gone by 20w. He just turned 5yrs old
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Re: Blood spot on ultrasound.

I had a large SCH (what you've described, a pocket of blood between the placenta and the uterine wall) with DS2 - I actually had 12 days of bleeding right on time for AF, so that's what I assumed it was, until I started feeling very bad after the bleeding stopped and took a test to "prove Drs wrong".
We then did an u/s to check on things and found the SCH.
I was given no advice about resting or taking it easy. I was just told that sometimes these resolve on their own - either your body will expell it (which would mean more bleeding), or your body can absorb it - and that we would see how things went and check on it at a later u/s. At the 20 week u/s it was completely gone.

The thing is they can't say whether it will get better and resolve itself, or get worse - which is what the PP described with her friend, the SCH got worse and got large enough to separate the placenta from the uterus, in which case baby would pass away.
There really is nothing you can do, though, to help it resolve or prevent it getting worse.

and for your bean!
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Re: Blood spot on ultrasound.

I had a SCH (possibly more than one, or just one that would never resolve) from 8w5d to around 20w and am currently at 34w5d with a very active and healthy little bean

You should definitely take it easy as much as you can, as there are some risks that come with an SCH that could cause some complications.... BUT it can also turn out just fine. My doc asked me what kind of job I had (desk job working at home) and said that if I was on my feet or did strenuous activity they would sign me out for work until the SCH cleared up, just as a precaution. Maybe that's what they were thinking for you?

I also had to teach my VERY clingy 3 year old to hold my hand instead of being carried, and it was tough, but it was necessary. I just made sure we had lots and lots of extra snuggle time on the couch/bed/recliner/wherever to get through that. I was cleared at around 24 weeks to resume normal activity, but by that time I was so weak from just sitting around that I couldn't even do much at that point. And of course as the belly grows it gets even more difficult to pick up your LO or do much of anything anyway .

Good luck mama!

ETA: My SCH bled off and on for months, and I did notice that when I was more active there would be more bleeding. I can't say for sure that activity actually caused the SCH to bleed more, but I would get bright red blood after more activity and that scared me enough to get myself back to the couch for the rest of the time. I've also been on baby asprin the whole pregnancy as a general precaution, but I have a history of unexplained losses so we did a lot of extras that you might not have to.
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Re: Blood spot on ultrasound.

I had an SCH. I had spotting right from the beginning and then a couple boughts of huge bleeding. It was near the baby. They said it could spread and cause the placenta to detach or clear up. I took it easy. The bleeding stopped but I miscarried at 10 weeks. I say it's pretty much 50/50 either way. I don't know if resting makes a difference but the thing is, if you don't rest and you miscarry, will you feel guilty and blame yourself. I felt if I rested and took it easy then I would know that I did what I could if things went wrong.
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Thanks for the support mamas. I emailed the doc to ask a couple more questions and she said no intercourse either. My husband isn't taking that well. Geez. Men. Anyway, she's gonna do another ultrasound at my next appt in March. She doesn't seem concerned enough to see me more often than the regularly scheduled prenatal visits, so that's good.
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